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What Park & Coaster Will Close Your 2009 Season?

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Sadly I think I already closed my 2009 season more then 1 month ago during my florida trip.

My last coaster was Expedition Everest @ Animal Kingdom.


But maybe I'm lucky and can go to the Hamburg Winter Dom fair and ride the famous Olympia Looping.

This large fair in Hamburg (Germany) starts next week.

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Well the Comet did finish my 2009 roller coaster season earlier today at Hershey. It was my 580th time on a roller coaster this year (in general)! I had a fantastic season. I got 74 new credits & went to 31 different theme parks in 24 trips including an AMAZING TPR trip which was the West Coast tour! My 2010 season will start January 5th in Orlando which isn't that far away

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While I technically rode more coasters after her, I'm going to consider my hour non-stop on Goliath at SFOG my last "real" ride of the year.. She was such a sweet young lady with the finest of curves... Whether you took her in the back end, or up front, she always always left you breathless and wanting another turn. She gave me a ride like no other.. up and down, round and round, over and over.....


Oh my sweet Goliath.. I miss you. Why don't you ever return my calls? XOXO!

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I had a great end to the season.


I had a late make-up time yesterday so I decided to grab my last ride on my all time favorite - MF!


It was a 20 min wait, and I waited for the second row because I didn't have time for the front. Get up to the gate was next to go when a single rider was in the front! So I got a free pass on the front seat!


It was a great end to a great season.

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It seems like Mummy at USF will be my last ride and park for 2009. Our group used the single rider line and the woman next to me asked me if it was a scary ride. I told her no, but apparently she didn't agree with me as she freaked out and grabbed my shoulder/arm and didn't let go as soon as we hit the coaster part.


A strange, but amusing way to end the 2009 season. Mummy is still one of the greatest indoor coasters, if not the greatest.

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