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Lost Island announces Proslide Rocket for 2010

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August 26, 2009 - Newest Attraction for 2010


Lost Island Waterpark in Waterloo announces their newest, most extreme attraction ever for the 2010 season, in celebration of their 10 year anniversary! The ProSlide HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET will be the park's longest ride at a whopping 990 feet long, with construction beginning September 1st. There are only 10 of it's kind in the world!


Riders seated in a 4-person raft are brought to the top of the ride before dropping 30 feet down a 45-degree slope. With the help of HydroMAGNETIC technology, riders will then be propelled up a series of four hills, twists and turns at the same speed as that first exhilarating drop. Linear induction motors make this possible by utilizing alternating magnetic fields beneath the slide surface that first attract and then instantly repel the rafts, pushing them rapidly and smoothly uphill. ProSlide from Canada is the only company in the world to use this ground breaking technology on water rides and has won numerous awards including the IAAPA Best New Product Award in 2007. The new ride at Lost Island Waterpark features a ride-up conveyor which replaces any stairs, making the water coaster accessible to riders who might have difficulty walking up stairs.


If you would like to submit a name for Lost Island's new ride you could end up winning a 2010 season pass! Please email your entry to info@thelostisland.com with your name and address. Deadline for entries October 1, 2009.




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Construction is on schedule at Iowa's Lost Island for the waterpark's 10th anniversary season and the introduction of a ProSlide HydroMagnetic Rocket water coaster. Sporting the exotic name of Wailua Kapua, which translates to purple Hawaiian river dragon, the 990-foot-long attraction will be the largest ride addition in the waterpark's history.



Though challenged by the cold winter weather and heavy Iowa winds, ProSlide crews having been working tirelessly to have the ride ready for the new season, which begins in June.


The HydroMagnetic Rocket has many attributes of a roller coaster. Utilizing a combination of water lubrication, downhill and uphill gravity and ProSlide's proprietary HydroMagnetic technology, riders experience the acceleration of the ascent followed by the exhilarating speeds of the downhill drops.


The Lost Island ride will also feature one of the first ride-up conveyors. Instead of a series of stairs leading up to the beginning of the ride, guests will board the four-person rafts at the bottom of the first hill and ride the conveyor up to the top.


Lost Island also features other award-winning ProSlide water rides like the ProSlide Tornado, CannonBowl, OctopusRacer, and Dark Mammoth.


Referencing Holiday World's record-breaking ProSlide-designed Wildebeest, also opening in 2010, Lost Island General Manager Eric Bertch said: "The other water coaster in Santa Claus, Indiana is also opening in 2010. If the weather cooperates, we should be the first one completed.


"Having this major, major addition to the park, and the fact that we do try to keep everything new to the guests, we're really going to hit it this spring with a heavy marketing plan touting the ten-year anniversary to try to reach out further than we have in the past," Bertch added.

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