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Ever wondered what happened to Knott's Hammerhead ride?

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Does anyone know why Knott's got rid of this ride? It got replaced with RipTide, a similar but smaller ride. Well at least it's nice to know Hammer Head is still in pretty good shape.


Low reliability,SFA had a similar ride...iron eagle & it kept getting stuck in mid air all the time because the main drive motor would burn out.They even replaced the motor just a year before it was removed & it was still down more often than it was running,I guess KBF had the same problem as well.

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I cant believe there is video of this ride working.


As far as I was told, by a very reliable source. Wonderland bought the ride for US$ 3 million and it has never worked. The guy I spoke to said it had a problem with the counter balance and that they didn't have anyone who could fix it. Quite why they pay so much money and then not fix it is beyond me. But a drive past a lot and have never seen it running. It is in an area of the park that is difficult to access as well.





heres some recent pics

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Wow its just sitting in the dirt! Not very appealing park design I should say. As for the ride never operating, why don't they just have Zamperla come out and overhaul the whole ride? Or the park really does not care about it ever operating?

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Makes me miss Iron Eagle at SFA. Although Iron Eagle had a much better sequence. Started with a complete forward rollover, then the ride rolled backwards and started upwards. Then there was the grand-finale, slowly going over upside-down getting loads of sweet hang time.

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Knott's took out Hammerhead because the ride was incredibly unreliable. I remember that the ride would consistently stall in awkward and dangerous places and there would be employees running all over Boardwalk, trying to get Hammerhead back up and the people evacuated. I used to have a pass back when this ride was still there, and it looked like a magnificent ride. I was too short to ride it though, which is a bummer.


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I remember the commercials when this ride opened at Knotts. It was for 3 new rides and the commercial was in the dark with the 3 rides all lit up. The other one was the swings and something else.


There weren't any new swings added then...the Waveswinger had been there since at least the mid to late 80s.


Hammerhead opened in the midst of the retheming of Roarin' 20s to The Boardwalk in the 90s. The other new rides that would eventually open were Windjammer and Wipeout (then located under Windjammer). They also moved the Scrambler outdoors, renamed it and placed it under Windjammer as well.

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