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[RCT2] Adventure City

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Knowing you and realstically its a corkscrew. However, the only thing that is making me curious about it being a corkscrew is (double tornado or something like that) is a pre made corskscre in your custom tracks. I am wondering if you used the pre created coaster, built a clone of t pre created version, or added variants to the layout. However, if you added a variant it is not as realistic, but if you made it or built it its not nearly as much fun to make as a custom design.


I'm thinking corkscrew.

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Wow...so yeah, I realized it had been a while since I last updated this park...but I didn't realize it had been 4 months, haha.


Anyway, I found some time this afternoon to finish this latest addition, and have prepared an update for you all. Hope you enjoy it, and I'll try harder to update regularly from now on!






Welcome back to Adventure City! New for '77 is the park's first tubular steel roller coaster!


In 1927, a small coal mine in West Virginia caved in, trapping one of the workers deep under Earth's surface. People worked for months, trying to get him out, but alas, they never succeeded. The mine has sat dormant ever since. Now, 50 years later some peculiar things have been occurring in that small area of West Virginia. Some say its just the weather, others say its our imaginations...but we know the truth. We know that the Miner is back...and he wants some revenge.


Miner's Revenge a themed mine train roller coaster from Arrow Dynamics out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The coaster utilizes two, 5-car trains, holding 30 passengers each. The trains run on large, tubular steel rails, providing a glass-smooth ride. Guests who dare to challenge the Miner encounter two lift hills, reaching nearly 65ft high and speeds of up to 50mph. They drop deep into the mine twice throughout the ride, battling for their survival throughout the entire 2-minute journey. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that can only be found at Adventure City.


Guests travel over a flooded bank before boarding the trains.


The ride begins slowly after dropping out of the first mine shaft, giving riders a chance to warm up before the real terror begins.


A large helix is experienced before challengers are sent plunging down to their first encounter with the Miner.


After a quick ride up the second mine shaft, guests are turned around and sent hurtling beneath Earth's surface once again. What a ride!


Come join us two experience this insane new steel roller coaster, found only at Adventure City!

Edited by DBru
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The station and line area looks wonderful but in this case I think I would have used hyper trains on mine train track will some the supports thinned out using a blocker. It just looks so rustic at the station but then it looks like modern clean lines after it leaves. The jagged cross members and less block-e supports of the mine train track would just fit the area better.


Regardless, I am happy to see you updating this park!

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Looks great DBru, but I would have done the exact opposite to what ^ said, and would keep the track, but use mine trains rather than the hypercoaster ones. Nice work with the 1/4 tile land blocks and excellent choice of path!



Hope there is another update within the next few weeks.

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So...yeah, I know. I'm totally a failure at updating this park. However, now that school is out for the summer, I will (hopefully) have a lot more time to spend on Adventure City, and will start to bring you updates much more frequently. In fact, I already have the next two ready to post.


I thank all of you for the nice comments; please realize that I appreciate them VERY much!






After a very long offseason, the park has finally reopened with a couple new attractions, and many changes (some positive, others...not so much).


The first new ride this year is Backwoods Drive, a classic antique car ride. It is located in the heavily-wooded, south-eastern corner of the park.


The highlights of the attraction include this petite covered bridge over a small pond, and...


...a long underground tunnel. This ride actually can actually provide quite an eerie experience at night.


Also new for '78 is the Serpent Slide, a spiraling family attraction located in the heart of the park's "Land of the Lost" themed section.


Even with two new rides introduced at Adventure City this year, the park has seen a bit of a decrease in attendance due to poor weather throughout the spring and summer seasons. I'm afraid of how this might affect the budget for next year, even though I've heard the park has already begun working on a project.


The pattern of excessive rainfall followed by long periods of droughts has not payed in favor of the Shooting Star. As you can see here, the coaster's paint has worn out quite a bit in a relatively short amount of time.


But to end the update on a positive note, Miner's Revenge is still pulling in thrill seekers and constantly has a long line, no matter how busy the rest of the park is. In fact, I've heard rumors that the park is even considering purchasing a third train for the ride.


That's about it for this season. I'll keep you updated as things continue to progress at Adventure City!

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I want to specially thank you, Ghost, for your comment. Well, not just this one, but for all of them. You've commented on nearly every update I've posted throughout my entire journey with RCT2, and I just want you to know that I really appreciate it, and that people like you are what keep me going.


Thanks for your comment, too, braztaz---and me either...




Fall 1978



Does anyone know what's going on with the Wild Rodent? The park hasn't announced anything, and the ride suddenly shut down about a month ago without notice.

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So far, your park seems to be going pretty well! This really makes me miss RCT2. I started sharing my own park on here a year or two ago and never got around to completing it.


But I say keep going! You seem to have a good grasp of custom scenery.

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