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TV ALERT: Extreme Terror Rides 2: Death Defying Drops

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I guess I don't fit water slides into EXTREME terror rides but this is a decent selection. Too bad there isn't enough time to offer more content.


I wonder when Extreme Terror Rides 3 debuts?




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I used to love these shows back before I was a total geekdorkenthusiastnerd, now the shows just seem really lame because they always make the most normal things sound "death defying" and one of a kind, they also usually rave about gimmicky coasters. Of course that is a very smart idea as they're trying to please the gp and not whiny coaster enthusiasts like myself

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Dont worry about taping it, it sucked anyway. A wave pool? A skatepark? WTF?? They could not find anything else to report about?

The Voyage is mentioned and they dont even discuss Pilgrim's Plunge? Isnt that an extreme drop?

A passenger on Steel Hawk says it is the most intense coaster on the planet. Hmmmm. He must not go to many places.

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Well, it is a pretty simple concept of a ride. You go up, then you come down. It's pretty funny though, the park where the ride is located issued a press release about the documentary today, saying how the US will see the Giant Drop in the Extreme Terror Rides show, and it goes on to say how they are at the Forefront of Thrill/ Terror Rides, but it seriously made me laugh, the last "Record Breaking ride" they installed is over 10 years old now (the Giant Drop). All the rest have been, well fun (the Claw, the Motocoaster, whilst being great rides, there is nothing "Record" breaking or "Terror-ising" about them).

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