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Photo TR: Divv's Scandinavian Adventure

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^No seat belts or restraints of any type.


Those riding with their arms outstretched would then brace themselves with their hands in your back when the speed of the ride adjusted.

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^There were seat belts. It just felt like they didn't do anything.


I think it was the weird movement of the ride combined with the absolutely minimal restraint that made the ride scary.

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^damn I remember sliding all over the bench/seat, guess the seatbelts really didn't do much for me. I'm sure larger people fit into the seat (and belt) more snuggly.


I guess the fact that the seats were relatively high in comparison to the sides of the car played a factor also.

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^The ride is very difficult to explain. It has one of the most WTF moments of any coaster. Unfortunately, it's out in a very remote part of Sweden and it seems unlikely that many more will be built.


You'll never see one in the US because someone would lose an arm.

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"Rock the boat

Don't rock the boat, baby -

Rock the boat

Don't tip the boat over..."



It was fun and totally unexepected from probably the majority of us on the tour. AND they got it working for us which was great, too! All recent (non-)working history considered, hmmm?


And I agree, they'll never get away with it in the States. Probably not in Canada, too.


But it was fun.



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Divv, awesome man.


I mean, we walked in and they said eat, drink (soda) and be merry! Food lovers unite!


Tranan was so cool. Honestly, just imagine sitting in on a small stool with a seat belt in a canoe with sides that only go up to your hips, if that. Hands up? Yah no lol


That was the park with the Mack Blauer Enzian that went around the track a gazillion times? (Awesome seeing Thunder Run outside). That was the craziest ERT.

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The craziest ERT (or if this case EFT) of the day was about 8 of us bum rushing the Mexican Buffet as soon as it opened and having only 20 minutes the stuff our faces and rush back to the bus on time as to not be left behind in the middle of Sweden.

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Tranan was so cool. Honestly, just imagine sitting in on a small stool with a seat belt in a canoe with sides that only go up to your hips, if that. Hands up? Yah no lol.


Absolutely PERFECT analogy. But you aren't supposed to ride with your arms up, you are supposed to flap them. I fully admit it took the third or fourth go around before i had the courage to let go.


I have to admit, the new rides at Skara/Grona are the only coasters in a LONG time that have scared me while riding.

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The craziest ERT (or if this case EFT) of the day was about 8 of us bum rushing the Mexican Buffet as soon as it opened and having only 20 minutes the stuff our faces and rush back to the bus on time as to not be left behind in the middle of Sweden.


Don't forget the three plates left on the bathroom floor.

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Great pictures!


Skara sommarland is almost my neighbour, and of course I have went Tranan. It's a different and fun feeling. They are very proud at Skara Sommarland that this rollercoaster won the price for "the best new product in the world" by IAAPA. They need it when the park actually has done a boost. And it's great for the region here!


As Gröna Lund and Liseberg, Skara Sommarland also has plans for the future I have heard....


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Day 10, Part Two:



If you know your TPR then you'll know that Ikea is one of the favourite non-park haunts of many, many members. So with that in mind how could we visit Stockholm WITHOUT visiting the largest Ikea in the world?!


This was just amazing, as amazing as any visit to Ikea is, but BIGGER!


Have a look...


And that was the world’s largest Ikea! It was awesome! I just wish I could have worked out how many floors it had!


Good thing Ikea provide these trolley things so we can all safely transport our purchases!


I think you’ve had enough, Erik!


Sir Mike says "YOU’RE FIRED!"


Okay guys, get them out on the table. Brad’s taking measurements.


If it’s not ice cream then Erik’s not happy.


Brad got everyone together for a bit of a communal air wank.


TPDave with a frying pan… Oh dear. STAY AWAY!


Maybe this is more his taste!


Brad takes a minute to find a drinking glass for the rest of the trip.


Russ was a sad casualty of the demon hangers.


We like fish, we like fish!


Brad’s a man who knows what he wants.


Just a typical morning after a Brit Crew night out for Steve.


Keep the curtain closed Andrew!!!


Now Steve, that’s not nice!


There is NOTHING hidden in this photo so don’t even look!


It’s just like a big nipple!


Steve is scouting for scare actors. Can never be too careful!




I was disappointed to find that this tap only dispensed sparkling water.


Andrew! Put your big furry ginger thing away!


TPDave re-enacts “the evening before an assignment is due”.


Just like a normal day in Canada for Andrew. Right?


Is anyone else disturbed that TPDave is trying to cover his privates with a pillow? What were you doing behind that curtain?


Scottish Steve doesn’t care about the funhouses in the parks anymore. Ikea destroys all!


Mike got fed up of TPDave refusing night time cuddles and sorted himself out with this little beaut.




Ikea has some perfect diversions for TPDave if he starts annoying you!


Aww, ain’t they cute!


TPDave’s bedroom is filled with artefacts like this. Really.


Not quite what I was looking for!


Whatcha reading Lou? Please tell me it’s porn!


This is what Mike calls his “power sh!t face”


Andrew, when you live in the UK you will see that this is how every day will begin for you!


Did you know that Lou’s penis is six years long?


Put a tape in Lou’s hands and she can’t help but start measuring everything.


Now before we do anything else, can anybody tell me how many floors this place has?


Reason why you do TPR trips #17,233.


Yay, we made it to the World’s Biggest Ikea!


Ah, maybe it’s this way!


Anyone know how to get to Ikea? We're sure it's around here somewhere.

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Oh man...amazing update!


Especially since our group that went around separate from you guys has strikingly similar photos! We're all like 14 year boys after all.


I only wish it was possible to get a picture of the warehouse area that you walked into at the end of the 'show room'. It was straight out of the Indiana Jones warehouse scene but even bigger and more impressive!

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Day 10, Part Three:



After Liseberg I don't think any of us expected any other park to even come close to such amazingness, but wow, weren't we wrong!


Grona Lund was just amazing! Apart from the fact that they gave us LOADS of free alcohol, T-shirts and ERT this place was just fantastic. The atmosphere in this park was just second to none. I can't really sum it up in words but there's just an energy that this park has that makes you feel real good whilst you're there.


It also helps having a strong array of coasters! EVERY coaster in this park is very good, there's no "meh" among the bunch. I really was impressed. Especially with Intamin's Insane, never has a ride name been more appropriate. Even though I couldn't stomach an entire ERT session on it I really thought it was fantastic and incredibly messed up!


There's also a very cool walkthrough haunted house that was a bit different from what Liseberg offers but still really good in it's own way!


Then there's the countless array of quality flat rides, dark rides, side shows, food places... oh hell, here's some photos from our first night in the park!


What a place Grona Lund is!

It’s so good that I’ve another update from our second day in the park to bring to you soon!


We spent a LONG time at Insane this night. I really hope we see more of these pop up in the future!


And this is a typical AFTER reaction. Insane, indeed!


Here’s what most of us looked like BEFORE the ride started.


Looks quite innocent, right? Well this thing is just CRAZY!


And now for the most appropriately named ride of all time!


I really liked Jetline. Sweden is two for two with amazing Schwarzkopf rides! They really puts Knightmare in its place!


How about a spin or two on the awesome Schwarzkopf, Jetline?!


Super Super Duper Duper Fun Fun Happy Slide!


And for the Fun House Grande Finale…




We figured it would be a good idea to pile as many people as possible onto the rotating circle thing. Somehow it still rotates.


Even the speakers are fun in this fun house!


Mike doing it wrong? Check!


Crazy Super Fun Happy Slide? Check!


Massive moving steps? Check!


This thing has to be the greatest fun house I’ve ever experienced! Words cannot express how messed up this thing was!


The park looks cool during the day but just gets even better as the sun goes down and the lights come on!


Even the scare actor wanted to get in on the random group photo! How cool is that! I love Grona Lund.


Speaking of creepy… Mike’s hand and leg sticking out the side just make it more creepy!


The Spokhuset haunted walkthrough was very cool! A bit different from your usual walkthroughs but still pretty creepy!


Scottish Steve has a ticket for the haunted walkthrough! We tried explaining to him that he would be offending park management if he passed. He didn’t listen.


This looks about normal for Southern Steve too.


Aww, this is probably the most “normal” photo of Robb I have ever taken!


Andrew try and not drink any more than those two. We’re not carrying you back to the hotel!


Steve was very keen to express all our gratitude to fantastic waitress!


One bottle of free wine down and there’s still loads left! Did I mention I love this park?


TPFree means he’s getting TPPished!


The Brits know never to say no to free booze!


And free wine! Ben’s in heaven!


They gave us copious amounts of free beer!


Welcome to Grona Lund! This place is just all kinds of amazing!

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Is it just me or does it look like the mouse is about to try to do something very TPDirty to TPDave!!???



And yes, Insane is...well, INSANE!!! I'm still talking about that ride to anyone who will listen, it's AMAZING!!!!


Totally agree with you on the 'vibe' of the park. Just something that immediately put you at ease and in a great mood. We don't have any of those parks in America. =(


Thanks again Divv for another great TR!

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One of my fave nites of the trip. Gröna Lund really rolled out the red carpet for us - that welcome reception was amazing! Some truly impressive hospitality. And what an all-around AWESOME park! Great coasters (INSANE!!), great rides and attractions, great food, great atmosphere - and how about that location? Right on the waterfront, in the heart of Stockholm - wow! I could have spent an entire week here.

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and I downed all 3 of those beers fairly quickly. I had seen those bacon chips that they gave us with the beers all over Scandinanvian parks but this was the first park I tried them out. Outstanding!


Overall, I have hard time deciding between Liseberg and Grona Lund as to which one was my favorite park of the trip. Both are so awesome but with completely different ride/coaster packages.

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I downed all 3 of those beers fairly quickly.


The waitress was awesome!


Larry "Have you got any Newcastle Brown Ale"

Waitress "Here's 3 bottles!"


I loved this park, not just because they treated us soooooo well (which was awesome, BTW) but because the whole park had amazing charm. It was like BPB if all the rides at Blackpool were awesome and the guests were all really nice!


Amazing rides, amazing atmosphere, generally an awesome vibe! I had a blast at Grona Lund.

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Another outstanding update Divv! I absolutely loved Grona Lund and can't wait to get back there sometime. The certainly did roll out the red carpet and the free beer was great!


Insane was well, INSANE! and an amazing ride. I still have fun memories of the one ride where we did 8 or 9 flips and ended up returning to the station upside down. We need more of these coasters!

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I am totally in love with Grona Lund. What an absolutely stellar place! The owners of the park were so incredibly gracious to us as well as super cool dudes. Thank you Grona Lund for treating us so spectacularly!


Awesome pics too Divv...lol at the one of me and Lou on Insane!!!

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Hey guys! Thanks for all your kind words. It was an honor for us to have u in the park. Come back soon. I promise that we are not finished with the park yet... Far from it.


/Mattias Banker

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Come back soon. I promise that we are not finished with the park yet... Far from it.


If you insist, I sense a Brit Crew international outing!!


I was really glad to see you got approval for the expansion plans, whatever the specifics end up being, I plan on being there when it opens!



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I'm sure we could arrange a ton of TPR Members to come out for Grona Lund's next big thing! Heck, I know I'll fly from California for it! (I don't even need a new coaster to go back!)

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