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Question about Magic Mountain and Knott's

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Ok this is just a question for the L.A. crowd and whoever else knows a lot more about KBF and SFMM than I do. I'll be making a trek to L.A. the first week of January (sometime between the 4th and 7th) and will be visiting both parks while I'm there. I know KBF will be open, and I've been told that SFMM stays open for that week, as well.


My question is, how many of the big coasters (X2, Deja Vu, Xcelerator) will be closed for "offseason" maintenance at that time? What has been the standard M.O. for these two parks concerning when they close those rides down during the winter? My main concern is not wanting to take a trip all the way out there only to have some of the best rides available closed, a la National Lampoon's Vacation. Thanks for any and all info!

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Knott's stays open all week long, but SFMM is only open on weekends. The only ride I can think of that would be closed at SFMM for off season maintenance is Deja Vu. KBF usually puts their rehab schedule on their website. I'm not really sure on the rain policies, so maybe someone else can help you on that. If there is high wind speeds in the area, though, some rides at SFMM will close. Not sure about KBF, though. I hope this helped a little, and have a great trip!

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If it is raining in the late morning hours (10am) don't even bother going to either park. They both wont open.


Deja Vu will probably be closed for refurbishment.


Silver Bullet and X2 will most likely be running one train


Xcelerator refurbishment isn't until March


X2 closes in high winds and cold weather.

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