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HELP! Sudden trip to DisneyLand

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BUSY! The park will most likely reach capacity so make sure you get there EARLY and use fastpass as much as possible and get a handstamp if you leave either park, since the birthday admission only get's you into one park only, but you can upgrade to a parkhopper for $20 I think. It's also a night of Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party, so DCA will close early (meaning all most of the locals will only be heading to Disneyland park that night) and Disneyland will be very busy.


Happy Birthday and good luck with those crowds...

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It's going to be very, very, very busy. Also, parking is going to be a hassle -- get there early!


Space Mountain is probably going to be mobbed because of the Halloween makeover, so make that a priority. Also:


-Indiana Jones Adventure

-Pirates of the Caribbean

-Haunted Mansion


-Splash Mountain


These are the must-rides...try to fit them in on your schedule.

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Went last Friday. First thing is run to Space Mountain. Get a fast pass then get in line. After that we went over to California Adventure for Tower of Terror over and over.


But if only Disneyland make sure to ride Space Mountain very first and get that fast pass. You will want to ride it more than once. Most lines have longer wait times than what they really are. The best example was Thunder Mountain was posted as 40min I think but was more like 15min. Make sure to ride that sometime during the day. It's so sun.


Also when you go to Pirates, look towards the lake area, as the Nightmare Before Xmas Skellington and the girl are dressed in amazing costumes taking pictures.


I think only the Haunted House and Space Mountain are redone for Halloween though. Oddly enough it seemed as though Indiana Jones had some weird club lights going on at the beginning of the ride, for the door he is trying to hold back.


And of course do not forget to line up somewhere, like 45min early, with a view of the castle for the fireworks show at 9:30? The show is better than normal, and fun to watch. I have been there for way too many holidays (including 4th of July), and I think this was the best one. People were staking out spots over 3 hours before this!!! There was a good secret area we found, but it's hard to explain where it's located. Kind of looking at the castle from the entrance and to the left under a red/white striped awning area.


The park was super packed last Friday. The positive to this, was that every ride had all their effects going. Some I have never seen before. And I think I went 6 times last year??

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One detail about your birthday pass: you will not - because of a zip-code-confidentiality thingy - be able to simply use a credit card to buy your for-pay tickets at the same time (or, as I recall, even at the same ticket window) as you redeem your b'day voucher. Ticket lines can be brutal, so get there long before opening, and if there are more than two of you, have someone wait at the gate while you get your freebie and one of your party buys tickets for everyone else. Or pay cash. You can also buy tickets the night before, but your birthday ticket must be issued day of.


Also, as has been said many times, learn about Fastpass's ins and outs, and use the system well. If you have fifteen bucks to spend, RideMax is great for giving you a day-specific plan to ride the particular attractions you're interested in.

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Once again, THANKS IN HEAPS! This is my first trip to DisneyLand (Done the 'others' before, but not the Mother-Ship if you will....)- and I'm very happy to be doing it with my partner.


Question about FastPass: I'm guessing that I can pre-schedule an entire day using this system, or are there drawbacks/limits to how I can use it. I'm particularly wondering about things such as Space, Thunder and Matterhorn along the way- I.E. Can I possibly schedule multiple rides in advance for it?


Keep em Coming!


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Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:32 am Post subject:




Here's a slightly better article focusing more on the California parks and how to "beat the system" and some other tips.


Thanks- That's got me thinking 'strategic ride implementation' of sorts!

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One other birthday thing. When you redeem your voucher, you will be given a Happy Birthday button with your name on it. If you wear it, you will be wished Happy Birthday. A lot. By cast members, other visitors, everybody. I was singled out by the singer in the parade. Makes you Feel Special, in an idiot way.


However, there are also reports of birthday people being handed perks and freebies. That may go mostly for kids, but my partner and I were able to swing a ride on the Lily Belle (Uncle Walt's personal railway car), and I was told - not sure how true it is - that my birthday button helped. So you never know...

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I was there the first Halloween weekend and it was pretty crowded but we were able to use fastpass pretty effectively. By late afternoon we had ridden every major ride in both parks and were holding FP's for every major ride for that evening. You must ride SpaceM at least once after dark and stand up on the deck where the line is for a few minutes even if you have a fast pass. That is where the biggest change for Halloween happens every ten minutes or so.

Every time you are eligible to get a FP go and get one.


The park did close last Friday so get in there early if possible.

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