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Photo TR: Divv's Scandinavian Adventure


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Day 8, Part Two



So after we got back from Tusenfryd we decided that for a little change we'd go out and drink. Gothenburg's an awesome city so it was fun to get to see a little bit of it. I should also say that Kopparberg rocks and other forms of pear cider are just pure magic.


Here's some boozy photos...


Shortly after this we did head to bed. Will we make it to Balder intact?


Of course we will! They have beer for us!


Hold on, the sun is up. Maybe we should stop drinking soon. Don’t we have Balder ERT in the morning?


Too many for Russ it would seem! Lightweight!


How many hours have we been drinking for now?


Doritos and a Carlsberg beeramid. Yup, this was a good night!


No more nipping outside for a fag for Steve. Do you have one of these in your house yet Steve?


Now for something that completely changed the smokers’ worlds!


Random Group Photo #3! I don’t get why everyone is pointing though.


Brad loves that anywhere in the world he visits he can always go and earn a few quid at work if needed.


Random Group Photo #2! Where’s Dave?


I’ve no idea why we thought this was a funny photo op. Anyone remember? Was it really just the England flag?


And since I didn’t make it into the group photo here’s one of Russ and I.


Random group photo!!!


Steve, what have you stole from this place?


Trust Dave to find us the one bar in Gothenburg that has a lamp post inside it!!!


Mike loves himself some Goteborg Rape. Lou likes it even better when it’s in her drink.


Has everyone seen Brad's tongue? Good.


Lou stole my camera but Dave makes this photo. Sir Campsalot in his prime.


Okay, let’s take another break from the parks for some drinking fun in Gothenburg! First of all, let's get out of the creepy lift!

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Yeah our group waited for the SuperSplash only to get turned away after waiting for ages! That went over well!


I'm sorry! It was definitely a strange day all around. Some parent had her kid line jump us for the kiddie coaster because we "weren't allowed to go on it". Immediately after that, we got right on the ride and the operators just smiled at us.

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Day 9, Part One:



Wow, what an amazing morning this was! Not only were we getting to visit one of the greatest parks in the world and not only did we have ERT on my favourite coaster in the world; we actually had a welcome session in the middle of the coaster which included FREE BEER!


They also gave us pens and nails and let us mark the coaster in our own way! Seriously, this was one of the best trip things ever for me, in a very geeky way of course. I'm glad there was the free beer to diffuse the dorkiness of it all just a little.




Here's some photos of the Balder Reception...


So that was our early morning Balder welcome. A huge thanks to Liseberg and R&E for organising this, I loved it! Let’s go ride the thing now!!!


Photos from our day in the park are up next!


Balder is Brit Crew approved!!!


Ice Bat and Balder is one of the greatest combinations imaginable.


Who else can we poke fun at whilst we drink beer and write on Balder?


Poor Shawn couldn’t make it to Scandi so we thought it would be fun to laugh about that!


Lou takes a minute to say hi to those people who are too old to travel internationally.


DJ Lance fans unite!


Lou shows everyone how you hammer the wood.


Nail fail.


Balder has been TPNailed.


Oh yeah they gave us HAMMERS, NAILS and BEERS too!


Like this! They gave us pens and let us adorn this Intamin goodness with our names!


Woohoo, we’re at Liseberg, arguably the most anticipated park of the trip!


The park isn’t ready to open to the public yet but Liseberg has some special stuff for us to do!

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Day 9, Part Two:



Okay so that was the behind the scenes cool stuff but what about the rest of the day?


I was kind of apprehensive about the visit to Liseberg. When I first visited in 2006 Balder blew me away and instantly became my number one coaster, never to be bettered despite me adding literally hundreds of coasters to my count in the time since. I think I was worried that I remembered Balder being better than it actually was or maybe the coaster hadn't held up so well in the past few years...


Thankfully my fears were completely unfounded - Balder was AMAZING!!! Seriously, these were the best coaster rides I'd ever had. Even first thing in the morning it was running as good as I remember my night rides being in 2006. Then when evening ERT hit, well Balder just propelled itself lightyears in front of any other coaster I've been on! It was that good!


We also got a behind the scenes tour of the park's haunted walkthrough, Hotel Gasten. This was really cool! It really was amazing to see all the detail that goes into these things and we really did love going through the maze a couple of times throughout the day!


As for the rest of the park, yeah it's amazing too! I just love the place so much. It has such a great mix of atmosphere and fun rides. I think Robb said it best at the end of the day when he proclaimed that "Every trip needs an add-on to Liseberg!". Sign me up.


Well we had to leave Balder eventually. But still, it was absolutely phenomenal this year. It truly cemented it’s position as my number one!


More Swedish fun to come!


Thanks TPR and Liseberg for sorting out all this ERT! It totally rocked!


Can you believe it? It’s running even better! These were the best coaster rides I’ve ever had!


At last, night has fallen, time for some more Balder ERT!!!


It’s not the best accelerator out there but even if it was it would still be totally overshadowed so it really doesn’t matter!


No, I haven’t forgot that Kanonen exists. It just gets a bit overshadowed with Balder next door!


Where else in the world could you find a theme park game that lets you win a hoover or a microwave???


Lou’s still trying to teach everyone else how to look Japanese in photos.


I honestly can’t remember if this is the shot or drop tower! Looks nice though!


Everyone is majorly excited to be checking out Panda-fudging-Vision once more!


Quick, everyone sing the escalator song!


Ice Cream Rap Battle! Attack!


Yup, Steve moonlights with a Kiss tribute band.


TPDave challenges Steve to a lick off. How will Scottish Steve respond???


Once again, Erik sought out some local food that he’d never tried before.


There was someone sitting there at the start of the ride but there was a hungry Intamin cable lurking.


Another recent addition to Liseberg is the Disk’O. Looks pretty cool for a Disk’O.


Ben accidentally walked past the log flume and this is what happened to him.


What do you know, I sat this one out! TPDave looks like he’s having fun though!


And so this is where we leave Sir Lampsalot/Campsalot. Don’t worry Dave, Mike will be sure to text you every day!


Yeah, it was better still! We still have night ERT to go as well!


With Fudge 3 preparing to leave us we all agreed to ride Balder again. Like we needed to find a reason!


Wait a minute Steve, ghost trains scare you but this doesn’t?


Mmm, Liseberg steak! I love TPR included meals!!!


OMG, is that? No, it couldn’t be. Is it? YES! It’s TPHanno!!!


Lou continued that Betty Boop thing all day!


Get a room you two!


Larry approves of people taking more flat ride photos for the park index! Make sure you do it!


This Fudge was a wee bit nervy. Actually he was so nervy that he pretty much RAN through the house to get away from the scary people! Very funny!


Unless you’re Scottish Steve, in which case you’re on bag lady duty!


Liseberg also have an amazing haunted walkthrough (which we’d had a special walkthrough of earlier in the day!). Really, it's not to be missed!


Russ was the Ultimate Carrot Champion. Well done!


This was a tense battle to the death!


Liseberg have so many awesome games too. In this case: Throw the carrots into the buckets!


If they’re wearing a Balder hat or bright green bunny ears then they’re probably with TPR!


Okay, I guess we better get the credit! Liseberg played some awesome music in the station which allowed us all to have a good sing song.


How hot am I with my bunny ears?


It’s been a good 15 minutes since Mike last creamed up. Look how red he’s getting!


Okay Brad, we get it. You can use the hat many different ways.


I don’t even want to know what’s happening here!


Oh my!


Now Brad is gonna show us the many uses of “Balder hat clips”!


Would you like to see this man come to your door on the 4th of July? Just give Mike a shout!


Liseberg did a really cool thing this year: they replaced their kiddie coaster, meaning a new credit for me! Yay!


When Lou sees anything Betty Boop related be prepared to take lots of photos!


Schwarzkopfs just make Mike think about creaming up.


Liseberbanana lives here too and its pretty damned good. Probably my favourite Schwarzkopf.


We’ll come back to Balder later. Surely it can’t get any better than this?


Amazing airtime right from start to finish! Only problem was that the amount of airtime kept sending me to the bathroom!


I wasn’t sure if Balder would still hold up three years on but somehow it was even BETTER this time!


Mmm… Intamin airtime hills…


Look at that nice empty station! Lots of Balder rides for us!


Seriously, it was running as good first thing in the morning as it was when I rode it at night in 2006!


Mike and Erik can’t believe how good Balder was!


And these guys are in AWE during ERT!!!


These guys are excited for some ERT!


So writing on it was amazing, how will it ride three years since it became my number one coaster?

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I hope you noticed I even got the hat right! Hanno, I think you should post some of the pictures I took as TPHanno, they certainly rival yours...


Also worth noting the Brit Crew related injury on my right elbow. Never let it be said that these trips are without immaturity...

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Was Liseberg the park with the innocent looking log flume that soaked you to the bone?


It took me SIX hours to dry off after that damn log flume!


This was such a phenomenal day - the beer, the hammers, the nails, the hats, the snacks, our VIP tour of Hotel Gasten, the AMAZING group lunch, Lisebergbanen, the Swedish meatballs with lingonberries, and of course, most of all... the best wooden coaster on Earth by far... BALDER!!!


I need to seriously take up the fine art of bank robbery so I can afford to back to Sweden more often.

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Liseberg blew me away, Balder was incredible and the food was fantastic! I really thought I was going to be somewhat disappointed after hearing how good this park was, but it totally beat all my expectations.


I just remembered the random sing-song we had on Uppswinget! I can't remember what the song was but I do remember the confused Swedes on the ride with us!

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I just remembered the random sing-song we had on Uppswinget! I can't remember what the song was but I do remember the confused Swedes on the ride with us!


Uppswinget was a really nice surprise. I had been on a few of those S&S swings before, but the the placement of Uppswinget right on the edge of the hill really made it stand out. Liz actually found the ride a bit scary.

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I just remembered the random sing-song we had on Uppswinget! I can't remember what the song was but I do remember the confused Swedes on the ride with us!


The song in question was "All By Myself". We made it into quite the party banger on Uppswinget! (I loved that ride too!)


The other song of the day was "You Say It Best" in the Rabalder station!


Thanks for the comments everyone, I'm so glad that everyone seemed to love Liseberg as much as me!

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Another great update Divv! Liseberg was an awesome park and I can't wait to get back there. Although I may avoid the log flume with 4 people, I just remember a wall of water pouring over Larry and right on to me.


I don't think that wall of water went over me, but right through me. My clothes were still wet at the end of the day.

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^The secret to the Liseberg flume--only two to a boat.


Next time I'll know better! I didn't think our boat was THAT heavy... but I sure picked a fine time to sit in the very front and take one for the team.


Miles, what's a SCAD tower???


HA!! ("Are you serious?" ) And the answer is: "pineapple".

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Day 10, Part One:



Our next park was this wee gem right in the heart of Sweden. The park itslef has mostly kiddie rides and it isn't thtat big, but what's there is nice. It's owned by the same crowd as Grona Lund and they really put on some great stuff for us so that we got the most out of our visit.


The big attraction here is the new S&S contraption - Tranan. This thing was pretty weird! In a good way though! The seats and restraints didn't feel that safe (although I'm sure they are!), which really made something that at first glance looked a bit tame into a bit of a crazy ride! Pictures will sum it up better!


As I said the park is good for what it is and hopefully this S&S ride is just the start of good things for this park. I could see a GCI woodie fit in perfectly at this place!


Here's some photos...


On Erik’s command I got myself a FREE ice cream! Skara Sommerland rocked! Looking forward to seeing what Gronalund has for us seeing as they’re owned by the same crowd! In fact that’s where we’re headed next!


Although we do have a slight detour to take before getting to that park…


Toblerone games for the win! We need these in more parks!!!


Erik thought he’d try something extra kinky and have an ice cream threesome!


Steve found an interesting method of getting round the park’s smoking policies. Smoke liquorice and you’re all good!


I like fish.


BAD PONCHO! Go to your room!


Mike spent his whole day in the Wiki, Wiki, Wild Willis Salloon.


If you need the bathroom in Skara just look for the appropriate body part name next to the door!


We didn’t spend long in the park but the small water play area looks quite cool!


It’s a boat motherfudgers!


How about some free coffee too? Skara rocks!


Skara Sommerland got even more awesome in our book by bringing free pastries out to us!




We’re riding the powered coaster, bitches!


In the queue you got a good view of Emperor Palpatine having a good scratch.


Next up we had some powered coaster ERT!


Here we are pretending we are not totally freaked out by this thing! I did actually quite like this ride, though the concept will probably be worked on a bit more before we see another one of these. Let’s just hope it evolves and we see more!


This is the point when you realise there’s nothing else quite like this anywhere!


Even on the lift hill some people won’t let go of the train!


Time to fly! Or hold on for dear life when you get totally freaked out by this thing!


I don’t even know why I included this photo. Brent getting to the ERT last was such a common sight on the trip that there must be thousands of photos like this.


As we got in the line we got given this cool park branded water! Never seen something like this at a park like this before! Loving this park so far!


We like to call it “Tranny”.


That weird looking blue thing across the water is some new intriguing S&S stuff!


It doesn’t matter how much free food and drink is on offer you can’t forget to cream up first!


That blue wristband means that we get ERT and cool stuff like that and the red one means we get unlimited free food and drinks from the park! How cool is that?!


Today we’re at Skara Sommerland, a small park right in the heart of Sweden!


Has anyone seen Russ? It can be tough keeping track of that short dude sometimes!

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