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Photoshop Contest - New Marvel Attractions At Disney!

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As you probably know by now, Disney has bought Marvel. This of course has led to all sorts of speculation as to what sort of Marvel attractions will show up at Disney parks. Well, here's your chance to show us! Post your best imagining of what Marvel themes could be applied to an existing Disney attraction at any of the parks, or an entirely new attraction! Have fun!


Some rules:


1 - All contest images MUST be uploaded to TPR in this thread. You can upload as many images as you like, but only one can be entered into the contest, and must be labeld as "Official Entry #1" before voting starts.


2 - Keep entries "PG-13"


3 - Contest closes at Noon EST on September 13.


The winner will get a TPR Bag-O-Crap! Plus there could be a bonus "mystery prize"...



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Hi Guys! I mostly lurk this website and read threads.. but I just couldn't help but make a spoof of Marvel being bought by Disney..


So here it is: Official Entry # 1 ! Enjoy !



I see our fellow Spidey, Hulk, etc being very sad !!!

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