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Six Flags Island Adventure [RCT2]

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There's another file missing for me, DUKES024. I like the looks of the park from the screenshots. I don't really like the curved lift on the invert though. I will give you the rest of my opinion once I can open the park.
Are you sure its 024 at the end? In my object data the dukes end at 22...so ill post the ones close to 24, download these and see if it will start



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^ That is were all the problems getting the park to open are coming from. I have never been able to get the park to open either. Every time I put in a plug-in that's missing an new shows up.

Go back into your saved game and open the little disc icon (options) and export plug-in will be at the very bottom next to real names of guests. Check-mark it and save it again. That's all it takes.


Will you be putting up a new download of the park?

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When nin and I were talking about the Batman theming on page 1, i decided he was right so I took out the log ride and began to build a mini Gotham City, which you will see in this game. Anyway, I never finished Batman because I've been very busy with my park for Stoksy's contest. So if you want to finish Batman and Gotham City, feel free to do it and post it on this thread, it will be very intresting to see how people finish it, if they do. I check marked the export plug-ins and resaved it, so you should all be able to download it now. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Six Flags Island Adventure.SV6

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Ok, I finally was able to open it that time! That park is AWESOME! You did a great job of putting IOA and Six Flags styles, which are completely different, in 1 park.


I just have 1 question. I was going to add more trains to each ride and saw that you had all the coasters on Boat Hire mode. What is Boat Hire Mode, and why do you have all the coasters on that mode?


Anyway, thanks for being patient with my computer issues.

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Since a lot of the rides are merged and hacked, If I leave them on continous circuit mode it will say it cant run because the track is not a complete circuit, but if I put them on boat hire mode the train just soars over the part where it said it wasnt complete and the ride works perfect. And thanks for the positive comments, it makes me want to make more parks.

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^Ok, I'm glad I asked before I went and switched all the rides to continuous circuit mode. That explains all the nightmarishly long queues. lol


And please do more parks! I'd like to see your hand at recreating a real Six Flags park. Either SFFT, SFOT, or SFNE are the ones I'd like to see.


I don't know if you noticed this, but guests keep getting stuck 1 or 2 tiles in from the entrance and they can't exit the park.


While I think this is an awesome park, great coasters, really good scenery, I think you really missed the boat when you did the park's layout as it is not peep friendly at all. With your long curving path ending with a dead end at a coaster, peeps are never going to get that far. I plan on adding more to the island and making a bridge go under Superman: Ride of Steel to make the park a full circle. I'll post screenshots if I do it, but I'm not sure if I want to do all that if I can't even get the guests to enter and exit the park.

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THanks for bringing that up I forgot to tell everyone: When your making a park never usethe "own all land" feature in 8 cars because it messes up the entrance area which is why guests cant go far, because it tells you dont own the land and you cant touch it. So never do that. And i've already recreated SFNE but that was along time ago and I dont have the file but hey, Im kind of in the mood for another recreation.

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Do you think that you can post some more pictures. My computer decided that it does not want to download your park so my New computer (Which sadly, is a Mac) would like to see some pictures of your park because the computer in my basement which has rct2 is a big meanie.

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