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Theme Park Review's "Halloween in Orlando" 2009


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Today we will spend some time at Downtown Disney!


Ooh. This could be fun.


Awww...the Disney licensing people did not approve our new TPR t-shirt design.


Next up was the candy store. Everything in here will kill Dan. So if Dan doesn't receive 100 emails from TPR readers we will force him to eat here. So if you want to SAVE DAN then EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Mmmm. Chocolate covered strawberries and blue & creamy smurf cupcakes!


Now you bite off Dori's head...just like you've always wanted to!


My "make your own cookie" is in there somewhere. Do you see it?


That's a peanut butter filled giant Oreo cookie dipped it dark chocolate covered in reese's pieces and peanut butter cups topped with dark chocolate drizzle!


"This is much better than 'normal' sex!"


Dinosaurs. Wacky drinks. Big food. This place rocks!


Gaarrrrr! I'm angry t-Rex dude. Gimme some credit cards.


The Cotton-Tini could be coolest drink ever made!


If you work/worked at Cedar Point you are required to order this.


Good thing America doesn't have an obesity problem!


"Do you have asteroids?" "No but my dad had hemeroids once!".


Are you ready for the Cotton-Tini?


As the liquid death is poured the cotton candy dissolves into a pool of wonderful goo!


Worship the cotton tini!!! BOW DOWN TO ITS GREATNESS!!!


Illumigaytions will feature plenty of large goblets of beer!


Can you spot Jeff Johnson in this picture? If you can...EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


I like fish...I like fish!


The chicks to dudes ratio is pretty good so far for a theme park trip!


Another airport run to pick up more cool people. Here is where we parked...just in case you were wondering.




"Ive got beer, toothpaste, and a towel...AND THATS ALL I NEED!!!"


We ended the night with some of the best wings in the world.




But the service tonight SUCKED!!! Like really REALLY SUCKED!


We even wrote them a note of encouragement.


KidTums loves the Blazin' sauce!


Although after four beers and an audios M F she was passed out COLD!!


More photos coming soon! Add us on FaceBook for LIVE UPDATES!!!


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So what's this? Is it just the hardcore members getting together or an official trip?


Is it too late to join in on the shenanigans? In the Davenport area and would love to possibly meet up...


Sorry, guys. This is an "invite only" trip where it's some of our closest friends and family getting together for a week to hang out in Orlando.


More fun updates coming soon to TPR or check our FaceBook page for LIVE updates!





But your my friend on facebook only kidding have fun folks.

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Like Guy, I'm terribly saddened that I'm missing this trip this year.


I'll miss sharing a bed with Guy, and Pier's "Illuminations," drinking much beer around EPCOT, watching Dave fall over multiple times, and holy crap does Emily look good!


Have fun, I miss you all! Have a beer for me!

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The T-Rex restaurant is AWESOME! Like rainforest cafe but 100 times cooler! The ice cave room is the best tho We got to go there about a month after they opened and it was amazing. And the drinks were really good I got that tropical one they have on their "featured" menu, not the neato cotton candy one. I'll totally have to get that next time!


Love the photos so far, wish I could be there too!

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Oooooo... If that is the Buffalo Wild Wings in LBV, I've NEVER had good service there... not even remotely decent service... I'm NOT a fan of that location at all... And this further seems to confirm my observation... Perhaps I've just hit it on really bad nights... All three nights I've tried it... No more for me thanks...

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NOTE!!! There are a lot of "EMAIL DANS" in this update. We really need EVERYONE to do this! Please, when you see an EMAIL DAN prompt, DO IT!!!


Thank you!


Smile if you're from California! (Renee stop that!!!)


Here is where we parked at Sea World.


New credit!!!


You guys excited about Manta?


It's a bit like making sweet love to Cher. It's tall, sleek, sexy, makes you a bit nervous at the start, calms you down with soothing curves then give you that hint of intensity you needed. JUST like making love to Cher!


Penguins are always sexy!


Macaroni and Penguin will be served during Illumigaytions.


Look everyone! I won three penguins!


"Nobody ever wins a giant A$$ squid."


ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings AWAY!!!


One of these things is not like the other. One of these things does not belong. If you know... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com First ten people with the right answer (and your mailing address) will get a bag o crap!


Some more Manta hotness for you!


Manta is an amazing piece of work. Great ride. Amazing themed queue and area.


Zero G goodness.




KidTums climbed the entire net structure...ALL BY HERSELF! Awww....


How old do you think Hanno is? If you know... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com First 10 people with the right answer get a bag o crap.


Frog Hopper Enthusiats.


Coaster nerd shot!!!


Just in case you forgot the name of the ride already.


Hey look! "Pizza" finally has a real name!


Bye. Bye Sea World. Thank you for making awesome rides and having lots of fish.


Should Jon buy the chicken costume? To vote EMAIL DAN!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


That's right bitches we are at Carrabbas!


They even made the best pasta dish EVAR for us - Rigatoni Campagnolo. This dish is comarable to "kinky sex". It's THAT good!


Gaarrrrr. Me. Eats. Rigatoni. Gaaaarrrrr!


"They served Rigatoni Campagnolo at the last supper!"


Hey everyone. I'm eating amazing Carrabbas mozzarella and you're not...SO THERE!!!


Can everyone please EMAIL DAN and tell him - "TPR is at Carrabbas and you're at home watching porn! HAHAHAHA!!!". mrt0ad13@aol.com


For LIVE UPDATES from this trip, follow us on our FaceBook Page!


Edited by ernierocker
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NOTE!!! There are a lot of "EMAIL DANS" in this update. We really need EVERYONE to do this! Please, when you see an EMAIL DAN prompt, DO IT!!!

I have *SO* many "kind" words to share with everyone on the trip that the forum's word filters will not let me post...



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Had lots of good laughs reading the updates. Looks like a great time and I send the good juju as always.


Big thanks for including the T-Rex pics! Been curious about that one and will have try it out, especially after doing Aquarium in Nashville a couple weekends ago. Hey, themed restaurants are fun.


Anyway (and back on topic) keep up the great work all and thanks for posting these updates. Cheers and Best to you all down there!

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Sea World looks like an awesome experience compared to my original Sea World experience in Ohio. (Sometime in the early '80s) All I did then was stare at the amusement park across the lake and get *SKLOOSHED* by a darn fi^H^H whale.

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