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Gritle Beach Boardwalk [RCT3]

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Hello all...


I return with yet another park, hoping that this one will indeed last longer to completion than the others which suffered from rct-block...


A fictional town in California, Gritle Beach is rather run-down and unpopular, even though it was once a tourist hot-spot...


However, something is happening...


"Recently Gritle Beach Tramline has recieved an extension courtesy of a unknown benefactor, who has also purchased a lot of land around the old run-down beach area, a PR assistant said that there were great plans for this area, roads and a car park had already been laid, and the foundations for several shopping and eating opportunities have also been started... Naturally I wanted to see this all for myself, so off I went..."


Aboard the new part of the Tramline, only a single rail here but there are numerous stops nearby this area...


The new roads and tramline with some nice fencing along the path... Just on the other side is the new car park


An aerial view I nabbed from the council, random fountain sits on the pathway surrounding the car park entrance


Further down a lot of work has gone on here, with a few other people heading towards it... Workers perhaps?


Don't know who this Frontier group are, but this building looks interesting


The other side, the lighthouse is definitely new, and this old guy was around the entire time I was, possibly more


A new crossing here leads directly in front of the building... Really don't know what this could be, there's so much space behind it...


Well that's all I got today, but it definitely looks interesting, who are Frontier? What is that building? Who is the old guy? Well I get many replies? Hopefully we'll find this all out sooner rather than later...

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Not really a lot to say with the comments but thank you both




Gritle Beach will soon be home to a new all year amusement park thanks to the Frontier Group, who are also planning grand investment in the adjacent area, including shops, restaurants and hotels.

Spokesman Andy Morello said "This amusement park will help turn Gritle Beach into the tourist hotspot it deserves to be, we at the Frontier Group are working hard with the community to help evolve this old area of the town and bring in thousands of new jobs and homes to the public"

So far Frontier has helped with the new road and tram-line, and the amusement park is the next big step in their plans.


More as it develops


Well a park at my home town has always been a dream, and if they build it like they say they will, then it'll be even more awesome, with this news I took a walk with my camera to find out if anything new had happened


A fence has been put up, assuming it's to stop unwanted guests popping into the construction site...


Better shot of the entrance area, and it looks like they've already built up one ride, a ferris wheel right on the water by the looks of it...


Interesting in the distance...



More soon!

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