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Director_Guy Does Disneyland... again.

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George is maybe a little too excited to be here.

The crowds have much improved since my last visit to Disneyland

Today was George's birthday. Meaning he gets in free and we have to pretend that we like him.


We rode pirates and I insisted on some Mansion action in order to start the day off right.

Dutch Angled


Single rider proved useful, not only for quickly not getting on a ride that was down, but for group photos!

Hmm, could you be a little brighter and maybe a little more blurry?

Ah, thanks! That's great.


Those of you who still have their Mara cards from when the ride opened (I was there and totally don't have mine anymore:() get ten points* if you tell me what it says.


"What the hell is he looking at?"


Avast there, a mast there.


Time for some "not-as-good" Thunder.

Megan rides all alone because she has a terrible boyfriend.

We rejoice in her loneliness, and zoomed away...

Couch sleeping, tonight. What is "You"?

George is enjoying our first roller coaster together.


Suddenly, Meg, in fit of joy, becomes a hidden Mickey!


Gobble and Gobble. Attorneys at law.


And here I thought that they smelled bad on the outside.

We had to ride Star Tours. It matched her shirt.


In your new dream home, you can aspire to fire all the peons in your office. THE FUTURE IS NOW!


My future does not look good...


Damn it's hot.


What's this?! A cry for help?!


Out of coupons STOP

Denny's Grand Slam Only Option STOP

Sausages Gave Bowel Problems STOP


Something appalling is on the floor of Space Mountain!

It's you.


Meg has a deep seeded hatred for Ewoks.



Wishing well.

Can you wish unwell in a wishing well?








We all try our hand at pulling out the sword.


Oh my god, coolest thing ever!


Oooooooh the Kodak Picture Spot!


Man these things are really zoomin' by.


That's great, guys, but I prefer a hat my own size.

Much better.


Well, it's getting late, and the mansion turned us into ghosts..

See? Even George has Silent Hill head goin' on.


However, Jungle Cruise at night is amazing!

And this guy had the driest delivery I've ever heard.


Pirate cheek.

My audtition to be a dog animatronic.


One last awesome trip on Indy ended the day very nicely.

I think we made the people behind us laugh with how much we were getting into it.


So tired.


The End.


*Points only redeemable through Globo Corporation Products. Ten thousand points being the minimum to obtain any product. Points brought to you by Asbestos. The next "best-os" thing.

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