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Canada's Wonderland TR + more

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August 24th, 2009


Every year in August and December, I make my yearly trip to Ontario to visit family. A trip to Ontario for me is not complete without a trip to Canada’s Wonderland of course! Unlike last year, this time it’s just me and one of my cousins. The park was quite crowded just like every other time I’ve been with most queues for rides being from 30 minutes to an hour at least. I got all the credits I missed out on with the exception of The Fly which we had to skip because we were out of time.


One thing I just noticed about Canada’s Wonderland is that they allow people to bring bottled water. Unlike at CGA how no outside food or drink including water is allowed to be brought in. After entrance, we head off to the Medieval Faire section first to ride Dragon Fire but it turns out it will be closed until later. In that case, we went and rode Drop Tower instead. I’ve already ridden this one before and I didn’t really like it but I thought I might as well give it another go. I liked this one better than the one at Great America because when they hold you at the top, the ride op says something like “Dropping in 10…9…8….” I don’t remember anything like that last time I rode it though. We got dropped a bit unexpectedly as we were dropped when the countdown only got down to 3. It was still worth the 30 minute wait and I think I’m starting to like Intamin tower rides now (but it doesn’t mean my fear of heights/falling is completely gone).


While we wait for Dragon Fire to open, we decided to take a ride on Wild Beast. Definitely was a wild ride that lives up to its name indeed! I wouldn’t exactly say this one is the worst wooden coaster ever but I can’t say it’s the best either. There was some airtime, but it’s not really that great. I did do a 1 click ride though as the ride ops didn’t staple the hell out of us. My cousin didn’t bother with the “1 click” thing as he says there isn’t really much to enjoy on Wild Beast.


It’s time for my second credit of the day, Dragon Fire. The wait wasn’t that long though (I guess it’s not that popular), about 30 minutes give or take. Man this one is a serious head banger! Even Demon at CGA was even smoother. But unlike Demon, they were running 2 trains which seemed to speed things up a lot.


Next, I ride my fourth boomerang credit (I’ve ridden Flashback, Invertigo, and Boomerang: Coast to Coaster), The Bat. Because of the shuttle nature and the loading process, the wait was way over an hour. It was perhaps the longest line we waited in all day. I and my cousin even had to sit separate just so we could get on faster. Just when I thought I liked boomerangs, this one completely changed my mind. The three I’ve been on were smooth but this one was so rough! Another CW off the shelf head banger.


We head off to the kids’ area to ride Silver Streak, but it turned out the lineup was just too long and not worth waiting for. Besides, it’s only a kids’ coaster and I already have the credit for it. Instead, we decide to credit whore Taxi Jam. Didn’t get a chance to take any pictures though. It’s nothing really special except I finally get the Taxi Jam credit I missed at CGA. It’s the same layout as the other two Miler family coasters I’ve ridden.


After credit whoring, we decide to chill out in front of the wave pool in the water park. None of us brought swimwear and especially with the fact that I hate being seen in a swimsuit, we didn’t go on any of the water slides. I decide to ride the next coaster by myself as my cousin hates it, Mighty Canadian Minebuster. The wait for MCMB wasn’t that long actually, about 25 minutes only. MCMB is one that I thought I had already ridden for awhile but just to realize I actually haven’t. I was going to cross it off from my credit count book at first when I realized that I hadn’t actually ridden it but decided not to because I knew I’d get a chance to ride it anyways. Did another 1 click ride and caught some good air on the “tallest wooden coaster in Canada”. But either way, it’s still another rough one.


After MCMB, I met up with my cousin at the exit. We passed by Jet Scream on our way to Sledge Hammer only to find out it was broken. I heard that Sledge Hammer has been broken for awhile. We both gave Jet Scream a miss as it’s a really uncomfortable ride and I am not a big fan of Intamin looping starships. I really wanted to do Behemoth again as it used to be my favourite coaster but the lineup looked like it would be about 2 hours. The good news is I already have the credit. The bad news is, I didn’t get to try a back seat ride on Behemoth without being stapled (I can just imagine that airtime).


The final coaster of the day, my cousin also didn’t like. This meant I have to ride next to a stranger. I pay my old enemy Flight Deck another visit. Let me tell you, this is the SLC I had a REALLY bad experience with 2 years ago. I don’t let bad experiences put me off and especially how Kong wasn’t that bad, I decided to give it another chance. It was a worse head banger than Kong for sure. The Wikipedia article says that Flight Deck was rumoured to get new trains for the 2009 season, but it didn’t. I would love to see some new trains though, as that would make me like it more. I didn’t exactly black out this time but there were some pretty strong G’s as it’s supposed to simulate flying an F-14 fighter. I felt so dizzy afterwards. I am just not very tolerant of G’s in general, but it could also be how I was feeling that day. Even though I made sure I wasn’t hungry or thirsty before riding, I was quite tired and still recovering from a bad cold (I took some cold medicine that day, which probably affected my tolerance). Motion sickness likely a part in that too I’m pretty sure. Motion sickness sucks really, but it’s a lot worse when you’re recovering from a bad cold. I didn’t throw up or anything but I did feel pretty bad. At least I felt fine enough after like 30 minutes to eat a funnel cake (yum!). Hey Flight Deck, I still hate you, I like your cousin in California better. I really regret wasting my time on this one when I could have done The Fly instead. I already have the Flight Deck credit but not The Fly credit.


Overall, we had a good time at Canada’s Wonderland minus the last coaster and a missed credit. Next up, adventures in Niagara Falls including The Maid of The Mist (no Marineland though unfortunately).


I'll help keep Cedar Fair in buisness. Take the funnel cake! (Thanks Atem122)


Time Warp, the Zamperla Volare death trap waste of space thing.


One of those reflective thingies.


Hmmm shall I strike a match to find out?


My old enemy, we meet again. I still hate you.


Skyrider, sorry I don't feel like taking a ride on your TOGO-ness this time.


But Behemoth you're so photogenic...


My deepest apologies Behemoth, I love you but I don't have time for you today. (Taken from MCMB's queue)


Brake fin nerd shot!


Loop porn for all you loop lovers!


Hello Riptide, formerly Cliffhanger. No love for you today because I didn't want to get soaked.


Hello Arrow "sardine cans", my name's Jess and I ain't pleased to meet you.


What's green and rough and erm...Arrow-y? Dragon Fire nerd shot!


Ready to go.


Nerd shot.


Wild Beast. Certainly lives up to its name.


That's more like it.


"Look up at the camera!"


Wild Beast stopped on the lift hill because someone took their camera out. "Please put the camera away and I will start it again" or something like that.


Drop Tower nerd shot.


Best cousins/ride partners forever?


Mandatory Cedar Fair trashcan shot.


We're here.


The acrobatic show in the Medieval Fair place. I want to be a stunt actor someday...


Eat me not ye ol' rusty dragon!

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Yay, Canadian parks


It sucks that Wonderland was busy for you, but I hear it is busy all the time. I went on the 17th of this month and it was pretty bad, but last year I went around this time and it wasn't bad at all.. But yeah last week I saw the Behemoth line coming out of the queue area and onto the midway, but they get the trains out fast so I wouldn't expect it would have been more than an hour wait. Sucks you didn't get your back row ride.. It's incredible in the back, and when I went on it, it was running trimless which was even more delicious!


Wonderland definitely has a nice atmosphere though, so even if it's busy, you can still walk around and enjoy the sights and stuff, which is another thing I like about the park. Shame most of the other lines were full, and it sucks that you picked Fligth Deck over Sky Rider (which is one of my favourite things in the park actually).. Also I don't think Time Warp is that bad either, but I did skip it when I went last time. The operations this year, or at least when I went, were pretty crappy too in terms of like, having rides being broken because I saw Sledgehammer, Drop Zone, Jet Scream, Psyclone, and Riptide all closed at some point throughout the day.


Glad you had fun though.. Don't worry about the missed credits! I didn't have all my credits at Wonderland until this year.. Had to get Silver Streak and Fly, and Fly was actually pretty scary!

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Nice TR, Jess!


I really don't understand your logic, though...you wasted most of you day riding the park's crap coasters (Flight Deck, Dragon Fyre, Bat, Wilde Beast, and MCMB), yet you skipped the best rides that the park has to offer (Behemoth, Sky Rider, Vortex, Shockwave, and Cliffhanger)?



The headbanging early in the day on Dragon Fyre must have really messed with your mind...

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^I was wondering the same thing! I mean, to each her own, but I can't image stepping foot inside CW without getting at least one ride on Behemoth. Flight Deck, Dragon Fyre, Bat, Wilde Beast, MCMB...I skip every one of them for that glorious B&M! Well, just as long as you enjoyed yourself, that's the important thing.


Nice TR, Jess!

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It was more of a "credit run" than a "enjoy yourself" thing. Basically I went to CW this year to get all the credits I missed in the previous years I've been going there. That took up most of the day anyways. I enjoyed all those rough coasters except Flight Deck of course! We were short on time too. I skipped Skyrider because I'm not a big fan of standups really.


I was so disappointed that I didn't get to ride Behemoth. We chose the wrong day to visit CW, it was too crowded that day. So it ended up as a "credit run".


Anyways, Niagara Falls!


I really wanted to go to Marineland as it was really close by. My cousin said it was a waste of time though as it's like $40 to get in. And we didn't have time after taking the famous Maid of The Mist boat tour. The Maid of the Mist is a sightseeing boat ride that takes you pretty close to the Niagara Falls without actually touching or going under the falls. The pictures may not be that clear though as I had my camera inside a plastic bag so it doesn't get wet as it does get quite misty.


The Maid of the Mist. Ain't she lovely.


King Kong!




The WWE place. They had a drop tower ride but it was broken that day so I didn't get to ride.


All you need is love. The Beatles are awesome.


Rainforest Cafe. Used to have one of those so close to me in Vancouver but it closed sadly.


At the Hard Rock Cafe. Or should I say Freestyle Music Cafe?


Clifton Hill aka Niagara's fun street.


Coaster tracks or boat launch ramps? You decide.


The Canadian Horseshoe Falls.


Going near the American falls.


The Horseshoe Falls (the Canadian side one).


The group.


Waiting to get on the boat.


Oh Sky Screamer in the distance...How I want to ride thee...


Enter the mist.

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