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What Park & Coaster Will Close Your 2009 Season?

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For most of us the saddest time of the year is going to take place after next Sunday November 1st, the off season.


Yay for no off season!


Oh, and speaking of which, I'll be at UO the first week of November and probably again before the end of the year.

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My last trip for the year would also be my honeymoon. We will be flying into Nassau Bahamas in 2 weeks. Although no coasters, they do have plenty of water slides at the Atlantis Resort. Most likely on our drive back from Minneapolis, we will stop and get some Spongebob credits at Nick Universe. That will be the official close to the 2009 season for us.

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Probably something at Disneyland since we are planning on going for NYE.


I want to make it something really awesome ... like Heimlich's Chew Chew Train.


The ultimate credit whore, not only is it powered, but there is no drop. At least make your season closure a mans coaster... like Casey Jr. Circus Train.

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