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Sinister Pointe: SILENT HILL and FEAR Mazes

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My friends and I were doing Halloween related stuff today, and we decided to check out the Sinister Pointe Halloween thing in Brea. They had done a SAW based maze last year, before Universal started using them in their Halloween Horror Nights.

There are two mazes, one called Fear (don't know if this is based on anything) and one based on the Silent Hill video game. My friends are big fans of the game, so we definitely wanted to check it out.

It's $20 for one trip through both mazes. Kinda pricey for just two attractions, but it definitely proved to be worth it.


The Silent Hill maze is your typical (but really well-done) maze. I'd put the quality between Knott's and Universal. They do a good job of splitting the groups up, so at times, you really are walking through the areas with only a couple other people. Plenty of really good scares to be had, some good elaborate effects, quality monster talent. If you know the video game, you will recognize most of the characters. My only gripe is there is no actual Pyramid Head monster talent, just a big prop of him. That would have been an amazing scare.


The one that REALLY surprised us with how great it was the Fear maze. This one is interactive, they only let you go in groups of up to four at a time. During several points of the maze, there are interactive "challenges" that you must do to proceed. These are all REALLY well done, and produce some amazing scares! So much more fun than a normal maze BY FAR!!!! I really can't emphasize how great this maze was. At this point, I'm pretty immune to the typical scares Knott's and Universal produce, but this maze got me nervous and jumpy quite a few times. The room with the push button TV monitor in particular is AMAZINGLY effective and awesome (and something that Knott's or Uni just couldn't pull off right given the massive amount of crowds that go through there). It's great to see a maze where you don't just walk through, but where you actually stop and have to figure out what to do, and where to go. There are multiple rooms in certain portions of the maze too, so you might get different challenges at one or two points. And again, really great monsters who did an awesome job of scares. In my humble opinion, this was the best maze I've ever experienced in terms of uniqueness and originality with the scares.


We were all really impressed with both mazes, if you are in the area and want something a little more intimate and intense than the mazes at the parks, check it out!

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That Fear maze sounds brilliant.


I didnt make it to Orlando this time, but I had heard about those and was going to go as an extention to the main trip. I love the Silent Hill games.


Im also pretty imune to the conga line scares at the big events. So I love these smaller events which have a more personal feel. Works much better.


There are quite a few small independant scare attractions popping up in the UK this season, seems to be getting more popular here. A good thing I reckon.

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I'm an actor there actually, mostly in FEAR lately. Actually, I was in the monitor room you mentioned when you went though it would seem. The dude with the gas mask? That was me. lol. I happened to be looking for reviews to see what people thought and came upon this site. Thank you for the kind words!

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I went there last night with my cousin. I was incredibly impressed with how much stuff was lifted from the games. As a HUGE fan of the games, I was totally geeking out.


Pyramid Head was a let down, however, the nurses did an amazing job. I don't want to spoil anything for any one, but they truly pulled off these characters exactly they way they should have been portrayed. I would go again if it weren't so far/so expensive for just two houses.


And, Wes, I agree, the FEAR house was great! I was only expecting to enjoy the Silent Hill house, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I missed the Saw house last year, but if it was anything like that, I'm sure it was amazing.



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Got home from this a few hours ago and I have to agree with Wes, both were really excellent and with a $2 off coupon that can be found off of their website an even better value. I went with my Sister, my cousin and a friend and we all had a blast!


We got our tickets and they made us start off with FEAR (Personally I would have done it the other way) but it was great to start off with the best. They kept the groups VERY small meaning longer lines can be had, but if you see the lines are too long they do offer front of the line passes. When it was our groups turn, they bring you into a small room and explain the "rules" of the game. Play the game and you'll make it out alive and possibly fully intact don't and you may find out what FEAR really is. And with that they let you in to make it through the dark passages and traps they have laid out for you. I didn't do Saw last year, but I have a feeling many of this was re-used, not that I'm complaining, I did think this was the better of the two mazes, but it did have a very Saw vibe to it, which I really enjoyed. I also liked having more then one path to choose even if it was a tad confusing at some points not knowing were to go, it really added to the element of chaos and surprise. Some of the stuff they make you do (no spoilers here) will put some people through there limits. This isn't your typical haunted house.


Silent Hill was a little more of a let down, but still really great. I would put the quality at the more recent offerings at Knott's that had movie tie ins (aka more money) which really puts you in the story. I'm not the biggest Silent Hill fan, but I've played some of the first game and watched the movie and that was more then enough to let me recognize more then a few things from the story. This maze also had much more talent throughout and provided plenty of scares for those who jump at everything (or nothing as I did at one point opening a curtain to go through lol). After reading the review I was pleasantly surprised (and startled) by a Pyramid head monster after having a great encounter with his Great Knife. I would also love to point out that the nurses in the Maze acted exactly like their game counter parts and successfully made me pee a little bit. Haha ok not really but that was awesome and worth the $9 we paid for it.


Also not mentioned yet is they take your pictures at... uh... "Strategic" times throughout the mazes and offer them for purchase at the end of your experiences. Also a nice little touch as you really don't know when they will take your picture. There is also a Scare Zone outside of the ticket booths, but it was limited to one hilarious slider who was all over both lines and the ticket area. Overall I think it's a great local haunt with some very good quality mazes and I read that next year will be in a new location, so I hope they can find a larger area and improve on what they already have with either more or longer mazes. Sinister Pointe is definitely worth a trip through if even for the Interactive FEAR maze itself.

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