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Photo trip of Blue Fire in Europapark

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Last week was my first time on this new Launch coaster made by Mack. Since Europapark is my favorite park out there (Epcot is second) my wife told me we could go there a day during our holiday.

Now the news is that you people can go there when you take next years Europe trip, so let me introduce you this new coaster and my honest opinion about it.

The ride:

When you see the queue line you can notice that its just to damn wide. A lot of (mostly French) people use the space to skip the queue. They where send back into the queue and not allowed on the ride for the rest of the day. The whole queue liked it that the need to use the row to exit the ride, what was a hard lesson hopefully. Now i sure hope that the first part will be used as a picnic area or something in the next year when they build the new entrance of the ride and the splash battle.

The theming is awesome and has a lot of nice details to watch. When you're near the station the line splits in 2 rows. One for the front and one for the other rows. A few feet more there is a single riders row so even the poor guy's like me got a row for there own.

After boarding (they really work hard and fast) you pull the lapbar over your head down to its position. There is on-board audio and a pulse display so you can see how exiting your ride for your neighbor is The ride starts and you drive into the "darkride" part which is nice but not more thats it. You go trough it to fast to see the most of it. Just before the launch the train stops and smoke makes its way into the room. The alarm sounds and the doors opens ..... and there we go. In just 2.5 seconds were on our way to its highest point which is a strange curve that does not make any sense at all. After this you're on your way to one of the biggest loops out there with a lapbar and that is a climax trust me

You can hang into your lapbar what gives you that free feeling. After this a short curve and up to the mid-course. This one does hardly brake you down so the rest of the ride follows. A few humps and inversion but no airtime at all Sure the hang time is great but i would like to see some airtime. Anyway the last inversion trows you out of your seat and that also gives you a great ending. A smooth break brings you back to your reality. The ride also has a load and unload station that gives it a hugh capacity during peak days. (5 trains on track )

I really like the ride and its the best Roller coaster in Europapark what sure gives the ride a good credit. Hope my English is understandable


The pics:





















All pics are made by a Canon 40D DSLR with a 17-40 F-4 L and 70-200 F4-L lens

Hope you enjoy them as much as i liked the ride.

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With a longer single riders lane we would have 2 problems:

1: with light crowds it wouldn't be fare against other waiting people

2: with larger crowds the queue will be used by non single riders what makes the line useless.

I taught the same but no, its fine like this i suppose

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Beautiful photos! Would you mind sharing some shooting details? Camera body, lens, exposure. Very nice, my compliments.


Neat coaster too.


All pictures still have there exif info. But have a look under the last picture it was already there.

Thanks so far

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Europa was my favorite park during TPR's 2008 Eruope Trip. I won't be able to take next year's Europe tour, but I would really like to visit this park again.


Blue Fire looks great, and the restraints look comfortable and practical--are they as comfortable as they look?

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All pictures still have there exif info. But have a look under the last picture it was already there.


Your pictures are so wonderful I didn't look at anything else.


Thanks for leaving the Exif info. I haven't taken my DSLR into a park yet because with kids we're always focused on riding, but I'm ever so tempted. You've given me a good starting place.


I see you get motion blur at 1/500, but freeze the moment at 1/800 and higher. I'm curious about focus if you don't mind. I'm on my second Canon; the autofocus isn't always up to the task for action shots. Are you focusing manually? Great light in the station, very atmospheric. You inspire me to try longer exposures. Thanks again.

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He no problem and great to see that you love my shots. I'm alway's using autofucus but i use L lenses witch focus really fast with their USM in it.

You should take more pictures with your kids, they will love them when they get older After that, i alway's shoot in raw and sharpen up the pictures in photoshop.

Thanks for al the other reactions. Its still a great park like some mentioned.


Ow, and yes the seats are great without any problems.

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This makes me want to send Elissa a deposit for the 2010 Europe trip! Although I liked Europa a lot last year, I thought that their coaster collection could have used a slight boost. Blue Fire sure seems to exactly what I thought the park could use.


Also, I must investigate the food situation in Switzerland better next time I go to Europa.


Anyway, very impressive park in general. They are strong in basically everything: good food, good rides, great diversity of attractions, excellent theming, park is immaculate, Disney-quality hotels, etc.

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