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Photo TR: Divv's Scandinavian Adventure

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LOL Elissa! I thought that thing was bad enough when I rode it in the front row in the sun last year!


Bill, I've got one Sommerland Syd map from my visit in 2008! I don't even think Tom got one. They hand them out to cars as they come in the entrance which would explain why you didn't get one! We're too efficient! LOL!


Don't worry Larry, there are one or two more photos to come that you'll love too!




Day 5, Part Two



I love Legoland! Despite the fact that it was absolutely bucketing it down with rain today we still managed to get a load of rides in!


The Billund park is really big and just looks amazing. I've visited this park quite a few times now and just love it.


Of course our favourite attraction here is still FIRE SCHOOL and fortunately for all of us Anth's clothes actually stayed on this time! Thanks for wearing a belt Anth!


All in all we proved that Legoland is great fun to visit whatever the weather!


Here's the photos...


This concludes our wet afternoon at Legoland. I still love these parks and the fact that we were able to do so much in the rain shows you how good the range of attractions at the park is!


I can’t wait to visit more Legolands in the future!


You’ve never seen a more bloody and disgusting battle than this one. Such carnage!


Yes Lou works for BA, and yes that’s a BA plane. Photo must therefore exist.


It’s good to see the Dane’s aren’t averse to a bit of partial nudity!


Not quite wiki, wiki wild but very, very funny!


Ah, so that’s why the park is so wet today!


Mike wants to show the world how to go WIKI, WIKI WILD!


But they were no match for the Brits! Unlucky Big Mike!


Team Big Mike could really pump!


Especially when there is a battle for TPR pride being waged!


Of course that most fun attraction in any Legoland is fireschool!


Hey Erik, it’s I’s cream not yours! You don’t even like that stuff anyway!


Proof that just about everything in Legoland has some kind of Lego theming,


I don’t think this ride exists at any other Legoland SO YOU MUST COME TO DENMARK!!!


Legoland’s rip of Pirates of the Carribbean is actually my favourite ride in the park. And even better, I actually own the smaller version of this very Lego ship! How cool am I?


I want a pet Lego turtle. Anyone want to adopt me one?


Steve, don’t worry, remember the shark is just made out of blocks. Turn your monitor back on now.


Lolly suck off round two! Steve’s got this one in the bag with that Gene Simmons tongue!


TPStuck after a big epic TPFail. Much hilarity ensues in these situations.


Oh, I should have mentioned earlier. This update is brought to you by Sod. Perfect for all your sodomising needs.


More spraying devices are good, although having them in a place where it’s impossible to soak TPR members is very frustrating!


Brad asks the age old question “Are you my mother?”


Any ride that has water bombs that I can set off on other TPR members is a winner in my view!


Ben’s never gonna have kids now after selecting the super extreme mode but at least he survived!


And it was indoors which was much appreciated today!


The Robocoaster plaza was very cool!


"Ooh err, this actually TPFun!"


Prepare for some face stinging pain!


"What is this Diplom-is stuff and where can I get some?"


Powered Coaster, check. Lou’s flicked up leg, also check.


Ah it’s just like a mini Lego TPR group meal!


To be fair, this coaster went at Light-o-speed-o!


I love the fact that despite making fun of me riding kiddie coasters for credits Lou probably rode more kiddie coasters than me in Scandi!


Despite the fact that they’re soaking wet, nothing will deter this lot from obtaining the kiddie credit!


Brad's excited because we're at Legoland!!!

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I think it's a real testament to how awesome the Legoland parks are that we had such an amazing time there even with the terrible weather.


Oh, and Piers, did you know that they actually opened up a RoboCoaster at Epcot!?!!??

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Legoland Billund is pretty much my favourite theme park in the world, and I've loved the Pirate Boats since I first rode them when I was five. I probably prefer them to PotC, actually! Was in the Windsor counterpart tonight, thinking about how much I want to go back to Denmark again.

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That was my best "bad weather park experience" (if such a thing exists) I've had! It's a shame that the weather was against us, but we still had an awesome time. The Legoland parks are so charming and just good fun



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Day 6, Part One



Next on the agenda for us was Farup Sommerland! I visited this place for the first time a year earlier and it instantly became one of my favourite parks. The place just has such a great atmosphere and some real quirky fun stuff.


Sadly, the rain from the previous day still hadn't let up so we didn't get to experience Farup to its full potential but we still made the most of it. We even had an insane ERT session on Falken where the now legendary game of "PASS THE SWORD" was born!


I really hope that the rain didn't ruin the group's view of Farup because I think it really is one of the best places in Europe!


Here's some photos...


It was a wet day which meant we really never got to see Farup be as amazing as it can be but the group still seemed to have fun! It's still one of my favourite parks too!


If you visit Farup tomorrow could you please point Scottish Steve towards the exit? Thanks.


Because it’s JUST A VEKOMA!


Why are Brad and Andrew so excited?


TPDave you need to hold it horizontal so we can read it. And that’s not even your name!


There’s her buddies!


Aww, poor Lou has no friends.


Spinning mouse in the rain? I’ve got the credit so I can just point and laugh!


Brad wanted to wear just the poncho with nothing underneath it. If you ask him nicely I hear he’ll do a special show for you.


Of course it’s up to Divv to show everyone how to get maximum perfornance from their boat.


Brad wants his mummy.


He’s on a TPBoat motherfudger!


JUST made it!


Oohh, Lou looks a bit touch and go to get on the speed boats!


Quick PASS THE SWORD!!! That was a super fun and crazy ERT session!




We had Falken ERT next! What’s that you’ve got there Steve?


Is there anything Robb’s duct tape can’t fix?


Poor Scottish Steve asked us to help him keep the rain off…


Lynet was as good as I remembered it being last year. I'm really hoping we see more of these coasters pop up soon!


Mike’s always prepared for damp conditions.


We braved the stinging rain to enjoy some early Lynet ERT!


It’s a wet, wet day. But still, we’re at Farup Sommerland - one of my favourite parks in Europe!

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Hey Divv! Great TR so far!


Although I was at Fårup for less than an hour (!) it seemed like a great park. And Lynet really was excellent! I really have trouble picking my favourites from Blue Fire, Speed Monster and Lynet - although if I had to, they'd probably run in that order of preference.


Looking forward to the rest of the report!

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Just a couple of things,


First I want to give such respect and kudos to the European Parks for not only staying open in rainy weather, but also running all of their rides. Why do the American parks seem to be getting worse and worse with this? Seriously, it was great that we didn't miss any credits due to 'weather' thanks to the awesome operations at all of these parks!


Secondly, props to our participants. After three straight days of rain, things could have gotten ugly, but TPR Peeps are awesome and always made the most of it and had a great time no matter what! (And the TPR Ponchos helped too!) I heard more complaining on 'non-wet' trips this year than I did on the Scandi when we dealt with lots of rain and cold!


Keep it going Divv, awesome!

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^I think many of us were shivering too much too complain.


Seriously, why complain about conditions that are out of your control. Just deal with situation and make the best of it.

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^^That Falken ERT was definitely one of the best sessions on the entire trip. It was like we were all giving the middle finger to the weather at once.


I also have to give props to Farup for being so friggen nice to us. A group of us hung out in the restaurant for an hour or two before the group meal started and they gave us unlimited beverages for free.

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^Ah but by sitting in the restaurant you missed the fun of all of us standing under the overhang of a building. Steve got scared a few thousand times. Tom got soaked sing about an his umbrella ella ella, and then someone shut the umbrella and he got drenched.


There's no way to control the weather so you might as well make the best of it. After the amazing ERT on Falken (Did I mention AMAZING?) my jacket was no longer waterproof, we were all soaked, but... with fabulous hats and striking ponchos, the day was far from ruined. (Though later Dave's camera would be).

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^^And the food was awesome at that Farup buffet. Those scalloped potatoes were insane!


^Yes, these two consecutive days were when many people experienced the difference between water resistant and waterproof clothing. On my own the parks on in the rain would have been miserable, but with TPR they were great.

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Yes, the rain definitely exceeded the power of my Totes jacket to shed water, but what are you going to do about the weather?: Just make the best of it. Farup was a great park.

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Yeah, I really think the Scandinavian parks have to be commended for how they operated in the rain. They really are proof that it can be done, and done well.


Thanks for the replies people!


Tivoli Friheden up next...

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Day 6, Part Two:



Our next park on this rainswept day was Tivoli Friheden. I'd visited the park a year earlier and was eager to return, but only really because there was a credit there that I needed! LOL.


When I visited last year the new RideTek coaster Cobra was sadly days away from opening. (Which meant it was only a few more days from closing!) At one point it looked like I wasn't going to get this credit again as the damn thing broke down just as a bunch of us were about to ride! We did get on eventually although I do have to say it's not an experience I'm looking to repeat in a hurry.


Tivoli Friheden has a very cool ghost train that we managed to drag (literally!) Scottish Steve on! Poor boy. LOL!


We'd also heard reports of there being a SCAD Tower at this place. Did we find one? Read on...


So we didn’t find a SCAD Tower today but we still had a good time at Tivoli Friheden searching for one. Maybe we’ll find one later in the trip!


Fishing makes Steve wet. Very wet.


Nah, it looks like one of those weird Danish fishing devices. I like fish.


Hold on a cotton picking minute. Is that a SCAD Tower?


Okay, since there’s no SCAD Tower in this park can we at least put some helmets and stuff on so that we can pretend there is one?


Poor Steve still hasn’t recovered from this.


Is there a SCAD Tower inside this building?


No, but there’s something quite entertaining about to go in.


That said, I finally got another Danish credit so it wasn’t all bad news! Definitely pleased I got to ride it even if I’m not hurrying back to ride again.


The thing had quite a cool layout but just really hurt your ears on pretty much every turn, flip and straight piece of track.


I wish I could say I enjoyed this but I really didn’t. Give me an SLC over this any day! Well maybe.


Look at that happy train of stranded riders!


TPDave is sad that he forgot to bring his fax machine into the park today so he could get in touch with Sartori.


Wow, those zombie-proof shields really work!


When I visited this park a year ago, this ride was only days away from its grand opening, which meant it was only a few more days before it’s grand closing. Thankfully, it looked like this year I would be getting this credit, or part of it at least!


Maybe not, but at least Ben isn’t all by himself anymore!


Woo, kiddie SCAD Tower!


Dammit, no. It’s a spinning mouse. Although don’t let this photo fool you into thinking this thing spins!


Is this a SCAD Tower?


Woo, the Road Show is still in town!


Although, you could be forgiven for mistaking this for a SCAD Tower.


Nope, that’s Pinfari Looping Death!!!


It’s still wet, but we don’t care and only have one question our minds: “Is that a SCAD Tower?”

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Ugh, I was on that broken down piece of crap in the back row (outside the station) getting poured on by the stupid rain.


I seemed to get stuck in the rain on several terrible coasters on this trip!





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^ I think that was the before photo.


I wish we had gotten to ride the scad tower. I've always wanted to ride a scad tower. Are you sure there wasn't a scad tower at this park? I'm afraid of scad towers. Would you ride a scad tower? Would a scad tower make me wet like it made steve wet? Could Steve and I get wet together on a scad tower? Wait, is that a scad tower?

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Woah, I come back to this thread and there are TWO TR's to catch up on! Awesome


Divv, I'm disappointed that you didn't document the awesomeness of us gently persuading Steve to go on the ghost train. I think Robb got it on tape, so we could have a nice little bonus segment on the DVD


Nice reports Divv, it's nice to have the memories flood back!



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