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Theme Park Review's "Halloween in Orlando" 2009


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I can almost guarantee Robb wants you to send several individual ones! Maybe one word per email.

Thanks for clarifying that, Tyler. Go Game COCKS this weekend!



So after arriving to work early this morning, my BlackBerry started going nutsy cuckoo with emails...



It was at this point I decided that my friends either love me so much that they just can't live without me ... OR they just take some sort of sick pleasure in making me miserable back at home when they're all out having a great time WITHOUT ME!! You decide...



Mission Space video from Jewy

Mission Space video from Robb

Mission Space video from Hanno

Mission Space video from Cumdumpster

Mission Space video from Pilar

Mission Space video from Jeff

Mission Space video from Jon

Mission Space video from Larry

Mission Space video from Elissa

Mission Space video from Scott

Mission Space video from Dylan

Mission Space video from Ice Bat

Mission Space video from Dylan <--- OMFG! THIS ONE IS AMAZING!!!

Mission Space video from Chuck


And this one just arrived as well...

Greetings from the Future


(I haven't had time to watch any of them yet so I apologize if some of them aren't family friendly... and they most likely aren't!! )


[EDIT: So I finally watched them all. I especially felt the love from Jewy, Scott, and Chuck (having a post-ride aneurysm?). I didn't think dinosaurs new how to operate such technology but it was great to see Ice Bat! Special thanks to little baby Dylan! My conclusion -- I still hate you all ]

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Thanks for letting us crash your party for a little bit, last night!


We never did make it on BTMRR. First time (right after HalloWishes,) they closed it, as soon as we made it to the entrance. Second time (right after the parade,) the stand-by time changed from 10 to 20 minutes, right as we walked up, and we were just too tired to wait, at that point.


Ah well, back again in a week and a half! Yay for new FL resident passes!


Hope the rest of your week is great!

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Today was a day of epic proportions. TPR has done Food & Wine Festival as a group for the last 4 or 5 years now, but NOTHING has ever been as amazing as Joey drinking 17 drinks "Around the World" today.


So now, we present to you, an epic TPR day at Epcot!


(ps. If you haven't seen all the "Postcards from Space" that we emailed Dan today, scroll up three posts...WATCH THEM ALL...they are amazing!!!)


Today is Epcot - the best theme park in the world!


Piers would like to point out that Epcot has highlighted the "N" in IllumiNations as to not confuse it with IllumiGaytions. Piers also would like to point out that IllumiGaytions is also sponsered by semens.


Epcot employees all have these deformed giant hands.


Does Mark Wyatt owe you money? Refunds this way...


"Dear Epcot. We will never forgive you for destroying Horizons...but Mission: Space is pretty cool too!"


We would like "unknown heart condition" side please.


Epcot is empty today!


Nerd shot!!!


Are we ready for Gary?


"Hey Wes...lube up and bend over!"


You guys ready for Lunar Orbit "insertion?"


Elissa did insertion as she has a much larger penis than the rest of the group.


Hmmm...we can send an email to anyone? Who do you think we should email?


"Dan is going to have a LOT of emails from space!"


Want to join in the fun? EMAIL DAN and tell him "hello from space!" mrt0ad13@aol.com


Welcome to Epcot Food And Wine Festival! Time for copius amounts of food and alcohol!


Frozen Dragon Berry Coloda, please!


Can Joey drink around the world? Can he really do it?


Drink #1. Frozen mojito!


Elissa friendly food!


Food and Wine is Icebat approved!


Canada has choup! And that's all I need!


Joey Drink #2 moosehead beer!




Hey Dan! We have "choup!". Everyone EMAIL DAN and tell him "You have no choup!". mrt0ad13@aol.com


Ewww...New Zealand....SKIP!


Take a WILD guess what we are having here!


Warm chocolate gooey Bailey's cake...


...and Guiness!


You can find Piers and Emily in here!


Ummmm...what a cute little pussy.


Oh Man. Lots of money will be spent here!


Joey Drink # 3 pomegranite Kir!


OH! MY! GOD! I need a tissue.


Joey Drink #4 Grolsch Lager. (Hanno approves!)


Half of you don't have drinks! FAIL!!!


Baklava!! There's going to be a party in MY tummy!


I miss Japan!


Joey Drink #5 Mimosa from Morrocco!


More pita = happy Elissa!


Joey says "hello from Japan!"


Chuck highly reccomenda the New Orleans Praline Bread Pudding!


The stain on Joey's shirt says "Drink #6 New Orleans SazzaRazz"


Matt, this ones for you!


Joey Drink #7 Sam Adams 14th Anniversary Festival Beer.


Swallow that creme!


Drink #8. Some sort of sparkling wine...Joey thinks!


Larry says "baby cow tastes gooooood with beer!"


German stuff!!! YUMMMM!


Joey Drink #9 Beck's Oktoberfest!


Larry asks "Would you rather be a blind mermaid or have your leg amputated but if your leg is amputated you can get a fastpass to ANY ride you want!". To answer EMAIL DAN. mrt0ad13@aol.comAdd a captionLarry asks "Would you rather be a blind mermaid or have your leg amputated but if your leg is amputated you can get a fastpass to ANY ride you want!". To answer EMAIL DAN. mrt0ad13@aol.com


Jon loves (to) Bangkok!


Joey is double fisting drinking #9 (Beck's) and holding #10 Singha Beer!


What should Piers put in his mouth during IllumiGaytions? If you think you know...EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Should Joey get his face painted like the "Tricky Troll?". EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Drink #10 and Drink #11 King Fisher!


"11 drinks later it's time to break the seal!"


Drink #12 Chinese Heavenly Clouds.


"Better than normal sex."


We took a break from eating and drinking outside and continued eating and drinking inside!


Proof that Joey is drunk - He left a 24% tip!


Piers give you a surprise look at the costumes for IllumiGaytions!


Piers got the parasol boob credit!


Joey says "Yay Poland!"


Joey Drink #14. Some red fruity slushy with vodka!


Drink #14 and #15 - a shot of tequila and a sangria chaser!


"There is a very good chance...that...after I drink this... I am gonna die!"


Mexico City! We are almost done drinking around the world!


Joey Drink #16 Dos Equis. HE DID IT!!!


Joey had CONQUERED DRINKING AROUND THE WORLD! Girls...bow down to him! Worship him! Take his penis into your person!!! (who are we kidding?) But still! THE DAMN JEW DID IT!!! Congrats Joey!


BTW, if you would like to congratulate Joey for drinking around the world. EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


OMG! A new Robocoastet attraction has opened! How come no one told us about this??? I can't believe we can't rely on anyone on TPR to report this kind of stuff!


Yup Design-your-own robocoaster simulator ride.


It's a robocoaster arm with a video screen!


Could we have found a giant A$$ bathroom stall BIGGER than the one by Rock N Roller Coaster???


Alternate view of potential biggest ever bathroom stall.


Noooo! Giant electric skull attacking Piers! NOM. NOM. NOM.


IllumiNations - not as epic as IllumiGaytions is going to be on Friday!

As you can see...it was an EPIC DAY at Epcot!!!!


Tomorrow is Halloween Horror Nights with lots of "behind the scenes" stuff! Follow the LIVE UPDATES on FaceBook!


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