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Kings Island Haunt: PTR- 10/10/09

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My Sister and her friend Fred wanted to go to what they still think is called Fearfest. They invited my cousin Andrea and her husband Johnny. I wanted to go, and surprisingly they let me. Andrea's brother Mitchell (Gnarkiller) came too, and so did my mom. I woke up Saturday around 1pm. and just got on the computer til' about 2:30. Around then I started getting ready, and we (My mom, sister, and I) went to Andrea and Mitchell's house around 3. We had to wait for Fred to get here, and once he did, we left. We stopped at a BP down the street and I got a Yoohoo. By the time we passed Indiana Live Casino I really had to use the restroom (I also drunk a 32oz. Pepsi before I went to Mitchell's.) I didn't get to go until Cincinnati Mills Drive. Everyone was hungry and wanted Taco Bell, we went to the one by KI. I don't care for Taco Bell so I just got a cup of potatoes with cheese and sour cream. The restaurant was PACKED, so I went outside at one of the tables. I wasn't paying much attention to the table I was at, and after a few bites I noticed a dead bird sitting on my table! So I quickly went back into Taco Bell. We ended up eating inside the car.


After Taco Bell we went to Kings Island. The parking lot was at about full capacity. As excited I was to be at KI, I was upset about it being super busy. So we walked into the park and I planned on riding Drop Zone until about 7pm. than going through Slaughter House, but everyone else wanted to go to Diamondback. So we walked over to Diamondback, on the way there all the people with us were saying "What happened to Nickelodeon Universe?" I told them it was closed during Haunt hours, and that next year it's going to be Planet Snoopy. Every single person with me all said how dumb that is and that no kid is going to like that. They were sad too because they all love Scooby Doo & The Haunted Castle. So we continued on to Diamondback where we found a full queue. It went by fast cause we were taking tons of photos. Me and my Mom got front seat, everyone else got rows 3, 4, and 16. My Mom loved Diamondback (she rode it on opening day once but that was so long ago she kinda forgot how it was.) Everyone else loved it too. They all wanted to do a Haunt so we headed for Tombstone Terror-tory. Since it was all the way back to Beast we skipped and went on Crypt. Crypt was a complete walkon luckily, everyone hated it and said it was a waste of time. I wanted to ride Beast but the line was all the way to Rivertown Arcade so I decided not to. We went to Backlot to find a 45 Minute wait and so we decided not to ride, and go to Vortex instead.


Shake, Rattle, and Roll had about no line so Mitchell and I got in line while everyone else went to Flight of Fear. It was really fun, I hadn't ridden since October 25th. 2008 so It was nice getting to ride it again. Vortex's line was out to Happy Da, I mean Jukebox Dinner so once again we looked for something else. Me and Mitchell picked Racer but just like everything else, it had a full queue so we made our way to Top Gun. Luckily TG only had a station wait so we re-rode 4 times. After some great rides on TG we walked around, and than before we knew it were inline for Shake, Rattle, and Roll again. This time the fireworks were going off. I didn't even know they did Fireworks during Haunt... I need to ride Diamondback again. But this time the line overflowed to Rivertown Junction and the SRL was closed so I sadly walked away. In Nickeldeon Universe (The unblocked part) we took random photos of us next to random Nick stuff. We found some candy on the ground and I ate it... Lol.


We realized we hadn't ridden anything in over an hour so we got in line for Slaughter House. We were about half way through it when My mom said were leaving after they get out of Slaughter House (they were in line also, but ahead of us.) So me and Mitchell decided to get out of line and ride stuff since we don't have much time. We went to AE and luckily it was a walkon. After a great as always AE ride we went to Racer. It had a 10 minute wait, we rode row 2. I don't even remember the last time I rode Dodgems so we both rode it. After riding Indiana Beach's dodgems I realize how bad ours suck! So slow, such a short cycle, and you can barely hit people!


After Dodgems we got back in line for Racer and rode 3 more times, each time the line got smaller and smaller. My mom called and said were ready to leave, so we said we will be there soon, on our way to the exit we hurry and 'got in line' for Cemetery Drive. Only about 10 people were in line, which was good. Sadly this is probably the best Haunt I've been through this season which is bad since I only 'jumped' twice... So after Cemetery Drive we had to leave, the park didn't close until another 15 minutes so that's not too bad.


Overall I had fun, but this trip was worst than last trip. Drop Zone was closed, only got to ride Diamondback once. Didn't get to ride Vortex or Beast. I hope next time I go it'll be way less crowded and I'll get to ride Diamondback alot.


Diamondback: 1

Crypt: 1

Shake, Rattle, and Roll: 2

Dodgems: 1

Racer: 4

Adventure Express: 1

Top Gun: 4


Nickelodeon Universe closed.

I like this photo alot, but It'd be better if Eiffel was more on the right.

Crowds were bad..

I like the sky in this photo.

Not sure why, But I like this photo.

My sister, me, and My mom in line for Diamondback.

Cousin, Andrea pretending to be dead.

Random props.

This wasn't here last visit.

Drop Zone is...

Temporarily closed...

My two favorite non-coasters at Kings Island, sadly didn't get to ride either..

So sad not getting to ride DZ...

Me on TG, photo taken from station when ride wasn't in operation... so don't freak out.


More photos in just in minute!

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Troika, Troika, Troika... I mean Shake, Rattle, & Roll!

Suzie's House of Bones... Didn't notice it last time.

The chickens from Beast's tunnels escaped all the way over to near Backlot!

I kind like this photo.

Haunt skull.

Me acting like the pink thing from Backyardigans!

I guess I give it a thumbs up!

Come on... Planet Snoopy!? How dumb!

Me, Jimmy, and the robot dog, I'm trying to act like the dog.

Thanks for reading!

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