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Avalon Park [RCT3]

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"Welcome everyone to the brand-new Avalon Park! Set in the lovely rolling hills of the American heartland, Avalon will bring excitement to the laid-back atmosphere of country life. What began in 1892 as a small picnic grove will become a destination for pure fun in the area. On the banks of the Starkey River, Avalon park will provide great pleasures such as ballroom dancing, music, and mechanical rides. My goal is to provide an escape from the work of farm life and bring fun and happiness to all in the region."

Rael Vasquez

March 2,1920


This is the first park I have ever posted on the Internet. I hope you all enjoy it. Constructive criticism is encouraged, especially with roller coasters. I have decided to start the park in 1920, as I am a big history buff, especially with amusement parks. I will try my best to have rides and buildings historically correct, so don't expect any steel coasters any time soon. Thank you, and enjoy the park.


p.s. Please read the pictures from the bottom-up, I accidentally added the pictures in reverse-order, sorry for the inconvenience.


The Zebra enclosure. I find it great how this is a mix between an amusement park and a small zoo.


Is that an amusement park I see in the distance?


The Giraffe enclosure, a popular attraction.


The White Rotor. One of the first thrill rides guests encounter in Avalon Park.


This massive brick building is the park's main offices, and partly a hotel.


A riverside cafe, with a wooden deck out back for nighttime dancing and weddings over the river.


Avalon's first coaster, the Tornado Dips. It is 56 feet tall, 1,800 feet long, and has a top speed of 36 miles per hour. It was designed by the famous Harry Traver.


This patriotic parachute tower is humorously named "Red White and Chute".


A view of the Tornado Dips station just before riding.


This large red building provides many delicious foods, such as milkshakes, hot dogs, and "Avalon Burgers".


A few more rides of the park, including the Swift Slide, and the Twister.


One of the most famous rides in the park, this is the Wright Flight, a giant

airplane-themed circle swing.


A birds eye view of Avalon Park.

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Looks nice, but the colors for the woodie are not so nice. If you could fix that this park would be pretty good. The park has some nice buildings and a nice setting so far. Good job so far.


The reason why I colored Tornado Dips that color is that most woodies in the 20's were painted white, with colored trims. Thank you though. What colors

did you have in mind?

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great start, this park is great for a first time poster. the only thing i would change is the park office/hotel. try changing up the layout of the building by adding angles and balconys. besides that it looks great


Thank you! I have actually been building parks for a few years now, but this is the first major project I've ever posted. I tried to make the office/hotel simple in design, like many large brick buildings of that time. I will be sure to add on to it in coming seasons. Thanks again for the advice.

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Season 2,

June 10, 1921


Read photos from the bottom up again, please. There must be something wrong with the preview. Weird.


It seems as if Tornado Dips is quite lacking in the rider count. Could something be wrong?


The Avalon Park logo has finally arrived!!!! It is very simple, but affective!


A bird's eye view of the famous Avalon Pillars with new signage.


Avalon Park has quickly become a major heartland tourist destination. The zoo is jam packed every week.


The Vida Hotel and main office finally got its signs shipped in and a major revamping. This really shows how huge the building really is.


A second shot of the revamped Vida Hotel and Main Office.


More new signs for Tornado Dips.


The park had been so successful opening season, it received a large expansion, including an enlargement of the Vida Hotel, a new out and back coaster, and 2 new thrill rides.


A shot of the all-new roller coaster, the enormous Blue Blazer.


Two new major thrill rides, the Vibrator Wheel (no innuendo intended) and the Double Eli (named after the Eli Ferris Wheel Company.)


The perimeter of the new giant food stand is used as a large exhibit for rare and exotic plants from around the world.


The North side of the new building houses many food stands, ensuring no guest will go hungry.


More plants in the exhibit.


Blue Blazer was designed by the legendary John Allen of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. It is 68 feet tall, 3,100 feet long, and has a top speed of 41 miles per hour. For a wooden coaster, it is smooth as silk, and gained critical acclaim due to its ejector airtime and forceful helix.

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Season 3


Headline-Tragedy Strikes Avalon Park

An awful accident has befallen the riverside wonderland, Avalon Park.

On September 15, 1922, at 8:58 p.m., a fire had broken out on the Tornado

Dips roller coaster. The ride, one of Avalon's first, is said to have caught on fire due to a nearby lamp exploding. The small flame had reached the oil cans

found under the ride's lift hill, thus igniting the only 3 year old ride. Patrons on the roller coaster were taken to the nearest hospital for burns and smoke inhalation. Park owner Rael Vasquez has stated "I am absolutely flabbergasted at this horrible accident. I feel as though this is my fault. It is my park! The victims and their families will surely be in my prayers." Nearly 80% of the ride is destroyed. The fate of the Tornado Dips in unknown.

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Read photos from the bottom up again, please. There must be something wrong with the preview. Weird.


The pictures show up just like you put them in when you see them in the preview. The first is on the bottom and the last is on top. When you hit submit they switch order. So put the one you want first in first and the one you want last in last.


Great story but what made you want to get ride of Tornado Dips? Looked like a great classic coaster.

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Season 3 photo update.

The Tornado Dips Fire


Riders were still on the coaster, receiving a much larger dose of fear than they expected. Luckily, there weren't severe burns, because the wind generated by the passing cars helped force the flames away from the swiftly moving rolling stock.


Absolute anarchy. People were screaming, women were crying on the ground. Men fled, fearing the fire may spread. The flames had engulfed the entire lift hill in minutes.


Oh the humanity! How could this be happening!? There are people still on the coaster! Somebody HELP!!!


Is..... is that f-fire I see in the distance?


Another shot of the roller coaster's articulated trains. A major re-tracking is expected next season.


The ride's signature move, a steep, banked plunge under the lift hill's structure.


A view of Tornado Dips' sign and first hill. The 3 year old roller coaster has already become quite rough, often causing complaints of back and neck pain.


The Tornado Dips has remained a park favorite.

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The Tornado Dips.


September 16, 1922


A birds-eye view of Avalon. Somehow, the station, first turn, and a short section of lift hill survived the flames unharmed. Wait..... is that some tree-clearing I see?


Much of the track had collapsed due to a weakened support structure.


These are the charred, black, soot-laden remains of Avalon's beloved Tornado Dips roller coaster.

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Avalon Park

Season 4

July, 1923


"Sadly, the newest attraction coming to Avalon has been delayed a season, so no new rides this year."


Rael Vasquez

Avalon Park President


The Blue Blazer is not attracting many guests because of its position in the very back of the park.


All the soot from the fire has been swept away. There were many complaints by guests about being covered in soot by a strong gust of wind by the the wreckage. The Dip's paint job is fading away due to no upkeep.


Tornado Dips (or whats left of it) is SBNO. All burned track has been removed, the entrance, signage, and the queue line are all gone.


Poltergeist Manor has become one of the most popular rides in the park.


Today was a particularly crowded day. The zoo was wall to wall people.

Possibly an update is needed to handle the crowds.


In the early weeks of the season, Avalon had gotten enormous crowds. But as the season went on,

the crowds quickly trailed off.

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Season 5

March 10, 1924


HEADLINE-New roller coaster opens at local amusement park!!!

The local Avalon Park, located on the banks of the Starkey River, has finally opened its first major coaster in three years. The massive white beast, aproppriately named Tantrum, is one of the tallest in the mid-west. It stands at a massive 92 feet tall, and carries its riders over 3,500 feet of track. The other roller coaster at the park, the Blue Blazer, was the only operating coaster at the park since the infamous Avalon fire in 1922. "This new roller coaster is my pride and joy, and I am sure our guests will discover the true meaning of thrills when they experience the Tantrum," says park president and founder Rael Vasquez, whose family has owned the park since the 1800's.


Tantrum was designed by Prior & Church, famous for its twisted creations. The Tantrum has a bit of a pre-drop section, seen here.


From this biplane fly-over of the park, you can clearly see that Tantrum is in the very back of the park.


Here is a pretty nice shot of how compact the layout is, for such a large ride.


The station is designed to look like a colonial house, an homage to the nearby colonial villages of America's early years.


I present to you the meanest, largest, longest, coaster Avalon has ever seen, the Tantrum!


Notice a change in the skyline?

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Season 5 cont.


I'll leave you with a shot of me riding the Tantrum. It was quite hard getting permission to take a camera on the ride. This is a photo of going through the tunnel after the main drop.


Here's another ariel view of the park. A large children's section was added to the park too. You can see it next to where tornado dips used to be.

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Season 6

May 15, 1925



The popular Avalon Park has announced it will expand its animal section this season. New animals include Ostriches, Lions, and Gazelles. A new junior-sized roller coaster will also be included. Its name has yet to be decided. This expansion follows a record year last season. This massive influx of guests is mainly attributed to the new Tantrum roller coaster. Another addition to the park is a new, 2 year expansion of the Vida Hotel. The main addition this year is a set of balconies on the hotel floors. Park President Rael Vasquez has stated "I will not reveal too much at this point, but the Vida Hotel will undergo a large transformation. It will become a fusion of new and old architecture." This makes one wonder, what sort of fusion? With new styles of modernist buildings being constructed in today's major cities, such as New York and Chicago, it must mean something large or tall. The main question some may be asking is what will become of the remains of the Tornado Dips roller coaster? Mr. Vasquez had no comment on the matter.


The Vida Hotel has already received its balconies. Notice the art-deco design of them.


This is a view of the junior coaster under construction. I'm having a bit of naming block, so does anybody have any ideas? Preferably a 1920's or Animal type of name?


Here's a view of how far the expansion has gone so far. The Ostriches have arrived!


I decided to take a night visit to Avalon. It is beautifully lit a this hour.

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Season 6 Continued.

Commentary is encouraged.


I'll leave you with a rather eerie view of Tantrum at night.


This is a night view of the children's section named "Little Avalon".


Park officials have been spotted in the empty area near the Blazer with large drawing boards and what are believed to be local Architects.


The Blue Blazer has been sandblasted to its natural color, and renamed to just "The Blazer".


The Wright Flight got a new paint job this year.


Wait a minute, what are trains doing in the Dip's station?


The White Rotor is still an extremely popular ride.

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Season 7,

October 15, 1926


This year was hands down Avalon's most successful year yet! There are two brand new coasters, The Gazelle and Twirling Tub Run.


It's time for me to leave, so I'll depart with this wonderful shot of Avalon's three, star attractions.


Tantrum also finally received its new sign. Unusually lighthearted for such a brutal ride.


The Blazer got its new sign after the renaming.


The Twirling Tub Run is a Virginia-Reel type of coaster. Hopefully guests can hold their stomachs in the whirling carts.


The Vida Hotel is as huge as ever. It was rarely vacant this season.


A shot from the track's catwalk.


The Gazelle was constructed in a bit of a bowl-shaped ravine. The designer had already previously had experience with terrain coasters. He designed the Jack Rabbit and the new Pippin at Kennywood.


This new family coaster is The Gazelle.


Here is the expansion of the zoo. It is built on very uneven land, so the paths were not made of concrete.

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^ I think CP had like 7 woodern coasters during the 1920's, they came and went frequently, but they had quite a few.


Yes, I do believe CP had about 7 aswell. The main ones I can think of are the High Frolics, Racer, Cyclone, and Leap the Dips.


Riverview had the Bobs, Velvet Coaster, Skyrocket, Pippin, and Big Dipper, I believe.

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