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Happy Valley Shenzhen - New TPR Video!

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Hey everyone!


Since we are leaving for China again in two days I figured I'd post one of my favorite segments from our recent "Coaster Expedition Volume 12" DVD for you all to see.


This time around it's Happy Valley Shenzhen! The "Original" Happy Valley park in China. This park (and the video) has some very, VERY bizarre rides and antics including the "Christmas Themed Dark Ride" and the water cannons of death!


Enjoy the video...post your comments below!




And remember, you can pick up this DVD along with other TPR goodies in the TPR Store:



Thank you again for all your support!




ps. If anyone is having problems viewing this video, please post ASAP!

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whoow ! looks awesome..

i always like chinees themeparks, they are always very different than the themeparks here in the Netherlands,


that train is very long from that yellow suspended looping coaster!


that tidal wave has lots of water!

in Island of adventure rip saw falls there where also bad people who put a coin in a watermachine!


thanks for the video!

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Cool, looks like you had a fun time. I got to go on a trip one day


I got a question do you deliver those DVDs to Australia.

Yes we do! Our DVDs work in all international players and are shipped all over the world!



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You got to give Miles and Steve credit. They were the only folks without a poncho!!! We actually hung around this portion of the park to hoses folks after the already drenching splash after the drop.


These water cannons are also used on the rapids--and if you ask for it, the ride op will activate one of the many water cannons.

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I had a blast at this park back in May. Only park I have ever visited that stepped us through stretching exercises before riding a roller coaster (suspended looping coaster). The Mine Train coaster was also fun. Quirky though was the "Tidal-Wave" type ride that had a plexi-glass wall keeping the "wave" from soaking people on the bridge. The water cannons WERE fun to watch though


I'll never forget the young lady who grabbed onto me and my friend in the haunted-house walk-through and screamed the whole way through. Not sure if she was serious or just a plant. It was entertaining either way.


One last thing that impressed me about the park was their apparent lack of desire to overcharge for things like merchandise and food. Prices seemed to be on par for what you pay for things outside of the park.

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^It's funny you mention the stretching exercises!!


When we were there last year Robb and I were switching off watching the baby and riding stuff. Well, Robb and the group went to the SLC, rode, that was it. Then it was my turn (Jeff accompanied me), well we were put in this classroom and had to go through stretching exercises and other random chants and stuff!


When we asked everyone else about this they had no clue what we were talking about!!!!


I assume that the ops saw a bunch of westerners altogether and let them skip it, but since it was only Jeff and I, they grouped us with the locals and put us through our paces!

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