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The Bryan and Colin Show....?

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What's up my babies,


So Bryan came to town this past weekend, naturally we had to have some good time. However I worked. A lot. And by the time I was done there was only one place left open. Read on!


Then we went to IHOP. THE END!


This girl was awesome. She pretty much escorted us around the park and let us ride stuff.


Yay we're up surfing! This thing really was fun. More parks should add it.


After, we rode Surf's Up!


We are ready to surf in an upward motion!


Seriously, this was a top notch kiddie coaster. I laughed the entire time.


New credit! In fact I got three tonight. This is my new #1 coaster.


Awww yeah, Fun Spot time! We are loaded with tickets, and ready to have some spot on fun.




We thought this was going to be a good idea. The next picture will answer rather we were right or wrong.


And some pay cash for it.


I forgot what picture this was while it was uploading, so this caption won't have anything to do with it. It will be a surprise to me.


Here we are having a good time at Old Town. Bryan has fantastic charm, it'll make you want to pay him.


This worm. It is so wacky.


So yeah, Windstorm was effing amazing. Like legit amazing. And by amazing I mean incredibly average.


If you know where that last picture was from, then yes, we went to Old Town. There used to be people here...


My my, what a beautiful day to look like a moron!


This night begins with an interstellar trip through SPACEEEEE!!!!!


Brian is here, out of focus, and from the internet. YES!

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I would say the awesomeness lies in A&W but it tastes different between Canada and the U.S... Regardless, an awesomely random TR. Thanks to my park visits this past month, the only Orlando credits I don't have are at Old Town and Fun Spot. (And really, Windstorm's the only draw credit-wise anyway, and a weak one at that.)

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Let me just say that I find it extremely amusing that Bryan is co-starring in a new show with a marquee that misspells his name!


All the while, this trip report is all kinds of awesome and will surely amuse those missing their daily doses of Colin and Bryan (or should I say, Brian)... You've got a fan in me.

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