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What Park & Coaster Will Close Your 2009 Season?

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I ended mine with a Mamba ride at Worlds of Fun Saturday night, I got my Prowler night ride, which was amazing, but not as great as some of the day runs I had. I still have it in a virtual tie with Voyage, but I plan on riding both again next year! Great season for me though! 3 new parks, got credit number 100, as well as a new number one coaster! Can't wait until 2010!

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After 16 new parks and 80 new credits, I finished my season Sunday with an evening at Cedar Point. Got rides on a little bit of everything, with my last ride being Raptor's "final ride of the decade", as the operator put it.

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You know what's great about living in Orlando... The season never ends!


Sorry, not trying to rub it in anyone's face! I might head down to SeaWorld and hit Manta & Kraken a few times today... Maybe I'll check out the Hulk... I don't know! The possibilities are endless!

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