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Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

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  • 1 month later...
Today, LEGOLAND® Florida announced that the new LEGO® Star WarsTM Miniland Model Display will officially open to guests on Friday, November 9.


The new LEGO® Star WarsTM Miniland will include a scene from each of the six live-action Star WarsTM movies, as well as a scene from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ all created from more than 1.5 million LEGO bricks and built in 1:20 scale. Some of the 2,000 LEGO® models will be more than 6-feet-tall. Interactive buttons will allow children to activate animations throughout the scenes.


To purchase tickets, visit www.legoland.com.

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Legoland Florida has sent us a press release along with photos and videos regarding the arrival of several major models that will soon take up residence in the Lego Star Wars Miniland, set to open on November 9th, 2012.


Construction is underway on the newest expansion at LEGOLAND® Florida. Massive LEGO® Star WarsTM models such as the Lambda Shuttle, an iconic spacecraft found in Episode VI Return of the Jedi, have arrived at LEGOLAND Florida and model builders are busy making final adjustments and constructing the animations that are being installed in Miniland USA’s new cluster, LEGO® Star WarsTM Miniland Model Display.


“With over 1.5 million LEGO bricks to be constructed, this project required the assistance of our counterparts across the world. The LEGO Star Wars Miniland models were built in model shops in Germany and California. We have now received all 2,000 models that will make up the new Miniland USA cluster and have begun installation,” said Sam Dalessandro, Model Shop Supervisor at LEGOLAND Florida.


The new LEGO Star Wars Miniland display area will include a scene from each of the six live-action Star Wars movies, as well as a scene from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ all created from more than 1.5 million LEGO bricks and built in 1:20 scale. Following a chronological path through the Star Wars timeline, guests will retrace the major events of the beloved Saga. Some of the 2,000 LEGO® models will be more than 6-feet-tall. Interactive buttons will allow children to activate animations throughout the scenes.


In addition to the amazing LEGO models found in the park, Central Florida’s newest theme park provides a full two day experience for families with children ages 2 to 12. The latest expansion of the LEGO Star Wars Miniland display area is scheduled to open November 9.


The new LEGO Star Wars Miniland display area will be included with park admission. The best way to experience LEGOLAND Florida for the best value is with the new LEGOLAND Florida Resident Pass. Pass members receive unlimited admission for 12 months to LEGOLAND Florida and the LEGOLAND Water Park, as well as all other Merlin US attractions (LEGOLAND California & Water Park, LEGOLAND Discovery Centers, Sea Life Centers and Madame Tussauds), free parking and 10% off Food and Merchandise with no black-out dates. A new monthly payment option of less than $10 per month is also available both at the front gate and online. The Monthly Payment Plan includes a down payment of $57.24 for an adult with monthly payment of $9.26 and $46.44 for child/senior with monthly payment of $7.51 (pre-tax). To purchase tickets, visit http://www.legoland.com.





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Today Robb and Elissa had the chance to attend a unique grand opening event for the new Star Wars Miniland Expansion at Legoland Florida. This new expansion located in the already fantastic Miniland section of the park features seven unique areas, each themed to one of the six films along with one section dedicated to the Clone Wars show. In attendance at today's event were a number of Darth Vaders, making for some unique photo opportunities as you'll see below... Let's take a look!


Welcome back to the beautiful Legoland Florida!


Park General Manager Adrian Jones led the ceremony once again, welcoming the media to this exciting new expansion for the park.


They used a lightsaber to cut the ribbon! How awesome is that?


If you haven't realized this by now, I'm a huge Star Wars geek and truly wish I was there at this event...


LEGO Ewoks!


I really can't wait to check this out myself!


The Clone Wars section is huge and has interactive elements built into the displays!


Well that's something you don't see everyday!


Here we see both Tatooine and Hoth represented in Lego form. If you remember from our interview with Adrian Jones at the Lego Star Wars Miniland announcement, the Millenium Falcon was his favorite part of the project.


Remember Geonosis from Episode II: Attack of the Clones?


How about Naboo from Episode 1: A Phantom Menace?


The iconic coliseum scene from Attack of the Clones.


It is just like my Bar Mitzvah!


Elissa, you have no idea how jealous I am right now!


My jealousy is seriously growing by the second!


Back to the Endor moon from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi!


And that awesome Darth Maul model we saw from the announcement has found his home in Lego Star Wars Miniland!


And what better note to close on than with the Wampa.


Seriously folks, if you are Star Wars fans you have one extra reason to get out to Legoland Florida!


Special thanks to Legoland Florida for hosting Theme Park Review at today's event!

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I'm assuming since WDW already has Star Tours, there is no contract preventing WDW to add Star Wars until Legoland's contract is out like IOA and Marvel?


The area looks pretty cool. I still haven't made it to a Legoland but these sort of things make me want to check them out.

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I believe Legolands deal is specifically with the "Lego Star Wars" brand they create. Not sure what the limitations are, but they aren't making "Star Wars" themed areas, they are making "Lego Star Wars" themed areas. Not sure exactly what it means, but this is how it was explained to me! Lol

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^ For example, the area is called "Lego Star Wars Miniland" not "Star Wars Miniland."



And their press releases make SURE to always call it "LEGO Star Wars Miniland at Legoland."


I'm sure this is how they get away with it, and I have to imagine there are strict limitations. Like, I doubt we'll see "LEGO Star Tours" for example....

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Legoland Florida confirms that a park expansion is already under way, but the park's general manager is still mum on the details.



Pirate Shores is expected to include at least one new water ride and a changing area on 1.6 acres. (Adrian) Jones was unwilling to discuss much of the project after his presentation, but did say work was under way.

The Ledger had previously reported that Legoland had filed documents with the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the Polk County Office of Planning and Development for a new area called "Pirate Shores," but park officials would not confirm until Wednesday that new attractions were on their way.


Legoland Florida General Manager Adrian Jones talked about the park expansion at Wednesday's Winter Haven Commission retreat but, because it was a public meeting, suggested using public records to find out more details.


"The involvement of Lego with Legoland Florida is actually going to escalate during 2013, with a lot more marketing and cross-marketing activities linked to the plans (for expansion), and I know the press are here, so I'm not going to tell you anything more than that," Jones told Winter Haven commissioners. "Go and read the Swiftmud documents if you want to know."


Pirate Shores is expected to include at least one new water ride and a changing area on 1.6 acres. Jones was unwilling to discuss much of the project after his presentation, but did say work was under way.


"The reason I'm being evasive is because there is a lot going on in Orlando at the moment. There's a lot of new attractions going in, and to be fair, there's still work that we're doing on it," Jones said.


Pirate Shores at Legoland California features Splash Battles, a ride that lets kids "navigate pirate-infested waters" while shooting water cannons. There also is an interactive water play area called Swabbie's Deck, and Captain Cranky's Challenge.


The park already has demolished the site for construction. Jones said the park is waiting on a construction permit and did not know the details holding it up. A county official told The Ledger the plans are in the review phase.


In addition to the park expansion, Jones reported he is pushing for a Legoland Florida hotel to be built, likely on the south side of the park's entrance, within five years.


Jones said some surveying work already was done and that overlay design was in progress.


"The good news is that there is a framework (from hotels at other Legolands) now and you can just put that framework in to wherever you are," Jones said. "But, each time we do them, they get better, or we tailor them differently to the market that they're in. That's why it's kind of under the wraps at the moment, because there's nothing to report on and it's a bit of a moving target."


Jones also told commissioners the city needs more and newer lodging as well as new signage, but commissioners did not incorporate those needs into the new goals it created at the workshop meeting.


"I think it was just the lowest item on our part," said Winter Haven Mayor J.P. Powell. "We do know we need more hotels in the area. Just again, we want to get those people to make a left turn (into Winter Haven) instead of going back to Orlando."


Powell said the city could likely do something to help with better signage, but didn't elaborate on what that might be.


The president of an attractions trade group said he thought the confirmation signals continued competition in the industry.


"We believe the array of attractions in the state of Florida presents visitors the most dynamic and diverse attraction experiences in the world," said Bill Lupfer, president of Tallahassee-based Florida Attractions Association. "If Florida is to continue to be the No. 1 vacation destination, our industry must continue to challenge ourselves to push the limits of imagination and creativity."

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  • 4 weeks later...

Legoland Florida announced today a new expansion area based on an upcoming Cartoon Network Lego branded show "The Legend of Chima." We were there for the announcement! Here's the official press release and some facts about the new "Quest For CHI" splash-battle type attraction and the new area....




Immersive new interactive water ride being built simultaneously with roll out of major new product line and national television series


Winter Haven, Fla. (March 19, 2013) – A powerful new energy source is coming to Central Florida. Already the largest LEGOLAND® park in the world, LEGOLAND® Florida is thrilled to announce another major park expansion coming summer 2013 adding to the park’s already exciting line up of more than 50 rides, shows and attractions designed specifically for families with children ages 2 to 12. Based on the new product line, LEGO® Legends of ChimaTM, LEGOLAND Florida will bring this fantastical world to life with The World of Chima presented by Cartoon Network. Families will embark on a journey in search of a mystical energy source through a highly-interactive water ride experience, the Quest for CHI. Guests can also try their hand at an action-packed SpeedorzTM Arena, meet the beloved Chima characters and be transported to the Land of Chima with a new 4D movie, which are all part of the family-friendly Chima experience.


This expansion will be one of the centerpieces of the new LEGO Chima brand, which already includes a major LEGO product line, a stunningly animated television series to air on Cartoon Network and multiple interactive video games and apps. LEGOLAND Florida is the only place in the world that LEGO fans can go to unleash the power and be fully immersed in The World of Chima, providing an experience like no other.


“This is the first time a theme park has invested in a major expansion concurrently with the rollout of a new brand and product line, and it was an easy decision based on how well LEGO Legends of Chima has been received by children and those who are young at heart around the world,” said LEGOLAND Florida General Manager Adrian Jones. “This is also a reflection of the overall success of the park, which has already enabled us to open a new Water Park and build multiple new attractions during the past 18 months.”


LEGO Legends of Chima is the highest tested new LEGO theme in the last 12 years, and LEGO fans across the nation and around the world are embracing this new storyline of powerful tribes of animal warriors entwined in a struggle between good and evil in a mystical land.


As part of today’s announcement, LEGOLAND Florida announced that Cartoon Network is the presenting partner of The World of Chima and the Official Kids Cable Network.


“This is a great opportunity to continue the successful relationship that Cartoon Network has had with LEGO Group,” said Cartoon Network Chief Marketing Officer Brenda Piper. “We are always looking to expand the Cartoon Network brand to reach children outside the world of television and what better way to do that than by bringing the Legends of Chima to life at a theme park.”


As the presenting partner, Cartoon Network will have a major presence in the park during the summer months, and beyond. In addition, Cartoon Network will have screens placed around the park that will consist of other content from the network including the hit original series, Adventure Time.


The Legends of Chima series will focus on the highly-advanced animals that live in the magical land of Chima. The stories of those who understand the true nature of the Chi, as well as those who try to conquer it, will be told throughout the season.


The centerpiece of the new World of Chima at LEGOLAND Florida is an interactive, family-friendly water ride, The Quest for CHI. Guests will enter The World of Chima through a fantastical stone and moss covered entrance which leads to the Lion Temple at the base of the majestic 45-foot tall floating Mount Cavora. There, guests will explore a diverse landscape setting and join the Lion Tribe in an epic battle to recover the stolen CHI orbs. Guests will board a watercraft which will take them on an interactive experience using water cannons to help their hero, Laval the Lion Prince, defeat Cragger the Crocodile King as he attempts to steal the precious supply of CHI. The journey will take them through the land of Chima where they will meet some of the highly advanced animal tribal habitats, including the Rhino Quarry, Raven’s Roost, Eagle’s Nest, Wolves Encampment, Gorilla Forest and Crocodile Swamp among other imaginative settings.


The World of Chima also features a super-charged, super-fast SpeedorzTM Arena where multiple players build their LEGO Speedorz and compete to win the precious supply of CHI by participating in group challenges and competing in a series of obstacles. A new 4D movie, the LEGO Chima 4D Movie Xperience, will further immerse families into The World of Chima by bringing the characters to life on the big screen. Kids will also get to meet their hero Laval the Lion Prince and Cragger the Crocodile King at daily character meet and greet sessions. Plus, with the largest supply of LEGO products in Central Florida, guests can find their favourite LEGO Legends of Chima sets and Speedorz.


While building and developing the World of Chima is good fun, it’s also good business. Since opening in 2011, LEGOLAND Florida has created more than 1,300 new jobs in Central Florida. LEGOLAND Florida’s new World of Chima expansion has already had a positive impact on Florida’s economy by supporting nearly 150 construction jobs, of which 85 percent are from Central Florida. In addition, approximately 50 jobs will be added to LEGOLAND Florida when The World of Chima opens this summer to support the park’s operation of the area.


For the most current information on LEGOLAND Florida and to purchase tickets, visit http://www.LEGOLAND.com.


Here is an artists render of the ride entrance area.


This splash battle ride will be heavily themed including an indoor "dark ride" like section of the attraction.


Legoland Florida is working with Mack Rides to create the attraction, and is said to have an hourly capacity of up to 1,200 people.


This interactive "World of Chima" area will allow kids to build their own Chima characters!


Legoland invited us down for the big announcement! Soon we'll find out what they are adding for 2013!


Legoland Florida General Manager, Adrian Jones, takes the stage...


World of Chima is unveiled for Legoland Florida!


A "splash battle" type attraction called "Quest for CHI" will be the centerpiece attraction for this new area.


The ride will be heavily themed including lots of interactive targets in an indoor "dark ride" like setting.


A new 4D movie will also open in April based on the Legend of Chima.


And it wouldn't be a construction tour without an AWESOME pile of dirt! =)


One thing we are well aware of - dirt, port-o-potties, and heavy machinery usually is the secret recipe needed to make GREAT theme park attractions! =)


Soon this area will be transformed into the "World of Chima" and you'll be splashing and battling your way through the Quest for CHI!


Adrian Jones, Legoland Florida General Manager, walks us through the attraction. Seriously, this might be the most themed splash battle ride ever created! And remember, Florida or the surrounding area does NOT have an attraction like this at all!


World of Chima characters will also be on hand to greet kids!


The Splash Battle ride opens Summer 2013 (we heard July), and the 4D movie opens in April! Check out Legoland Florida this summer!

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They gave us some Chima Lego sets on the way out and I had intended to send them off to two of KT's 'boy friends' as we were told it's being geared towards 6-10 year old boys...sure enough, KT found the sets and insisted on at least checking one out. She likes it cause they're animals and they move!


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