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Theme Park Review's "Halloween in Orlando" 2009


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1. BIG CONGRATS to Joey!

2. You had me at Ireland's menu and Bailey's Cake.

3. Who's that guy with the SLEEVES?!?

4. Chuck's Postal Video From Space is probably my favorite. All most humerous.

5. Sum of All Thrills must've slipped under the radar until wednesday. Great to see a robocoaster just the same.

6. Robb as a Taco.

7. This was a grand FOOD update!


Wicked awesome folks!

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Universal Orlando and Halloween Horror Nights!


Piers says "Hurrrah!!!"


Hooray! Hooray! It's our Universal Orlando day!






Omg! Omg! The ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings are up! The ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings are up!






"Grrrrr! I'm angry penguin guy! I'm gonna EAT THIS BABY!!!"






"I'll take the fat penguin...he's kind of like Robb!"












We recognize this guy. Do you know who he is? If you do...






Today, Elissa Alvey will be playing the role of grouper on "Good Mummy!"






VIP Tours for TPR! We are doing the "Unmasking the Horror" tour today. If you are a fan of HHN or just like seeing "behind the scenes" at theme parks, we highly recommend this tour!






Is it real? Or is it Memorex? The HHN 19 "model" on display for the tour was VERY impressive!




If it's Halloween...


And my personal favorite!


The tour gives you a behind the scenes look at the layout of all the houses and how these guys produced all this scary stuff!


This should be a pretty cool scare zone tonight!


"Hey Litterbug! In the clown's mouth!"


"Now before we go in these houses, we have to perform an HHN ritual..."


"Body Cavity Search!!! SPREAD 'EM!!!!" Just kidding guys...


Why, yes, we will take the VIP entrance, thank you very much!


This year's group of TPR Halloween fans! And everyone say thank you to Michael Roddy, Mark Patterson, and everyone at Universal who helped put our event together!


First up on "Unmasking the Horror" tour was the Frankenstein house.






VIP tour guide Mark Patterson gave us an amazing behind the scenes look at three Halloween Horror Nights mazes.


Anyone need a casket yet?






"Hey guys, what do you want us to do with this extra boohole?"


Ooooh...Frankenstein likes Chinese Food!








Now THIS is the kind of treatment you get on TPR Tours! Sign up now!


"Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but this guy has no penis!"


Anyone recognize these props? If you do...


Poor, poor Victor...


Universal Creative Director Michael Roddy tells us about Dracula.






"This is not the Boris Karlof Dracula you may remember but more Vlad the Impaler."


The sick and twisted Roddy likes to sit and watch the impaled bodies slump over and slowly die. He's into that sort of stuff!


Lenticular portraits made just for this maze...very nice attention to detail!


This is what happens when you miss the TPR bus on a tour!


"Ok, guys, we know you like to eat, so we've set up the buffet!"


The detail in all of Universal's mazes is just incredible. You would think you're in these actual locations!


Thank you again to Michael! (He seems to be very worried about something up in the sky...hmm.....)


Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit was AWESOME!!! I picked Moving Right Along by the Muppets and it was the silliest roller coaster ride ever!






The entire ride was fantastic! The drop produced great airtime...


...the "non-inverting loop" was actually more intense than most inverting loops!


And there were surprises around every corner. This ride is a HUGE WIN for Universal Orlando!


This takes me back to my days of working on Call of Duty!


"My hero!"


Universal Orlando is Big Mike approved!!!






Harry Potter construction update!!! Ooohhh...Aaaahhhh...






Piers is having a few pre-HHN beers at Moe's.






Piers has found his new husband!






One of the best mazes of the event!


One of the best mazes of the event! (Oh, who are we kidding, they were ALL good!)


That's right..TPR gets VIP...I mean RIP treatment!


A bit of drinking before our RIP Tour to calm the nerves?






R.I.P. Tour. The ONLY way to do Halloween Horror Nights! Seriously, it's a night of great fun. Front of the line to all the mazes and rides. We highly recommend booking this tour with Universal's VIP Tour Department!






Even before it gets completely dark, Universal Orlando is transformed into something creepy and weird.


Looks like this production isn't going so well...


Hot chicks serving booze are everywhere!






HHN Signature shot!!!


Leave it to Cleaver has been a TPR favorite so far!






"Whatever you do, don't go into the green colored fog..."


"Look! It's a drink! And it glows! Ain't that cool?"






Hey Doug! Thanks for helping keep us safe in Amity!






The Spawning - very bizarre!






Cirque Du Freak was one of the many scare zones this year...


Yeah, there were some pretty freakish monsters hanging around in here...


I can't decide if I'm turned on or freaked out...


OMG! There was nothing more freakish than these two deformed creatures!


Rat lady...she's HOT!






"Hey Ladies, I'm Jon...and when I'm done with you two I've got a special place to take both of you..."


"...that's right, I'm gonna chop you up and put you in these two coffins. Because I'm just that weird!"


Yay! More VIP awesomeness at the Bill & Ted Show!






Hey look! We got our own private Bill & Ted show!






Well not really, Joey Fatone was there too.






This will be the last photo you see of Bill & Ted, because if you take a picture, they put you in that "leg sawing off thing" you saw in the Frankenstein maze.


We made a pitstop at Simpsons...






More mazes...






...more rides...






...more chainsaws!


Another AWESOME Halloween Horror Nights!!!






Remember you can follow us LIVE on Facebook!


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Both the unmasking tour and the RIP tour were amazing. It was great to see all the work and detail that go into making these mazes that will be missed without doingthe tours. Knowing the stories made the houses scarier.


I'm still cowering from the chucky maze.

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I had so much fun at HHN!! Unmasking the Horror was AMAZING. I love how much detail they go into and you really appreciate the houses that much more.


I thought Dracula was amazing. I didn't really like The Wolfman, but that's from missing almost every single scare there was.


Chuck was funny and awesome! By far, I think Silver Screams was my least liked house. I think that was because it was my first house and it wasn't dark yet, so I wasn't in the mood. I thought the same of Chucky, but getting a second try later on at night, it seemed much better.

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And yes, I am still blushing and just thinking about it. He was nice in person, and super awesome to look at. I was VERY distracted trying to watch the Bill & Ted show as he was like 10 feet away from me!!!!


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Hey, Elissa, my wife used to debate Joey Fatone in high school. He went to high school at Dr. Phillips High School behind USF and my wife went to Titusville High School, so they were in the same competition zone. She said he was a pretty cool guy back in school.



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Blizzard Beach was fun.... but the TPR Party was epic...


Now it's time for TPR members to get half naked.


You guys all ready to remove clothes?


Blizzard Beach is themes to a ski resort where all the snow has started to melt.


Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher. Two of the best body slides in the world!


Summit Plummet (themed to a ski jump) is still the tallest and fastest straight drop body slide!


Blizzard Beach gets the Big Mike seal of approval!


Larry's pounding a beer...what does that mean? TPR Party has begun!!!


IllumiGaytions Act 1: Gay Pride FunNoodle!


Big Mike is in charge of the grill!


Classy? Yes!


MORE BEER!!! We need more beer!


The woman barefoot in the kitchen. WHERE SHE BELONGS!!!


Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Only the best for TPR!


How much more beer do we need??? To answer EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com. First 10 people with the right answer gets a bag of crap!!!


Scott is so drunk right now he's hitting in Emily!


Raw meat anyone???


"Act II of IllumiGaytions as soon this zombie kicks in!"


Act II of IllumiGaytions - "Look at how I can balance this bucket of Baccardi on my head!"


Act III of IllumiGaytions - "Look at how I can float and drink at the same time! BITCH PLEASE!!!"


Intermission from IllumiGaytions includes some shots drank from a bendy staw between two scoops of flesh that seem to defy gravity.


Ready for Act IV of IllumiGaytions?


"We worship you TPR! We will drink the Kool Aid!"


Bottoms up BITCHES!!!!<11 minutes pass...>"Hello Orlando Police Department - we would like to report 10 dead bodies in our pool...looks like there was a tragic accident and they have drown...poor things.."<evil...EVIL grin!!!>


IllumiGaytions Act V was 19 minutes of Piers acting VERY gay. BLIMEY!


Act V of IllumiGaytions ended with a depiction of noodle murder co-starring Robb.


INTERMISSION! MORE SHOTS!!! Oooh...what is this mysterious red liquid? This could make for some fun in a cup!




Ok everyone...on the count of three...TAKE YOUR SHOT!!!


Elissa: "MWAHAHAHAHA!!! They all just drank hot sauce, chicken chunks, and pepper!:Piers: "Hoorah!!!"


OHHHHH F****CK!!!!






***GAH!!!*** It's like drinking a dirty diaper!


IllumiGaytions continued with GLOW FOR EVERYONE!!!




Look at me...I'm Geordi La Forge...yes, I'm THAT drunk!!!


And IllumiGaytions ends with a final HOORAH of glow, sex, and most importantly, ALCOHOL!!!

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