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Theme Park Review Hoodies are BACK!!!

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November 28th Hoodie update!


Since I know a lot of you were interested in the TPR Hoodies, here's what I have left:


Zip Up Hoodies

Small - 3 Black, 4 Gray

Medium - 2 Black

Large - 1 Black, 5 Gray


Pull Over Hoodies

Small - 2 Black

Medium - 3 Black

Large - 4 Black

X Large - 4 Black


Place your order here - Hoodies are just $25 each!



October 19th, UPDATE!


HOODIES ARE NOW SHIPPING! If you have pre-ordered a hoodie, it will ship TODAY. If you have not pre-ordered, click the link below and see if your hoodie size is still in stock!






Hey everyone!


Theme Park Review Hoodies are BACK IN STOCK! But for a VERY, VERY limited time! We only ordered a small amount of hoodies this time around and when they are gone, they are GONE until next year!


So order your hoodie NOW:



Hoodies will ship on Monday, October 19th.


Check out how awesome Theme Park Review Hoodies are....


So order your TPR Hoodie NOW!!! Or we'll send Joey...I mean Grog... AFTER YOU!!!


And TPR Hoodies are so amazing, they have even inspired a series of award winning motion pictures!



You can even wear your TPR Hoodie to raid the refrigerator!






TPR Hoodies make even the most retarded people look somewhat cool!


"With my TPR Hoodie, I can do my Unibomber impression!"


"TPR Hoodies even include these little strings ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!"


"Look at me. I am DEAD SEXY in my TPR Hoodie!"

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The TPR hoodie is seriously one of the greatest items I have ever purchased. I wear it all the time, as my office is usually cold in every season but summer. And, as it has already been pointed out, THEY ARE ICE BAT APPROVED! That right there is reason enough to BUY BUY BUY!!!



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I do own a Hoodie from a previous shopping spree at the TPR store. But as with all thing in life, you do better with two (this certainly do not apply to:fines, Prison Time & Prison Shower R@!£ or sunday dinner at my mother in law`s house).

So I just ordered my self another one.


"Coaster Expedition Volume 13"


"Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 4"

Coming Soon????

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Just ordered mine! I will be wearing it to Halloweekends in 2 weeks, though it might be under a coat considering how cold its supposed to be!

Thanks for ordering. However I hope you read this on the first post:

Hoodies will ship on Monday, October 19th.

We won't even be getting them in until Friday, October 16th. I hope that's ok!



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That is what I was thinking. You are skinny and it fits nice on you. I am a waist size 29 and it is huge on me. Like a tent. Maybe they just put a small tag on a medium by accident. Accidents happen.


Maybe i'll try another one.


EDIT: I just took it out and it is actually one of the zip ups. My bad. Are the pull overs tighter fitting? I can try one, but my piercings tend to get in the way so I usually go for zip ups.

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I love all the Valuable Big Mike Reader Banners in this thread so far lol.



I also love the hoodies! I feel extra cool when I am wearing one, especially to an ACE event!



I have mathematically figured out that when I am wearing my TPR hoodie, I score with the hot babes 22% more of the time as when I am not wearing the hoodie!



Can't argue the facts!



Peace, Big Mike

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