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TPR's China/Japan 2009 Trip!


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Chengdu is an interesting city, you should take half a day to go to the Panda Preserve (not sure of the official name). It is awesome..it's the place where all the Panda's are raised in China, I saw like 60 panda's there...it was very cool. It is about 40 minutes outside the city by taxi. The food is awesome in Chengdu, very spicy, but VERY good if you get the right dishes. Sounds like a great trip, wish I could have visited some parks while there....isn't there a Happy Valley park there too?


I love spicy food, I live in Bangkok now...lots of great spicy food here, you should plan a trip here, although there aren't that many coasters!



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Today TPR returned to the Happy Valley parks! But this time it was the new park in Chengdu, China!


This park opened up in December and is home to yet another Intamin Mega-Lite coaster and an assortment of other rides.


This Mega-Lite was freaking AWESOME! TPR's first exposure to the Mega-Lite was Kawasemi, and holy crap that ride was amazing! Piraten earlier in the year did't run *quite* as good (I chalk it up to having not run for 5 days before we go there), but this one at Happy Valley, OMG it totally redeemed itself!!!


The rest of the park was fantastic. I've felt that all of the Happy Valley parks look GREAT! While the theming may not be *quite* up to par with Busch parks, it's really close!


If the Happy Valley parks were in the USA, they would be some of the best parks in the country, no question!


Anyway, onto some photos...


Miles says "this is the best breakfast yet!"


KidTums also approves of breakfast!


We are so there!!!


Entrance to Happy Valley Chengdu.


Mental note - take a different elevator!


Bugs...why did it have to be bugs!


Hello Kitty and booze! What a great combo!


That's right! Intamin mega lite bitches!


ERT on the mega lite!!!


The ride is going to take your soul!!!


It did this Elissa! (Her hair is STILL that way!)


Nothing can prepare you for this. Well, ok, maybe some video can...how about some Mega-Lite POV? Here ya go...




Could the lift be any steeper???


It's not tall, but OMFG is it freaking AMAZING!!!


Intamin RULES!!!


Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!!!


This seriously could be the best layout ever designed for a steel coaster.


Yay! Some Vekoma ERT!


TPR gives the SLC a little bit of love.




Is everyone in? Are you SURE??? Are you positive you're secure?


Joey found a woman!!!


Most awesome collection of plush evar!!!


Chinese knock-off Vinylmation! (I love the Mario one)


Happy Valley parks are awesome. Kind of like "Busch" quality.


Yes!!! They have a clone of the Christmas shooting dark ride!!!


You shoot the elves, reindeer, and even Santa!!!


Didn't you guys learn your lesson LAST YEAR about Happy Valley's water rides?


Everyone totally loved KidTums!


We came back to Floraland today to pick up that spinning mouse credit that was closed yesterday.


My favorite coaster support!


We really are dirty dirty whores!


OMG! real Chinese food is freaking amazing!Tomorrow we have a "non-coaster" day, but we are going to do some pretty insane stuff...just you wait and see!


Tomorrow we have a "non-coaster" day, but we are going to do some pretty insane stuff...just you wait and see!


Don't forget, you can get up-to-the-moment China 2009 trip udpates via FaceBook:





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Intamin Mega-Lites are amazing little coasters. Even the slower morning rides on Piraten were better than most anything out there. And the one afternoon ride we scored was right up there with EGF and Bizarro. Think my top steel looks like this now:


1) Insane

2) EGF

3) Bizarro

4) Piraten


Can't wait to ride the two Asian Mega-Lites!

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Awesome updates, I'm so very jealous you get to go to these places especially China and Japan! Hopefully I'll get to go eventually it's a huge dream of mine(all I need is time and money which I have none of these days).


Anyway love the pictures and updates can't wait to see more! Your Asian adventures are always entertaining.

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Mmmm... Mega-Lites look awesome. This is probably a dumb question that's been brought up before, but do all the Mega-Lites have the same/similar layouts? They look like the do, but I can't really tell for sure... Regardless, they all look fantastic.


And does it rain every time you guys go to China? 'Cause it sure looks like it does.

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And does it rain every time you guys go to China? 'Cause it sure looks like it does.

Well, it does rain something like 300 days out of the year in Asia so it's usually a pretty good chance you'll hit rain at some point during a long trip here.



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Today was "Giant Ass Panda" Day!


There is only one place in the world where you are allowed to hold a Panda and that is at the Chengdu panda reserve where they breed and raise the Giant Panda.


You have to make a $150 per person donation to the reserve and they will let you hold and take pictures with a Giant Panda!


They seriously just sit you down and plop a Giant Panda on top of you!! It was totally insane.


We also got a bonus credit today, visited a traditional tea house, and some of us even got our ears cleaned!


Onto some photos...


Gotta lube up for the fisting convention!


Today is Giant A$$ Panda day! We all need to play the ring toss game to try and win a Giant A$$ Panda.


"Nobody ever wins a Giant A$$ Panda."




Robb and the GIANT. A$$. PANDA


Yay!!! You just won a giant A$$ panda!


Hello Mr. Giant A$$ Panda. Do you like to eat babies?


"Is this Panda kosher?"


"Is this old man thinking dirty thoughts about me???"


"I just farted."


No please don't hurt me! Here, Take my wallet!




Where can I apply for this job???And now for a TPR lesson in Panda anatomy...


Boys have a penis...


Girls have a vagina.We at TPR hope you have learned something today!


Next up was the "People's Park" in Chengdu for a little bit of local culture and a few surprises!


The park was beautiful. Lots of people out playing today.


Chinese kids toys are awesome. Try getting this through airport security!


Now where do we go in case of emergency, again?


Lizard on a stick, anyone?And now, guess what we found here?


BONUS CREDIT!!! We have found a totally undocumented roller coaster! We will adopt it and name is "Laser Snake Horse on Fire!"


This one is MUCH better than the Kings Island version!


Quail on a stick anyone?


Next up...a traditional Chinese tea house!


Headscratch, Shane? Headscratch?


Don't you wish, Joey?


Shane got a root canal...in his ear!!!


"A ColecoVision? Keep digging!"


And one more time....GIANT. A$$. PANDA!!!


Tonight we head back to Shanghai, and tomorrow...Happy Valley!!!


Add us on FaceBook for more updates!




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I remember seeing some TV special about that Panda reserve. They had an earthquake a while back and the place was torn apart and it killed a few of the animals. Was the palace still a mess in places or was it all put back together?


150 bucks to hold a panda?, I had no idea that for any amount of money you could actually touch a panda let alone hold one. What a unique experience that was for you guys. Great trip add on Rob, you really know how to keep these trips interesting.

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