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Photo TR: Divv's Scandinavian Adventure


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Another great update Divv!


Have to agree with Tornado being painful on the neck, but I still enjoyed it.

That spinning flat ride was amazing and I think Lou would agree it made me scream a lot (almost like the Flic Flac at Tivoli)


I'm still having stomach pains from my ice cream at the park! I should have never asked her to surprise me. I hope someone had a photo of the massive cone with basically everything on top.

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Yeah that launching action on Tornado really surprised me too. It was awesome until it immediately threw me into what felt like a brick wall.


I absolutely loved Bakken's Rutschebanen. It definitely catapulted into my top 5 or 10 woodies...I think I liked it as much as Balder!


Loving the TR Divv!

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Thanks people!


How was Tornado? Is it really as exciting as it looks?


The brakeman must be a lucky guy on that coaster. Gets free rides all day long. Probably gets boring after awhile though.


Here's what I said earlier on Tornado:

Bakken’s new ride this year is the Intamin spinning coaster Tornado. The less I say about this the better really. Whilst some people seemed to really like it I wasn;t a fan. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the combination of a launch and a spin caused me horrible neck pain and the fact that I kept bashing against the OTSRs the whole way through the ride. Anyway, a lot of people liked it so maybe it can be put down to me getting an unlucky ride but I have no desire to ride that thing again.


I'm not a fan! Don't have much else to add I'm afraid!


Is this what you're looking for Andrew?

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Third row of the scenic railway at Bakken was easily the most violent experience I've had on a woodie. It was great, but brutal. Your legs got slammed into the metal lap bar without mercy. I think it made that last drop on Cyclops look like a kiddie coaster.

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Today took us out of Scandinavia and into Germany so we could visit one of the country’s northernmost parks – Hansa Park. This place was a real surprise to me, I mean I expected it to be nice and all but I really ended up loving this place! Some people said it’s almost like a mini-Heide park, which I’d agree with and even say it’s pretty much as good as Heide!


We started the day with a talk fromt the park management about their future plans (which sound amazing!) then we had some ERT on their brand new Eurofighter! This Eurofighter was so new that most of the theming for the ride hadn’t yet been added! Funnily enough the version of the ride we rode was probably themed better than Saw at Thorpe! There were some really cool effects on the ride and it had quite a cool layout with a few surprises here and there. I can’t wait to get on this again once the theming is done. It’s my second favourite Eurofighter for sure.


The rest of the coasters included a fun Scwarzkopf looper, a Vekoma rollerskater and a wild mouse. All pretty solid rides. They also added a new ropes course this year, and whilst not being on the same level as the specialised one we did in Belgium a year ago it was still pretty challenging and a lot of fun! More parks need things like this!


All in all the park has some great themed sections and a great selection of rides. It really is a place to watch for the future!


Hansa Park was awesome! I seriously want to go back next year just to see Fluch with the extra theming!


Okay, park photos next or bar photos?


Today’s segment was brought to you by Lift German Apple juice. Made by Germans. For Mike.


Mike just LOVES being in the Wiki, Wiki, Wild, Wild West!


TPSuccess! (Enough TPCaptions you think?)


That’s TPAttractive!


With me being finished about 15 minutes Mike still dangles around, so close to admitting defeat.


Oh Steve, that’s a charming angle!


But he wasn’t the first to finish! That would be me! As illustrated by that solitary finger I’m holding up. That wasn’t obvious?


All those years of watching Gladiators have finally paid off for Mike.


It's most definitely NOT for the unfit! (Like me!)


This thing just about killed us all.


Hansa also has a really kick ass obstacle course.


Ben takes yet another soaking. Glad I avoided that boat!


We call this: “If Hulk were a water ride”. Kinda.


Scottish Steve bangs the drum. So do Big Mike, Fudge 1 and TPDave.


Lou just wanted to say “Hi Cameron!”


Check us out. We’re cool riders.


I don’t know how you can put Andrew on one side and Erik on the other and still have the scales balance. SCIENCE!


I ate it all! Even the asparagus! Why? Because it was wrapped in freakin’ bacon!


OMG, this was one of the best meals of the trip!


I’ve just realised that I don’t think I’ve seen a photo of Lou on a carousel where she isn’t pulling this pose. Quite a revelation in my book.


Brad needs his milk any way he can get it.


I didn’t frame this great but Lou fits in with the scenery quite well!


This photo doesn’t quite capture this but before we noticed the beak we were convinced this was cock and balls!


Doesn’t this boat look like an enthused bunch of riders?


This little series of puzzles and obstacles were next to the Bayern Curve. Sadly Brad and Andrew had to cheat to get to the end point. FAIL!


The Bayern Curve was a bit of a weird thing. Do people actually count these as credits?


“I think I see the smoke monster!”


Quick, attack Larry while he can’t get out!


Oh my TPDave, what’s happening here?


Yes even I ride spinning things. But only if they’re over 100 feet apparently.


It’s funny that this Star Flyer now seems tame when not long ago it looked like one of the craziest things ever!


TPR trips take their toll, you have to get that sleep wherever you can!


Random drop tower photo anyone? You’re welcome.


It’s a wild mouse so as always I’m not a big fan but it did at least look quite good!


Luckily Lou was on hand with a spate of Hansa Park buttons.


But of course with so much fun there are always casualties. Poor Ben was the unfortunate one this time.


Check out how high Big Mike gets!


Dave looks pretty amused!


"I believe I can TPFly!"


Why do I have to go to Denmark or Germany to find these bouncy things? They’re sources of endless amusement!


After years of visiting parks and avoiding it I finally got to experience the delight that is Panda-fudging-Vision.


This photo smuses me so much. Brad looks genuinely petrified!


Mike’s getting in the mood to go Wiki Wiki Wild!


I can’t believe I did five years of music at High School and they never told me about the H note!


Okay, c’mon people, get your kumbayas out!


Can you believe, we finally have the TPTeepee!!!


Kidtums Credit! I think she quite liked this one!


Here's a wee bit more of that porn for you!


That’s some top quality coaster porn.


That’s Lena our bus driver on the right joining in the fun. She was awesome, I just wish she’d smile every once in a while!


I think as far as Eurofighters go only Speed ranks higher for me.


This is how you do a Eurofighter Thorpe Park! Not that Saw is bad or anything but this thing just shows you how much potential these rides have.


The theming wasn’t finished yet but it still kicked all kinds of ass!


Let’s ride some new Eurofighter goodness!


And this was one reason why! (The ride Fluch Von Novgorod, not the rock)


Now for a park that for me was one of the biggest surprise parks of the trip! This place was just awesome!

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I'm sad I missed the random puzzles that you cheated your way through!


This was a really nice park, and I really want to go back when they've done the developments that they were talking about. I like how they opened the eurofighter this year, and they're finishing the theming next year (when the existing theming is better than most rides in the UK!). I like the idea of having one really great ride rather than a couple of mediocre ones.


Great update Divv, and yes, there were by far enough TPCaptions



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Even with "incomplete" theming, Fluch von Novgorod quickly became my new favourite Eurofighter. I haven't ridden Speed yet, but I liked FvN even better than Mystery Mine, and I love Mystery Mine. Can't wait to ride again after they've finished the theming.


Hansa Park was awesome - as was the evening in Flensburg! (Bar photos?)


Oh yeah - and I ate all of my asparagus too, which is saying something. I NEVER touch that stuff! A testament to some really good food.

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Oh I think I have a picture Larry! But before that...


Day 4, Part Two



After a long day in a theme park sometimes all you want is to relax next to some open water, have a few beers and if you have a few too many then maybe you might indulge in a bit of karaoke. At least that’s what a few of our group did! I don’t really feel the need to say much more about this WIKI, WIKI, WILD night just that it was amazing and everyone should laugh at Mike for it!


This was such a hilarious night that pictures just can’t sum up. So with that in mind check out the VIDEO in my next post!!!


Scottish Steve wowed German audiences too with some after dinner speaking.


Sadly all of Germany was denied the opportunity to hear Erik belt out We Will Rock You. It better happen next year!


Germany just goes Wiki, wiki wild for Mike!


OMG, the rumours are true!!! It’s McFudge!!!


Irish Pubs are Divv approved!!! Let’s go here. Apparently the hottest music act in the world are making their grand debut tonight!


Okay, hands up if you want to get drunk and just go generally WIKI, WIKI WILD!!!


Everyone – Attack TPDave!!!


It’s a nice photo, but I really love it for Lou being all antisocial and emo in the distance!


It’s a boat motherfudger!!!


Little do I know that Jelloufish death is imminent.


None more deadly than these two!!!


The pretty clear water was full of lots of pretty (BUT DEADLY) jellyfish!


Well isn’t Flensberg a nice little place?


We started our evening by trying out some local delicacies at Subway.

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Another great update Divv!


Bringing back memories of being the first to order at Subway and having to figure out the names for all the toppings in German. The random language lesson between the staff and me was quite fun. Although my German is now limited to hello, fast, no, and some vegetables from Subway! Or as Fudge 1 would say: "Schnelle schnelle Kartoffel"


The Irish pub was good fun as well, and you can't beat McFudge for entertainment!

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GREAT Trip Report so far

Looking forward to the rest,

As always Div, your reports are EXCELLENT.

Great seeing the trip through someone else' eyes.

Get to see some things I missed, like the award worthy performance by McFudge!!!

Really makes me want to be an Honorary Brit for the day in the future.

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Day 5, Part One



Today brought us back into the land of DKKs to Denmark’s Sommerland Syd. Our group must have set some kind of record today in that we got in and out of the park with all the credits plus a water ride under our belts before the park had even opened! Sadly it was a bit rainy so it really wasn’t much more than a credit stop. Since I got the credits last year and wasn’t in much of a mood for reriding a boomerang so I just took photos and laughed at those who did ride it!


Not much else to say about the place since we didn’t stay long so here’s some photos!


We were so efficient at getting the rides done here that we were in and out before the park even opened! Quite a feat!


Wet, wet Blocko goodness is up next!


It’s a shame it was so wet that we couldn’t really enjoy things like this more. Although being the fun lovin’ crew that we are we made the most of it.


There’s a second credit at Sommerland Syd which is way better than the other one!


Larry was still drunk this morning. This amused us all very much!


Although the people who rode actually said it wasn’t too bad so maybe I should have given it a go. Ah well, better off not risking Vekoma death!


I was so pleased I got this credit last year, with the rain and painful memories still fresh in my mind I opted to just take photos.


Elissa loves Danish Face/Off! That lucky guy next to Elissa is enjoying his FIRST EVER front row ride on a coaster!


These are two of the top attractions at Sommerland Syd: The Disneyland dwarfing castle and even better – Danish Face/Off!


If only I had Steve’s shades complete with flaps it would have been a different story!


Although I wasn’t so happy that I’d submit myself to this first thing in the morning!


It’s a wet morning but we’re at Sommerland Syd and we’re happy about it!

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LOL I'm glad someone has a picture of me on the front of that coaster!


Here's how the conversation went:


Robb: Ok, run up to the platform I have them saving you a seat

Elissa: Great, where at?

Robb: Front Row

Elissa: <> Are you kidding me?!?! It's pouring? Now I have to ride a terrible Vekoma ride and get pelted with rain, thanks!!!!


And yes, that was an amazing feat of finishing the park just as they opened up the parking lot for the rest of the guests!


Keep the great reports coming Divv!

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That boat ride was Epic. I had no idea how great it would be when we got on it.


It was fun to watch the look on everyone's faces when they were still waiting to get into the park and we were already leaving. More evidence of just how much VIP treatment you get with TPR Tours.

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Nice little round up Divv


This place would have been awesome if it wasn't raining with all the little playground things! It was pretty funny seeing the confused people on the bus that was waiting to get into the park watching us leave!



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And this is the only park on the tour, that I couldn't get a map of... for any of us.



Ah well, the boat ride was totally WTF with totally Un-PC scenarios in it, before we hit the lift hill and the slide.


And it's Always Better if You're Wetter... with others, lol.


Great TR, Divv.

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That was a fun day, even if saturated with rain.


Just goes to show that no matter what the weather threw at us, everyone still had a blast.


Oh, that Hansa obstacle course was the most frightening thing. I think some people who thought they were not capable of performing full splits surprised themselves. lol


^Bill, we will forever remind you of your less than stellar mapping performance


Great updates Divv!




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