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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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I think all of the B&M Wingriders will essentially feel like big family thrill rides. This one and X-Raptor have at least invested a lot into constructing cool visuals and near misses. These things aren't gonna pull high g's or give any crazy airtime, but at least Thorpe and Gardaland have integrated a good bit of theming.

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That train is wicked! It looks like the LEDs in the eyes will move in sequence so that will add a cool effect!


How do you think they are powered... LEDs don't take much power, and it's impractacle to have a huge battery on board. Do they just use a capasitor like GL at movie world?

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This may be wishful thinking, but wasn't it mentioned that B&M might have out some kind of slight rotation feature into the seats? Based on those pictures it looks like the car theming is separate from the actual arm to the cars...and it almost looks like it could lean back a bit?


May be just me seeing things.

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