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Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

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Interesting. So pre-booking encouraged not required. Masks encouraged but not required.


Polk County.


This is 'real' Florida, like Florida Man Florida.



FYI - They have jumped through 2 of the 3 hoops to reopening so are farther along than Universal.

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Again, a lot of the 'new normal' we've come to expect...


Masks recommended but not required, temperature checks for all guests and employees, social distancing, etc.


Hotel DOES appear to also be opening as well.

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  • 4 months later...

LEGOLAND Florida has announced that the resort will celebrate their tenth anniversary with ten new reasons to visit!


In honor of LEGOLAND Florida Resort celebrating it’s 10th birthday in 2021, we’re giving you the top 10 reasons to visit LEGOLAND Florida in 2021.


In addition to 10+ reasons to party, LEGOLAND will bring back its original Annual Pass pricing to commemorate the Park’s milestone birthday. Florida residents can snag a New! Play & Party Pass at the throwback price of $99. This Theme Park pass will include complimentary parking, discounts for friends and family tickets, access to select special events and a collectable, commemorative brick.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit LEGOLAND

1 – Watersports Stunt Show – New!

Launching Feb. 12, 2021, Brickbeard’s buccaneer recruits are ready to graduate from his stunt school, but they must first pass his swashbuckling skill tests! Witness the daring feats that these pupil pirates must perform before they join the crew.

New Show Features

  • Never-before-seen, new female LEGO® pirate character
  • New original music
  • Gravity-defying stunts including wakeboarding, barefoot-skiing, jump acts and an iconic ski pyramid
  • All-new flyboard act, taking this show to heroic heights above the legendary Lake Eloise

2 – PirateFest Weekends Events – New!

With Brickbeard’s new show weighing anchor, the entire theme park will be overtaken by his friends and LEGOLAND will be home to its first ever pirate invasion! Also debuting Feb. 12, PirateFest Weekends will run for three consecutive weekends, through February 28. Crafty crews can play like pirates with themed build activities and new LEGO® character meet & greets.

An all-new musical show, full of adventure, will take over the LEGO® City Stage, and specialty food will feed even the hungriest buccaneers. The swashbucklin’ fun will be nonstop, and each merry day at sea is marked with a dance parrrrty like no other!


3 – 4-D Movie – New!

Get ready for an adventure into a new world with our all-new 4-D movie, premiering at LEGOLAND Fun Town Theater in spring 2021.


4 – Master Builder Experience – New!

See how real Master Model Builders dream, create and build with the iconic LEGO® system in LEGOLAND’s all-new building center, opening this spring.


5 – LEGO® Friends Weekends – New!

A day of fun is best shared with… Friends! LEGO® Friends are back May 1, 2, 8 & 9 for Friend-tastic weekends full of fanciful builds, music and more.


6 – Miniland Shade Structures – New!

LEGOLAND’s most iconic area of the park will undergo a cool transformation! New shade structures will bring even more enjoyment to the beloved land in 2021.

7 – LEGO City Models – New!

Larger-than-life models will bring new stories and characters—and Insta-worthy photo opportunities—to LEGO CITY in spring 2021.

8 – Expanded Summer Celebration – Awesummer

Party through the summer at LEGOLAND Florida Resort with birthday surprises around every corner, including festive “streetmosphere,” music, and exciting fireworks on select dates in June and July.


9 – LEGO City Stage Show – New!

Summer shenanigans will take center stage as LEGOLAND debuts an all-new stage show in LEGO CITY!


10 – Awesome Birthday Party

Of course, the theme park built for kids will have one amazing birthday party. And yes, the BIGGEST, most awesome LEGO birthday cake ever created. Stay tuned as the Park announces more details around the party weekend for the big 1-0.


LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel

The party continues long after the park closes when families stay onsite at the all-new LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel. Since the hotel is just 130-kid steps away from the front gate, this adventure-packed resort is the ultimate family destination for a vacation. Every stay at Pirate Island Hotel includes a free family-style breakfast, nightly pirate fun and in-room treasure hunts.

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I was wondering...  the couple that won the TV Lego Challenge several months (a year?) ago... was their winning creation to be displayed here? Or in LegoLand New York? Or another LegoLand park? I forget which park. Just curious. And forgetful. 🏢

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5 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

I was wondering...  the couple that won the TV Lego Challenge several months (a year?) ago... was their winning creation to be displayed here? Or in LegoLand New York? Or another LegoLand park? I forget which park. Just curious. And forgetful. 🏢

It was definitely NY, Lego Masters was great, it got renewed for a second season and should be airing sometime soon. 

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^ Yes! Completely! 🥳 The show was really cool, as they threw in little trivia bits about types of LEGO, and how some structures could (or couldn't) be put together. We found it interesting, especially with what the teams came up with, thru the series. Looking forward to Season 2!

P.S. Love the idea of the shade structure over Miniland!

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Legoland Florida has announced a brand-new miniature theme park for 2022, themed to Peppa Pig!




Merlin Entertainments Brings Partnership with Hasbro to Life to Create a Playful Place Perfect for a First Theme Park Experience

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (Feb 25, 2021) — Starting in 2022, families will squeal with delight as they jump into the playful world of Peppa Pig for an unforgettable day of adventure at the World’s First Peppa Pig™ Theme Park, only at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort.

Designed to be the ultimate day for little ones, this all-new standalone theme park will feature multiple rides, interactive attractions, themed playscapes and water play areas—complete with “muddy puddles” of course—and fun live shows daily, all based on instantly recognizable locations from the globally popular brand. Families will meet Peppa and her friends as they snort, giggle and play to build their family’s first theme park memories together.

Rides and attractions details for the new Park will be announced this summer. When Peppa Pig Theme Park opens in 2022, it will be a separately ticketed park. Unlimited Florida sunshine and wonderful weather will allow this new theme park to operate year-round. Annual Passes to Peppa Pig Theme Park will be available as standalone memberships or inclusive passes that will also grant admission to LEGOLAND Theme Park, LEGOLAND Water Park and other regional Merlin Entertainments attractions.

Merlin Entertainments, a global leader in location based entertainment with brands including LEGOLAND, Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE® Aquariums, has an exclusive multi-territory licensing agreement with Hasbro, owner of the Peppa Pig brand, to build and operate the Peppa Pig attractions, targeted at the preschool market, as part of its broader strategy to engage in partnerships with some of the world’s most popular brands.

Fans and parents of future “little piggies” can be among the first to hear the big news by signing up for the Peppa Pig Theme Park emails on PeppaPigThemePark.com/Florida

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This is interesting, we'll see what kind of attractions and pricing options are announced later this summer but an upcharge attached to the existing park is a strange choice. Seems like I remember seeing some rumored plans for this last year and wasn't very impressed. When my kids were younger they LOVED Peppa Pig but even then I'm not sure what kind of extra money I'd be willing to spend for a small section of rides and some character meets attached to Legoland. $10? $15 maybe? 

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I get why Merlin - and especially LEGO - would want Peppa to be a separate experience.  The accounting alone for this, if they're looking to pay some % of revenue is going to be massively simpler as an upcharge/separate gate... let alone the completely separate theme.

Any thoughts on where this is going to go physically?

Whatever else you can say, Merlin isn't afraid to spend money in Florida for sure!


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^They've already started clearing a lot of land in the parking lot so assuming there.

This is very Merlin in many ways.  Plus they will now be "Legoland Resort - With three theme parks and several hotels!"  I don't know how popular Peppa Pig is in the US but this will surely get the british tourists even more excited!

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I will never understand the need for parks to advertise 'World's first' on whatever they can. Who is that aimed at? Children will only care that it's Peppa Pig and I don't think any adults, outside theme park bloggers/instagrammers, care about being 'first'. It's like Universal trying to stick 'worlds largest roller-coaster free-fall' or 'first story coaster' on Hagrids. Isn't Harry Potter enough of a selling point?


That being said, I'm also curious how strong the I.P. is abroad, I know the Peppa Pig World part of Paulton's Park is very popular among my group of friends with young children in the U.K. who would probably have never gone to Paulton's otherwise, and a lot do take the kids to Orlando for a week or two to Disney when they are young so this park might entice them away from Disney for a day, since most skip Universal if they don't have older children, and also tend to not bother with Legoland either since there's one in the U.K. already they've visited.

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4 hours ago, kenban said:

The layout came out in December it will be located on a corner of the parking lot near the main parks entrance, and is based on similar lands that have already been built.


Thanks for posting that - hadn't heard about this before.  

The scale is... little?  But compared to what Merlin is charging for at shopping mall attractions, it's proportionately huge!

6 hours ago, SharkTums said:

This is very Merlin in many ways.  Plus they will now be "Legoland Resort - With three theme parks and several hotels!" 

Oh absolutely true - and like 5 ticket / pass levels to entice you to upgrade!

And I'm glad that by the time this opens, my kid probably won't care?  Who am I kidding, if we go to Legoland, I'll be forced to hear all the voices from this ruddy show all over again.  😬  Any parents who avoided the Pig Family trap, congratulations.

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  • 10 months later...

One more question, How does the park do in the rain?  I am going this weekend and it looks like 80% chance of rain Sunday.  I could just leave very early in the morning to get there by at least 12pm to get 5 hours at the park.  That way if it rains sunday i wouldn't have wasted the entire day due to rain.

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