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larrygator's Pacific Northwest Photo TR (Aug 28th-31st 2009)


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Last Friday, I started a 4 day adventure in the Pacific Northwest. It was my first trip to this part of the country. Overall, it was a great trip with almost 1,500 miles of driving over 4 days. I was powered mainly by Mickey D's Sweet Tea and Jack in the Box.


Unfortunately, I'm new to this digital camera world and accidentally deleted photos from the first day and a half. But have no fear, I have borrowed pictures other TPR members and through Google images. I will try to best resurrect my first 36 hours of the trip before uploading my photos.


Get ready, here we go!


Page 1 - Silverwood - August 28th, 2009 (Below)

Page 2 - Enchanted Forest - August 29th, 2009

Page 3 - Oaks Amusement Park - August 29th, 2009

Page 3 - Wild Waves - August 30th, 2009

Page 4 - Remlinger Farms - August 30th, 2009

Page 5 - Fun Forest - August 30th, 2009

Page 6 - The Foods of the Pacific Northwest Exposition - August 31, 2009

Page 6 - Playland PNE - August 31st, 2009


Sam Cassel says - "It is never too late to tip your Tour Organizers."


Ah, the Northern Quest Casino in Spokane. Thank you for the $750. Let's see how long I can hold on to it. At least i now have money to tip Robb and Elissa for the Scandi Trip


I'm sure I dissapointed Dave Thomas by skipping the IMAX movie. However, I had other plans before settling in for the night.


I stopped after Riverfront Park (Spokane) since it was only 5 minutes from the highway on the way to my hotel. The powered coaster (not really a coaster) was disassembled. They also have a couplf of generic flats rides along with this classic 1909 Looff Carousel.


How much for one rib? An additional $4 allows you to add unlimited ribs, and the meat just slid right off the bone.


Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, BBQ Chicken, Chili and Pepsi products for only $12.


Someone suggest Lindy's (sit Down restaurant) and the menu looked awesome but I went for the All You Can Eat BBQ instead.


The entrance sign to Boulder Beach, Silverwood waterpark that is included in the admission price. I didn't visit but the clientele leaving were more impressive than I expected. Quite the MILFage in I-da-ho.


During the train ride a robbery takes places. All the money that is stolen from you (a donation at your discretion) goes to a local children's charity. They raised over $30,000 last year.


This picture from CaliCoaster shows the train engine that takes you into the woods past Silverwood's bison herd


I felt like yelling "It's a ARM/Larson model," to the idiot next to me that kept pestering the ride op asking who the manufacturer was. That's why I don't talk to enthuseasts, they annoy me and ride ops.


Thunder Canyon provides an unacceptable level of wetness. Your panties will get soaked. Another JimmyBo photo.


As Obsessive Overlord of the Park Index, I failed miserably in accidentally deleting all the flat ride photos, so I present this retread from Knotts courtesy of JimmyBo again.


Tremors, with its' unique layout, did get better as the day wore on. I only wish I had ridden it in better days gone by, but still a solid coaster. thanks 65skylark


With more sustained air, I preferred Timber Terror over Tremors. Thanks again to JimmyBo for the photo


You must "Take the Tunnel" to enter Silverwood. Photo from Splash_Mountain


The obligatory Aftershock photo, that was stolen from JimmyBo. Another Giant Boomerang Invert that I rode on my first attempt. 5 for 5.


I had a very funny joke prepared regarding the I-da-ho, but I don't feel worthy of writing it since I deleted my photos


Epic Fall - Never forget your sunglasses when you have a 6 hour drive into a rising sun


This PTR is brought to you by Mickey D's Sweet Tea, a great way to start every day.

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Wait, a Photo Trip Report from Larry?! That is the first. But, it really isn't a true one considering the borrowed photos. Way to go Larry.


I've been wanting to do this trip since Nathan did it back a few years ago with Coaster Zombies. I can't wait to see your version in pictures! (Old school TPC references included in this sentence)

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The photos are downloaded on my laptop and still reside on the memory card. I would have to be a complete buffoon to lose them now.


It's my first time using a digital camera so there was bound to be some issues.


Jay - Yes, I've also been hoping to make this trip ever since I heard about Nathan's trip years ago.

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Wait, a Photo Trip Report from Larry?! That is the first. But, it really isn't a true one considering the borrowed photos. Way to go Larry.



All is forgiven because his TR features BBQ ribs.

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^^No Sleeves at: Silverwood, Enchanted Forest, Oaks, Wild Waves, Fun Forest and Remlinger Farms.

Sleeves at Playland PNE.


I forgot to mention once you leave Seattle it was 170 miles before the next McDonalds. No wonder Elissa told me the drive from Seattle to Silverwood was so bad.

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Day 2 started out with another long drive from Pasco, Oregon to Enchanted Forest, 50 miles south Portland.


After inspecting the southern range of his empire, 65skylark (The Muffler King of Portland) met up with me at Enchanted Forest. I had read a little about the history of the park but Justin also pointed out quite a few tidbits.


I did not realize that in Oregon it is illegal to pump your own gas. I thought New jersey was the only state with that law, also there is no state sales tax in Oregon.


Since "my pictures" were again deleted, Enchanted Forest photos will be supplied by Justin. However, the next installation with Oaks Park will have my crappy photos.


I forgot to include photos of the Haunted House and Challenge of Mondor.


The haunted house was a fun 5 minute walk through. It wasn't too scary for me as it was not complete darkness.


Challenge of Mondor was a well done and fun shooting dark ride. The ride ops encourage you to ride over and over to acheive a minimum score that earns you a Challenge of Mondor Medal. I only bought enough tickets to ride twice. If I had known how much I would enjoy Challenge of Mondor I would have spent a couple more bucks and bought an unlimited wristband.


That's Justin's wonderful wife Sandi taken last year. She is past 8 months pregnant and couldn't join us, but since Justin took a similar picture of me I have included this one.


A little scary at points as it makes all types of strange noises and makes you worry going around the turns. The lift hill is tame though.


Ice Mountain Bobsled is quite a strange looking beast.


Another example of enchantedness.


These types of storybook displays greet you as you enter the park.


Enchantedness Personified


I finally made it to Enchanted Forest. The entrance reminds me of Magic Forest in Lake George.


All of a sudden you drive around a bend and you're staring this Big MoFo right in the face. The Big MoFo is Mt. Hood.


Hot Damn!


The drive along I-84 to Portland along the Columbia River is very scenic.


The day again started out with Mickey D's Sweet Tea

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Very nice, Larry! I think it actually worked out well that you deleted those photos on accident. You said you wanted to do a unique photo TR and you've certainly have.


It was great hanging out with you again! I'm looking forward to seeing the Oaks Park pictures. Should be about 50 pics of the bumper cars and a half dozen of the rest of the park, right?


And hooray for a Sandi cameo!

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I'm looking forward to seeing the Oaks Park pictures. Should be about 50 pics of the bumper cars and a half dozen of the rest of the park, right?


Well I deleted all the photos sometime right before we decided to go back to the bumper cars. The dozens of photos I took of the bumper cars were from earlier in the day only a few of the remaining photos are of those wonderful Lusse Auto Scooters.

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After leaving Enchanted Forest, the Muffler King of Portland tagged along on a trip to Oaks Amusement Park.


Being a fan of Lusse Auto Scooters, I really wanted to hit this park. They also have a real cheesy dark ride and a Pinfari machine of hot death.


The clientele of the park looked a little downscale, so my lack of sleeves fit right in. I was a little concerned but everyone was well mannered.


The park was mildly crowded the lines for Rock-o-Plane and Screamin Eagle were too long for me to wait.


And there are real pictures from me in this update.


Sam says: "That's still enough money to tip Robb and Elissa for the phenomenal Scandi Trip!"


Well this one sucked. I lost $696. But I'm still ahead $54 for the trip.


Remember the money that I won in the Northern Quest Casino. Well Washington State has 28 casinos like this one.


Because, I like fish.


So, The Muffler King of Portland used his connections to get us into this very crowded floating restaurant. I had the Alaskan Sea Scallop and Salmon Risotto.


I like fish!


This is a sign directing you to the entrance. Since I took it when leaving the park, I'm putting it at the end of the park photos.


Just in case you didn't believe me I did it again. Actually I'm just killing space since 80% of my photos from this park were deleted.


Hey kids, you can get this distorted image if you move your camera.


Oh the insensitivity of having a round-up themed to a volcano so close to Mt. St. Helens.


Always a sign of excellence on a coaster.


Justin succeeded in continuing his 100% track record of getting yelled at by Disk-O ride operators. Congrats Justin!


This ride vehicle takes you on a authentic and educational simulation of Lewis and Clark's Adventure


About 25% of the cars were "Panther" approved colors.


The track was too small and slick but you were still able to lay a few good licks on people


Another side trip for Mickey D's Sweet Tea

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So, The Muffler King of Portland used his connections to get us into this very crowded floating restaurant.


Yeah, I've got pretty good connections. Normally you wouldn't be able to just walk in when there are only two other people in the entire restaurant We literally had the place to ourselves.

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Next up is Day 3, with the first park of the day being Wild Waves. Future installments will show Remlinger Farms and Fun Forest


But to answer Joe's question. There is only one Chick-Fil-A in the Northwest US and it on the campus of Western Washington University. I look these important facts up ahead of time and plan accordingly.


I went to Wild Waves with very limited expectations and that's a good thing because I was still underwhelmed. The establishment focuses on and patrons clearly come primarily for the water park and not the rides, which I find odd in rainy Seattle.


Thunderhawk provided a few good moments, but nothing great. Many of the flat rides required two passengers which is kind of a bummer. I expected this on the Falling Star and Trabant (Gambler). However, this was also enforced on the Octopus, Paratrooper and Ring of Fire.


It was very hot the day I visited and that kept the ride side fairly empty.


Of course, meals were washed down with this.


Jack in the Box's Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken sandwiches served as a surrogate without Chick-Fil-A in the area.


If you want to see more ride photos check out the Park Index, I just added 17 new rides for Wild Waves. FYI - I'll try to add a post with just ride photos tomorrow.


Looking up the Disko's skirt!


Stolen prop from LOST


Don't get too friendly with that tree buddy!


Nice wide midway o'pavement.


Do not ride on the right hand side of this slide.


I like fish!


Looking up the underside of the Pirate Ship.


Real fire would have been better!


A shot of Wild Thing


Bad Parenting 101


The recommendation was not heeded by everyone. Much to my dismay I have some bad images burned onto my retina.


You could easily get these cars spinning nice and fast.


I'm still confused why this Disko is named "Disko Flashback Boogie Ride", there was no seventies theming.


This sign greets riders at way too many rides.


As you enter the park: To the right side of Malaria Lake are the rides, to the left is the water park


I'm here! Do I sound excited?

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