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Parque de la Costa (Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina)


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This is my first trip report so bear with me if it doesn’t fit the right standards. I’m a student originally from South Bend, Indiana that lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a huge fan of amusement parks so even when I find myself in South America I find myself spending a lot of time in ‘parques de diversions.’


(Let me tell ya, South America is not exactly a hotspot for coasters. Except for maybe Brazil, of which Im not sure about other than that Americans need a visa to visit. Did I read somewhere that TPR is taking a trip to Brazil next year?)


I’ve been to this park about a half-dozen times as it’s only a half hour outside of the city by a train and a year-long pass costs a whopping $16USD. “Parque de la Costa” is Spanish for Park of the Coast and as such the park is located in the tourist area of Tigre a large, and quite polluted though beautiful system of river canals.


The general area of Tigre is stunningly charming and, at least to me, reminds me of Monticello, Indiana. There all sorts of little restaurants, food stalls and other mom and pop businesses lining the streets. There is also a very large market that sells South American handicrafts and a huge casino just outside of the park.


The park is the largest operating amusement park in all of Argentina. The key word there is operating. There is a slightly larger, government owned park within the city limits called ‘Parque de la Cuidad’ (I’ll let you guess what that means). That park has a Schwarzkopf Wildcat, a Jetstar is listed as in storage, three small kiddie coasters, a “Aconcagua” from Schwarzkopf, and a rollercoaster called Vertigorama for Intamin AG that was never completed because of the fall of the Argentine military dictatorship. All are listed as standing but not operating. I’m going to attempt to (legally) gain access to the park grounds to take pictures for University, if I able to and people are interested, I will post them here. (All coaster information is taken for RCDB)


Anyway, back to Parque de la Costa, there are three credits to be found. A Vekoma SLC, Boomerrang and one called Vigia which is apparently a Tivoli large model that goes through a fake mountain and around a pond. The Tivoli is probably the highlight of the coasters, it completes two circuits per ride and is quite enjoyable. Not only that, the thing is a capacity beast, holding 40 riders in a train which seems like a lot for a junior coaster.


The Vekomas are exactly what you would expect, although the SLC is smoother than others that I have ridden. Outside of the coaster there are about 15 flat rides or so including a Top Spin that was running one of the longest programs of any I’ve ever ridden. There are a handful of fairly entertaining shows within various venues, a huge kiddieland and four or five of walk-through dark ride type things.


The park is pretty enjoyable, everything runs fairly smoothly by normal standards (extremely smoothly by Argentine standards with the glaring exception of the SLC which regularly has two hour plus lines. For an SLC. Yuck. )For the money, it really can’t be beat. And it’s the best that Argentina has to offer.


Next month I visiting Chile and will be making a stop at Chile’s largest amusement park Fantasilandia. Give me some feedback on how I can improve on the trip report for when I write one on that park. Thanks, Gary.













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If you have more photos from the park please post them. I'd like to add as much as possible to TPR's Park Index in case anyone visting the Buenos Aires area would like a diversion from this wonderful city.


Same thing when it comes to your upcoming visit to Chile. Post as many pictures as you can from the park to accurate depict the feel of the park. As moderators we tend to be more liberal with the amount of pictures posted in PTR when it is a park is one that not many on TPR have visited.



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This park was a random find for me when I was studying in Buenos Aires. We went to check out El Tigre and were bombarded with advertisements for the park along the way... I prefered arriving via la Tren de la Costa... an experience in itself.


I visited in June (the fall/beginning of winter), and the park was not crowded at all. My favorite experience was the bouncing flat ride located next to Pirana (swinging ship). I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life because of the sheer strangeness of that attraction (and quite unsafe in my mind)!


Glad that someone else has enjoyed this park, and posted a P:TR about it!

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^I just looked at all your posts and don't see the Photo TR you posted. Are you sure you posted it on TPR? I would gladly add it the the Park Index.


Sorry if my post was confusing... I meant that I was glad that someone posted a P:TR about this park... (I didn't take pictures)!

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^No problem.


Was the bouncy ride near Pirana a "Tagada". Here is a picture of one from China's Floraland.


Yes! Haha, that thing was crazy. No restraints, and myself nor any of my friends knew what the thing did until we got on...


It threw us all over the place. Great times...

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If you have more photos from the park please post them. I'd like to add as much as possible to TPR's Park Index in case anyone visting the Buenos Aires area would like a diversion from this wonderful city.


Same thing when it comes to your upcoming visit to Chile. Post as many pictures as you can from the park to accurate depict the feel of the park. As moderators we tend to be more liberal with the amount of pictures posted in Photo TR when it is a park is one that not many on TPR have visited.




I don't have more pictures but I should be back that way in about three weeks so I'll take more. I'll take a lot when I'm at the park in Chile.

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^Not for the coasters, obviously. Just to go down to Mendoza for the wine.


Really, Joe--just drink some wine, then ride. You won't feel a thing.


Thanks for this look at a South American park--I'm particularly intrigued by the "dark-ride," walkthrough attractions you mentioned.

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Well, I went back to the park again yesterday, I´ll post more photos in about a week or so. Had an interesting day to say the last.


The SLC was running one train, with about 25% of the rows closed, so the line was three hours long. To top it off the train was stalling every other time that it made it up the lift hill, climbing up the crest of the hill in super-slow motion. It appeared almost like a car with a parking brake on but running anyway. So then the train wouldn´t pìck up speed until it was about half down the hill and then felt like it was struggling to make it through the first inversion.


When I rode it, it was literally stopped for five minutes at the top of the lift hill. I was terrified and it didnt help that roommate next to me began saying the lord´s prayer (it was only his second time on a rollercoaster). Sooo yeah, that was quite a ride. But it is by far the smoothest SLC that I have ever ridden. Like so smooth you wouldn´t believe it was a Vekoma.


Regarding the walk-through dark rides there are four of them with a fifth one closed. One is themed to an abandoned mine, one is themed to hell, one is themed to an enchanted forest type thing, and one is themed to ancient Egypt. There appears to be another that is only open for private parties. T


o be honest, I have only been in two of them because generally the lines are ungodly long. The enchanted one is a maze with special effects and some actors throughout it. The mine was has a few little scenes in it and actors as well.


I have heard good things about the Egypt one I and Im planning on taking the train up there on Friday to give it a walk through. Then there is an upcharge attraction of some sort themed to fighting terrorism. I have no idea what it is, I will see on Friday I suppose.


There is also a musuem type attraction that has some history of the area and explains the basic physics of a rollercoaster and then another that I haven´t entered yet which appears to have recreations of famous world monuments or something, Im not sure. My Spanish is not perfect so sometimes I lose a little something in the translation.

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I too have visited several times this park, attached some photos.


PS: Gary is right, the SLC is very smooth


If you are interesed could also publish some photos of the "Parque de la Ciudad" (Ex- Parques Interama) currently SBNO.



sorry, my English is very bad





nerdddddd shot :op





"El Desafio"


"El Desafio"


"Vuelta al Mundo"





"VertigoXtremo" Skycoaster


"La Carreta Desbocada" Rainbow


"Saltos del Delta" Flume ride






El Vigia






Final show


Final show

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Excellent stuff. The most interesting thing about the park for me: the asado. See, boomerangs and german built flats are a dime a dozen. Grilled meats over open wood flame in a country renowned for being the beef capital of the world; that is something else entirely.

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Hello TPR I am also fan of the Park of the coast and of coasters!


When I conclude the commentary a 2009 rumor of the new practitioner of coast and is of Golden Horse, a new model! Eh gone yesterday to the park of the coast, or conatiners arrived is seven altogether, the Earth or this one list of weeks will come to construct it. I have a Web site, I will leave to photos and videos in my Web site and YouTube. it pardons my English are bad.
















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