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Wild Adventures Discussion Thread

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I know people like Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure (also one of the newer ones I believe), but I still found it impossible to enjoy with those oversized OSTRs.

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I took my kids to Wild Adventures Saturday for my first visit to the park and had a great day. The kids Halloween offerings were pretty nice and the park looked great. I was really impressed with the Discovery Outpost section of the park, very clean and interactive with lots of attractions for the kids.


Cheetah was uh....awful. Maybe the worst wooden coaster I've been on in a long time. I rode it 3 times throughout the day to see if it got any better but man it was just brutal, and I've got a pretty high tolerance for roughness on coasters so it was bad. It's unfortunate cause it's got a fun layout and a great setting with views of the animals, but man that thing needs some love or and RMC overhaul.


One the plus side the Vekoma's were really good! Both the SLC and the boomerang were pretty smooth and really enjoyable.


The Alapha Trail animal exhibit was really nice and relaxing. We also took in the gator show they had which was pretty fun. I was surprised to see the theater for the show had absolute no barriers between the audience and the stage with two probably 6-8 foot gators out interacting with the trainers. That was pretty wild and I kind of couldn't believe it but fun show.


Overall a great visit, I'd love to see another decent coaster at the park but I'd go back next summer to check out the water park and spend anther day there.




Who knew gators were so snuggly?


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Was the hypnotist still there? He couldn't get enough volunteers for the show we watched, so he resorted to some "mind reading" for 30 minutes.


I don't think I saw that anywhere but I'd believe it. There was a good crowd there Saturday, lines weren't any longer that a train wait for just about anything but there were people all over the midways so it wasn't empty or anything. We left before the Halloween stuff started at night but felt like the parking lot was filling up around 7 when we left.

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Does their SLC still have the original trains or was it upgraded with the vest restraints?


Nice report!


Still had the original trains, no vest style restraints. Maybe I just caught it on a good day but it was smooth enough to be enjoyable for a few rides. I've never disliked SLC's and Boomerangs as much as most people, I rode both at Darien lake last summer and thought those few also fine. Not gonna make any top 10's or anything but solid attractions for most parks.


If Wild Adventures had one more decent coaster or RMC'd Cheetah I'd probably get a season pass and go 3 or 4 times a year. It's about as close to me as Orlando and a great value/experience for the kids, especially with the water park included in the summer.


Also just a heads up to anyone in the area, they're running a special on their website for $13 tickets for this weekend ,Oct. 11-13th. That's steal, especially with the haunts going on.

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I don't think I saw that anywhere but I'd believe it.

He was "performing" in the theatre between the Boomerang and the train. We only went in because the show was about to start as we were walking by. In retrospect, I wish the line for the Rapids was about 5 minutes longer.

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Trying to plan my summer amusement park trips. I am hoping to stop at this park on my way to Florida in April. I have a 3 year old that is obsessed with dinosaurs. Does this park still have a dino walk through? I saw nothing of it on their website


Edit: Contacted the park and it was removed  

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