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[RCT2] Adventure City

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After quite a long hiatus from RCT2 (any of the coaster games, really), I'm glad to be back with this new project. With school going on, I haven't had much time to work on parks and coasters, and I can't promise that I will have a lot of time to work on them in the near future, but I believe I have a pretty good start on this one, and plan to continue it for quite a while.






Welcome to Adventure City Amusement Park! Nestled back in the small town of Dunbar, WV, right outside of Charleston, this family park has recently debuted under the ownership of Virgil and Margaret Fairfield.


Adventure City is a medium-sized park built along the edge of a large lake. It is home to 2 roller coasters and many family rides. Though there is no set theme, the Fairfields are strong nationalists, and their patriotism can be all throughout the area.


The entrance plaza is decorated vibrantly in red, white, and blue. American flags are placed on the roof-tops of multiple buildings.


The park's premier attraction is Shooting Star, a wooden coaster from John Allen and the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The coaster looks amazing at night with its display of bright lights and shining stars on the lift hill.


The Boston Tea Party (HUSS Pirate) and Lakeview Restaurant are located right outside the entrance area.


The Whip, Lakeside Carousel, and Jumpin' Jamboree (spider) rides can be seen here, lining the park's midway. Adventure City's setting on the lake is just beautiful.


The park's second coaster is the Wild Rodent, a wooden wild mouse. With its sharp turns, sudden vertical plunges, and unexpected tunnels, this is truly one of the most insane rides in the world.



The Fairfields are very anxious to hear your comments on their latest creation.

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Wow...thanks for all the nice comments, guys!



Reon, no, I don't use any expansion packs. I really don't think using RCT2's expansion packs enhances the game. Just my opinion, though.


And Stoksy, I hope so too. haha

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With such a successful first season, the Fairfield family were very pleased with Adventure City, and decided to move ahead with expansion plans.


Debuting in 1975 is Land of the Lost, a whole new section of the park. The area is home to three family attractions, including a world-class log flume ride, immense theming, and a large building that contains delicious food selections, more bathrooms, and a first-aid station.


"This addition will nearly double the size of Adventure City Amusement Park, and we hope each of our guests will enjoy it as much as we expect them to," stated park Co-President, Margaret Fairfield.


New for 1975 is Land of the Lost.


Pictured are the classic scrambler ride, Timber Twister, and the large convenience building.


Forrest Fire is a fun round-up ride.


The premier attraction for this year is Lost Mill Log Flume.


This OD Hopkins flume ride takes riders back into a deep forest, following an abandoned log chute that connects two large saw mills.


Here you can see two major features of the ride: a long, underground tunnel, and the ride's largest drop into the splash finale.


The Fairfields hope that you can make it out to the park for its second season.

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Thanks for the comments, guys!


Koolkid, you go to the RCT2 Main Menu, click on the red "toolbox," and then select "scenario editor." From there, you can select your own rides, scenery, land, ect.

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Sorry for such a long wait...it takes me forever to do an update, because zero/restore clearances only works about once every three times I use 8cars...






New for the parks third season is Kid's Kove, a nice, secluded little area settled in a large valley, surrounded by sloping hills, filled with many family rides, fun shows, nice scenery, and good food.


The entrance to the new children's area.


The main attraction in Kid's Kove is the Adventurer, an exciting family coaster from Zierer.


Hotspot is a family favorite!


An overview of the entire new area.



See you next season!

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Thanks for the feedback, guys!


Regarding the foliage, keep in mind that this is that sections first season (notice all the plain dirt), and seeing as this is a timeline park, more foliage will develop over time.


BG, I appreciate the criticism. I'm not that fond of the central facility either, so I'll do something about that soon.

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