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Photo TR: Kings Island Haunt - First night

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All this week went by so slow, I was looking forward to Haunt so badly. Finally Friday came and at school I was bragging to everyone I was going to KI tonight. As soon as I got home I was dumb and decided to watch Haunt videos from older years, instead of get ready. Around 4 I put my batteries on the charger and got ready. Than at 4:15 I went to Mitchell's house. Right as I was pulling into the drive way I just realized that my batteries aren't charged at all, my phone hasn't been charged since Thursday night, and I forgot my Dramamine. So I texted my friend asking if he would buy some Dramamine for me and I'd give him how ever much it coasted. It coasted $6 luckily. But than when I got it, I realized it wasn't even the right kind. This prevented vomiting and dizziness. I needed the motion sickness kind (don't have motion sickness, but it helps me be able to reride stuff feeling better.) So finally we left around 5:00 and got to KI around 6:30.


When we first got there I noticed that a lot more cars were there than I was hoping. So we walked to the entrance area and Mitchell's dad got his ticket (He doesn't have a pass like I do.) They didn't get done until around 7:10. While I was waiting, at 7:00 all the monsters just ran out of the entrance screaming and everyone got so scared, It was really cool. They ran through the metal detectors and just started scaring everyone in the entrance area. Than they finally opened the gates and let people in. I was walking with Mitchell but than as soon as we entered the park he got split up with me. So I waited for 10 minutes than walked over to Diamondback. While by Graeters, Brian called Mitchell and told him to meet us here. But he never came so we just went to Diamondback. The line was about 10 Minutes, and we ended up seeing Mitchell in line. I got row 9 on Red Train, which is the worst seat on the worst train. Still great, but there are way better seats. Than after an okay ride on Diamondback we (Mitchell, Rick, Brian, some kid, some guy who I don't know, and some Dave person) walked over to Beast. It was a complete walkon and I sat in the last seat. The first trim was as bad as usual but the second one (leading into the ravine drop) wasn't on as heavy so we got a little bit of airtime. The MCBR was on strong, but we fastly gained speed again. Helix was as smooth as usual, overall great Beast ride.


After Beast I wanted to ride Backlot since I never do. It was a complete walkon and they weren't assigning seats so I sat back. The launch seemed way more powerful. And I actually had alot of fun! The tunnel had all the lights on, so it was really awesome seeing the track lit up in the tunnel. Since we had such a great ride we just stayed on and rode again. After two great rides on Backlot we went to Vortex to find no one at all in the station. Rode 7-1. When we got off people were inline for that seat so I wanted to switch seats an reride but Brian wanted to do Urgent Scare so I didn't get to reride.


So next was Urgent Scare. Long line, boring, not scary, just dumb in my opinion. Saw a lot of friends working there, which was cool. I was disapointed along with everyone else, so we went to Skyline and ate some Coneys! I ate really fast and decided to go through Massacre Manor while everyone else was eating. Complete walkon, and way better than last year! Loved it. I plan on going through this every visit for now on. Next was Racer, luckily no one in line. I rode in front seat and than hurried and switched to back seat after that ride. While on Racer I noticed that Firehawk was a complete station wait! So we walked to Firehawk to find that some people got in line... It ended up being ten minutes. Very forceful as usual. Next was FoF. The line was about 10 minutes also. I saw my friend Danielle in line and said Hi. I rode in the very back seat with some Ride Opt. on FoF. About usual ride for FoF, the lights were on in the brake run for some reason.


After that we went to Adventure Express. No one was in the station so we rode 3 times, once in front, twice in back. I love AE during Haunt! Since I haven't even ridden Drop Zone this visit I had to get a ride in. No one was in line thankfully! The crew was really slow though so it ended up being around 7 minutes. I wanted to reride but alot of people got in line so we decided to skip for now and go check out Slaughter House. Full queue, and have received texts it sucked so we skipped it. I noticed Invertigo had no line at all so we rode it in the most North seat. It was very smooth for some odd reason so I rode again only in the middle-ish area since no one was waiting for those seats. It was once again smooth but my neck hurt really bad (and still does...) So we went to Top Gun. One our way there Xtreme Skyflier was only $5 and no one was in line so me and Mitchell rode that. Very quick, we paid and got off within 5 Minutes or less. Once I pulled the ripcord We swung twice than we caught the rope and got off. Top Gun was next. You enter like you would for Son of Beast. But than you walk out of SOB's queue and go into TG's exit than enter the reride entrance. Than into the station. No one in the station at all but ride opts. so I rode front seat. The Ride Opts. were so awesome! They were really enthusiastic, funny, and really cool! We switched seats to the back and than rode again. When we came into the station no one was in there so they just stopped us for 10 seconds than dispatched as again! We rode 4 times in a row.


Someone texted me saying that Diamondback has no line at all and they aren't assigning seats so I hurried up and got there within 6 minutes! There was maybe 10 people in the station so we rode in the back seat. It was cool because pretty much everyone in the station was an enthusiast so it was like ERT. It made me miss ERT on Ride Warriors so bad! I wanted to ride again so bad but Rick wanted to leave, so we had to leave... On the way out they bought nasty Cinnabuns (yuck!) and ate them in the car. We didn't get home until 3 for some reason, as soon as I got home I pretty much passed out on my bed and dreamed I was at KI again and Elvira was walking around the park giving out candy for some reason...


On to the photos, since you probably skipped all that!


I like how they had this bus all decked out in Haunt advertisement!

At the entrance there was a lot of scare actors, but by 8:00 most were gone.

This guy was making some kind of squirrel noise.

I don't know what he is supposed to be though.

It should say "All you Haunt is Not here."

I really like how they had these advertisements on International Street!

You could barley see Diamondback with all the fog.

The crowds weren't too bad.

There wasn't much fog. I only say maybe 10 fog machines in the whole park. Maybe they didn't turn some of them on because it was already foggy?

Sadly I only got one ride on Beast, and it wasn't even all the way dark.

I always like the lights they put up in this midway.

This didn't turn out the way I wanted it too at all. You can barley even see Diamondback...

Random Urgent Scare photo.


Monster looking creepy.

I don't know how this didn't blur.

Only got to ride Drop Zone once...

The one ride I did on it was amazing though!

Little too much blood...

Looks so familiar!

SOB... : (

I was so happy TOPGUN was open!

TG's awesome crew.

Thanks for reading!


Diamondback: 2

Beast: 1

Backlot: 2

Vortex: 1

Urgent Scare: 1

Massacre Manor: 1

Racer: 3

Firehawk: 1

Flight of Fear: 1

Adventure Express: 3

Drop Zone: 1

Invertigo: 2


21 Rides in 5 Hours, not bad!

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