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Michigan's Adventure Help!

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Hey guys! Iam in the need of some help for Michigan's Adventure. I have heard many stories that this park is always empty, and I have also heard it can get pretty busy.


So what I need help on is figuring out what the crowds will be like on Sunday, September 6th. I know it is a Sunday, but it is on Labor Day week-end so I am just hoping for a good response!


Thanks guys!

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I think it might be crowded, as it is a holiday weekend, and possibly the last operating weekend of the season for the park. That being said, even if it is crowded, waits shouldn't be too bad except for Wildcat and Corkscrew.


What I said in another topic:


1. Get to the park early as it is located off of a two lane road that can get backed up.


2. Even if it is filled to capacity, you shouldn't need to spend much time there. Most of the queues are fairly small, and the only rides with slow moving queues are Wolverine Wildcat and Corkscrew.


3. Ride Shivering Timbers, then anything else you want to, then back to Timbers


4. There aren't many food options in the park, but unless you leave something in the car, you're stuck there. The only restaurants I saw were: Coasters, a pizza restaurant(seemed to only serve entire pizzas, snack stalls, and outdoor grills selling hot dogs and snacks.


5. The water park looked good, but it will probably be packed if it is hot out. When I went two weeks ago, the water park was packed, but except for the few hours during the lunch rush, the ride park was dead.




As for crowds, I doubt it'll be crowded. When I went, I heard someone say that schools started the following Monday, so it was the last weekend of freedom for the kids. It was also really really hot, so a lot of people went to the park to cool off. Even though the parking lot was filled to capacity, it was not uncomfortable unlike if you went to a major park that had a filled parking lot.


So make sure you get a lot of rides on Timbers. If you don't like it much at first, ride it later in the day. When I first rode it around noon, it was fun with some airtime moments, but nothing too special. Later in the day, it hauled @$$, and there was a lot of airtime. It was a bit rough (similar to Avalanche/Hellcat in 06/07), but nothing terrible. Timbers even knocked off El Toro to be my #1 coaster if you need to know how much I like it.




Pros for Mich. Adv:

1. Timbers

2. Price

3. Timbers

4. Operations (for most part)

5. Timbers

6. Cleanliness

5. Timbers



Cons to Mich. Adv.


1. No shade

2. No thrill flat rides

3. limited food options

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Some of the greatest wavepools you will find in the country are at michigan adventure. Their wave-action is so much fun it's definitely one of the highlights. However, temps were in the 40's the other morning a little bit inland from Muskegon at Grand Rapids, so it may be a moot point.


Timbers is good, but it's in need of some trackwork.

Wolverine Wildcat is painful and uneventful, but looks awesome across the lake.

The Grand Rapids Rapids ride is a must do, again if it's over 45F outside...

They let you on the kiddy coaster, so if you want the credit, you can get it.


You shouldn't need more than a half-day or so, even if you do a lot of the waterpark. If you only do one thing in the waterpark, go to the wavepools in the back (With a thrill rating of '5') as they crash into eachother and create whitecaps about six feet high. It's crazy fun.


-James Dillaman

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Wolverine Wildcat is painful and uneventful, but looks awesome across the lake

-James Dillaman


When did you visit? When I rode it a few weeks ago, it was pretty smooth with some airtime on the big hills, and I couldn't believe it was a Dinn coaster. Sure it won't make any top 10 list, but it sure is a hell of a lot better than Predator. Then again, I thought T2 was smooth the first time, so maybe I'm just crazy

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I went to MA on a fairly crowded day two summers ago. Shivering Timbers was the main event, a really fun woodie with plenty of air. Wolverine Wildcat was decent. I rode in the front seat early in the day and found it to be a decent enough ride; smooth but with essentially no airtime, the double up/double down was the best part. Outside of that everything was pretty mediocre and worth riding if only for the credit. I waited probably 15-30 minutes for each coaster with the que's almost full. One train operation on a couple of the rides really slows things down.


I got three rides on ST, one in the morning in the front row, it felt smooth as butter but gave pretty minimal airtime as it had just barely started running and it wasn't hot out yet. Later in the day I got another ride in the front and the back. On a hot day by the afternoon it really picks up speed and the airtime can be really impressive. The trade-off however is some really bad potholes show up and the ride can beat you up pretty good, especially in the back. Still fun, but definitely more aggressive.

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