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What Park & Coaster Will Close Your 2009 Season?

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For most of us the saddest time of the year is going to take place after next Sunday November 1st, the off season. So how will your coaster season end? For me I will be going to Hershey Park next Sunday & hopefully the Comet will close this great year. I'm not that bummed about the off season because starting in January I'll be living in Orlando, FL working for Disney through their College Program so my 2010 season will start January 3rd

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I know I'll be making at least one last trip to SFMM before 2010, and there's also a chance I could get to KBF or SFDK again. Since SFMM is the only one I know I'm going to at the moment though, I'll just say X2 (favorite coaster in California, 3rd favorite coaster overall, one of the best rides at night, why not have that end a great season?)

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Ghostrider at Knotts 16th October - ouch, ouch, f***ing ouch. In summary, there was pain involved. Someone else in my group had a bleeding hand by the end of it and I barely avoided a back spasm.


I may ride the Wild Mouse at Luna Park Sydney next Saturday but I don't know if I'll bother.

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Mine was Rainbow Chaser last month at the now closed Fun Forest Amusement Park at the Space Needle during our seattle trip. My last full size coaster was Coaster Thrill Ride at the Puyallup Fair, also in Seattle.


Theres a small posibillity we may go to Vegas in December, but thats doubtful at this point.


Final Count for 09


114 Credits, 94 New Credits, 40 Parks, 3 Continents, 4 Countrys

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I'm not sure what coaster yet, but it will probably be either Raging Bull or Viper on closing day.



Not a great year, but not a bad one, as I got to visit three new parks and ride twelve new coasters. Although, considering I didn't take any major trips this year, it was pretty good.

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Last year the last coaster friends and I rode was the Starliner & Triple Hurricane wooden coasters @ Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, FL. Too bad they closed down again(one of our favorite parks) This year however I think were ganna close off the season with a visit to Carowinds for their Scarowinds Haunt Event this Saturday, on Halloween:]


But then again my boyfriend & I will probably visit Universal again in Nov/Dec to ride the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rocket(our new favorite) considering most parks in Florida are open year round.

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