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Evergreen Valley [RCT2]

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It's been a while since I visit this website. I don't finished my Sunset Gardens Theme Park...I loose motivation, and I wasn't quite often near my computer during summer vacation.

Also I built another theme park for a french RCT2 contest. Anyway I'd like to have some comments from you.


There are some screens. Evergreen Valley isn't finished, but it will be finished very soon.


Mystery Tower.


ClearWater Rapids


A strange concept: Gerstlauer's Bobsled Coastet... :)

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I think you miss the point, the guy has created the missing ones and edited the already converted ones to be the same as the original, but yes some of these are already avalible.


No, sorry, I didn't convert my Sunset Gardens to Evergreen Valley. These are two very different theme parks.


nin = Thank you for your comment.



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Thank you for yours comments. I think I'll finish both parks. In fact, Evergreen Valley is now completed, because I had to post it on Internet today...


Also there are some screens, and of course a download link.






Forest Flyer.


Thunder Mine.


Bob's Evergreen Valley RCT2.zip

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You didn't happen to forget to check-mark export plug-ins in the games options menu did you? I am unable to open the park due to missing dats.


Really like the looks of the read me that came with the park. I don't speak French so I have no idea what your saying but it is a great to see you put the time in to make it. Well done!

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Youps, sorry if you can't open the park. I've added some personal scenery and packs objects too. Can you explain me how can I install automaticaly the park's scenery when you wanna open it on RCT2, please?


Also thank you very much. It's cool that you are interested in my park. I'll try to help you, to give you my solution as soon as possible.

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Open the park.

Click on the disc icon (where you save your game).

In the list is "OPTIONS". Click on that.

You should get a blue screen show up.

At the bottom are two items, "Show Guests Real Names" and "Export Plug-ins".

Check-mark the Plug-ins box.

Save your game again and re-upload it.


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Thank you for yours comments.


I know, it very looks like Fantasia Gardens or my other creations. I'll change my "game style" in my next park, I think.


Also I just did what you said, dmaxsba2408. I traduced my document which introduce the park in english too.


So, there's the good file.


Thank you again.

Evergreen Valley RCT2.zip

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Bob!, the park is beautiful. Excellent use of building materials all over map. Davy Crockett's Great Fall is wonderful. The little storage area with extra logs boats stacked in it was great!


The only thing I can complain about are the transitions from the rolls on Mystery Tower. They are awkward, they both are going the wrong way into the turns that follow. An easy fix for future parks.


The english version of the text file was icing on the cake. THANK YOU.


GREAT PARK!, so very looking forward to your next release.

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dmaxsba2408 : Thank you very much for you comment! I'm glad you thought my park and my document were cute.


Vintage : Do you have Wacky World and Time Twister? I think I used some object from this two expansions...

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Park was very nice, although it did seem a lot like your other park, you have obviously tried to make it somewhat different. Especially with the Forest Flyer hack.


Below I have posted a pic of the "flowing" barrel rolls, just to clarify what dmaxsba2408 is talking about.


As you can see, it makes it look more natural when the train moves into the turn.

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I just wanted that the barrel roll finish on a drop, you know. Just like the zero G roll on the Hulk at Universal IOA. Right, it's not smooth, but it's just the game...


By the way, thank you for yours comments.

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