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I had a roller coaster cake for my 9th birthday. We ordered a white cake from the grocery store and had them frost crossed supports (like a wooden coaster) and a curved line over the top. They frosted 3 red squares on top of the line for cars, and put heads sticking out in yellow frosting.


You could peobably even make a cake like that yourself.

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If you want something simple to do and not too expensive... just bake a few circular cakes and cut them in half. Then lay them so the flat part is on the bottom, and the rounded part is on the top and put them together for the effect of hills. Kind of like this. With any effort at all you can make it look WAY better than that thing, though.

If you want it look nice you can take pieces and carve them to fit between the large pieces for smooth transitions.


You can then take the little cake piping things and draw supports on the sides of the cake, as well as track on the top.


I have done it, and it turned out pretty cool.

I used a Twinkie for the coaster train. Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of it at all.

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The Ace of Cakes himself just made an AWESOME roller coaster cake for my Coney Island wedding a couple of weeks ago. It kind of looked like Leap the Dips. This is not a great picture, but it shows the detailed little car containing sugar replicas of our two dogs. (We were "riding" in another car up top.)


Roller coaster cakes rule!


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I remembered last year at my local park when our famous Coaster celebrated it's 50th anniversary of being at the park, they had a rollercoaster themed cake. Can't seem to find any pictures of it though but I remembered seeing it somewhere.


All those cakes are looking very cool. Which reminds me...My 17th is comming up next month! I'm wondering if any of my local specialty cake stores (because I have food restrictions/allergies) will be able to make one...


By the way DCody, love the dogs in the coaster train along with the happy rider!

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