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Walt-Disney World Resort In Florida

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I am now planning to WDW next march.

However, I'd like to know a few things.


-When will the calendar for the activities/special events/refurbrishements will be released.


-Which all-star resort should we choose, depending on the attendance of the shuttle bus.


- Anything else to know ?


Thank You


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All-Stars could be jammed or "not too horrible"..Best perk to All Stars is the cafeterias they have. Worst is that the Bus System runs by going to all 3 All Star Resorts so the busses are almost always full.


What refurbishments are you looking for? Anything approved for refurb has been posted already.

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The park hours should be up around January 1st. The special events for the time tend to be the same yearly unless someone like a new/refurbishment ride opens or a famous person appears at the parks.


Refurbishments tend to be up put up on the web-site around a month before they go down. However, there is no real rule to this as Living with the Land went down without much notice in August.


If possible, try for Pop Century. The bus lines should be shorter and the rooms nicer. Plus you save 1/2% on tax If you must stay at a All-Star, choose Sports. It is the first one for the buses to hit and first to drop off. However, when we were there in August, all 3 All Stars had their own buses running at opening and close.


If you are going during Spring Break or Easter time period, the values will be swamped. We tried booking in November last year for a value only to see they were all booked.


Also, if you family wants to make a dinner reservation at a harder to get into restaurant, the reservation window starts at 180 days out now.

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I'M asking for the calendar because, I remember, 3-4 years ago, when i went back there, Typhoon Lagoon was closed all week long, and I Knew it when I did the reservations for the room. So I'm just wondering if i'll have another surprise like this on my next trip.




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During the Winter months only one water park is open. You can probably figure this out ahead of time by looking to see which one is closing soon, then assume the other one will be closed when you're there.

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