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PhotoTR:Kicked out of House with photo for Elissa&Quaker

Twister II

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Ok, so maybe I wasnt kick out of my house, sence:


1. It wasnt my house


2. I was tired of my parents fighting, so I walked out.


So yeah, here are some special pix, for Elissa, a herd of chimpmunks and for Mark, yes, its true, it exists, Quaker St.


Well to give a lil intro, when I took these pix, It was before my surjury and I was in Arvada, Colorado, at my uncles house for my state swim meet which I did suprisingly well for when having a 102degree temp.


I got bored, so I sat on the swing and talked to my boyfriend for an hour before finally making my way home. THE END!


blimb ride of death!!!!!


They even have a blimb ride....


Here I am going down slide of death 2, breaking my hip for a second time. very painful...


Here is slide of death 2, I learned my lesson from the first 2, Im NOT doing this one. And whats with all these rich people building hip breaking slides?!


They had this cool thingy, dont know what it is, its like a ladder, but twisted, kinda reminded me of a coaster...


Here I am going down the slide of death, I did break me hip right after this photo was taken.


I already knew I would never go down this slide, I know it will break my hip, damn rich people building slides of death.


Here is me going down the slide backwards


Here is me going down the only smooth slide


Yep! I knews it! another park! woohoo!


So I rushed down the slide of death


From the top of my pirate ship I spotted something else over yonder!


But I see a playground! WooHoo! It even had its own herd of chimpmunks! They are dangerous, they throw you off and give you scraped up hands! I had a better, pix, cant find it...


Yep, just what I thought, a crappy tennis court


I got bored quick so I saw this sign to a park, so I climbed up this big hill to see what was on top


It exists! Quaker St.!


Here is a closer look, do you see it! NO? geeze, get some glasses.


NO! It cant be! Do you see it!


Ok. this is why I dont live in this rich neiborhood, to damn confusing.


For some reason, my instinct tells me to go this way, strange...


They had like 5 of these lil islands, so they could squeeze 2 or 3 houses in here. Rich bastards.


then I turned, sence, every other way was a dead end. Damn you, you rich neiborhood.


Lalala, going down the street, sence the other way is blocked off by construction.

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Did you do this while you have been sick?


Yeah, Ive been sick sence last week sunday, with a constant 102 degree temp!


But Im feeling so much better sence they got that icky abcess out!



How good are you coasterdude5? I took 2nd in state for 50free and 100 free, and 9th in 200free.

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Those Twisted ladders arn't original. The elementary School 4 blocks away from my house has 3 of those! It does look like Expidition G Force though.

Kevin"I need my SFMW/Tahoe vacation to start NOW!"Bujold

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Am I the only person entertained by the Salvia streets in rich neighborhoods?


Rock "If you don't know what I'm talking about, google Salvia" MacDaniel


Woohoo weed street! LOL


Well at least thats what I think it means. Sence salvia is a flower.

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That is so NOT a rich neighborhood! Just new and clean, with probably a lot of rules and regulations to keep it that way. (annoying associations, EVIL!!!)


Now THIS is a rich neighborhood.


Standing on a friend's balcony here in south Florida

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