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Revenge of the Mummy

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I have ridden both. Florida's version is longer and actually gives a bit of airtime at points. It's been almost three years since I rode in Florida, but it seemed like it had less of a backwards section than the California version does.


Verdict: I prefer Florida's.



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^ I feel the same way, after riding the Florida version I rode the Hollywood version and was disappointed, especially with the ending. I was left sitting there thinking wow this is it. It was still a fun ride though, don't get me wrong but Florida's version is much better in my opinion.


Totally agree 110% - I rode the Florida version first and found this a fun and different ride experience. Had the chance to go on the Hollywood version with some friends and they were still well impressed but got sick of me going on about how much better the Florida version is. I realise that the Hollywood ride is in the same space as the old ET experience so they had a lot less room to play with so both are fine rides but if you get the chance I'd put money on that you'd prefer the Florida one as the better more all round ride experience.


I always remember the finger print security cabinets for your bags in Hollywood that never seemed to work and delayed the ride times no end. We joked on that if you somehow managed to get your fingers damaged you'd not get your bags back at the end. Not sure if they still have these cabinets - nice idea if the technology only worked as intended.

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I've ridden both. I prefer Orlando's. Orlando's is a little longer & has more special effects. Hollywood's is ok but a little shorter. I also was disappointed with Hollywood's ending. I thought there would be more but it just ended. One thing about Hollywood's is the backwards section because it is longer. Orlando's is much more enjoyable in my opinion but they both are good.

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