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Point Plaza[RCT2]

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Hey guys!


This is Point Plaza. I just started it, just wanted to show my first park to you.


It's the "create your own six flags" scenario, so don't expect amazing theming or anything like that


The park is nowhere near finished, at places there is much work to do, like placing benches, litterbins en stuff like that.

It's my first serious attempt at a 'real park', so don't expect too much from it!



Please give me advise at how I can make the park better!


(and exuse me for my english, I'm dutch!)


The Point Plaza logo






Crazy Castle, a kiddie coaster. I'm not quite satisfied with the theming of this coaster. I'll work in it.



Plaza Rumbler, the parks' woodie.

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Thanks for the feedback!


Here's a small update. I wasn't happy with how the area around Crazy Castle turned out, so I gave the area a complete make over. I threw the topspin out (which doesn't matter anyway, because it wasn't visible on the screens) to make room for the new ride, a haunted castle. Aslo a building for food and souvenir shops was added to the area.


Now, onto the screens:


The all-new Haunted Castle!


Right in front of Castle Stormer's new station is a building people can buy food and souvenirs


The new station for Crazy Castle, which was renamed to Castle Stormer.

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Hey everyone!


It's been a while since I updated this park. After the last update, I got stuck on the park. I didn't play RCT 2 for a while, but a few weeks ago I started playing again, and I changed a lot, and built a lot of new things. Now let's just go on to the screens!




Vice Versa.




A new themed area.


With Explorer: 13.


These are not all of the screens, but I'm in a bit of a rush now, so I'm gonna post the other screens another time soon.

Feel free to reply!

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Awesome, the space/future themed area is awesome. THe shuttle loop and station is absolutely beautifully, and the layout as well as theming of the flying turns is awesome. This park is so impressive and you attention to detail is amazing. I am very much looking forward to your first custom scenario in the future, of course not saying I want this to end or anything cause its awesome, but you could be a NE designer if you try. This is extremely impressive and I am looking forward to more!

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For being your first park, and for having a leave of absence for a while, this looks fantastic. I really like that station for the helicopters, and the wooded area with the flying turns coaster. Great work, and can't wait to see what more you can do!

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Here are some screens of Point Plaza again, this time of the new coaster "Legend". It is set in a medieval village, and the coaster will fly through, around, under and over it's buildings! I also added a few screens of the new hotel(with small waterpark). Here are the screens:



Anaconda, a classic Vekoma Corkscrew Coaster












Legend overview



Legend's layout



Plaza Hotel



The (little) water park at the back of the hotel.


The hotel+water park isn't finished yet, I have to place trees and bushes and more work on the car parking(The car park isn't shown in the screens btw)

Except for the trees and bushes, it feels like something is missing from the water park.. But I don't really know what.. maybe you guys can help me by giving me some tips about how I can finish the water park? (But remember, all I have is the in-game scenery, no CS, so I am limited in the water park!)



Par overview



Overview - but without scenery



Thanks for watching!

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At first I thought the park was decent. I had some minor gripes with some of the theming in the first few screens. But as I saw more and more of the park, I've seen some major improvement (especially in the Medieval area and the invert). The theming around the invert is amazing and I feel this park is getting better and better.


The theming in some parts of the park feel a little sparse and some of the buildings are a little blocky, but the park is seriously getting better and better.

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