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List of top 10 weirdest theme parks

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A website I like publishes lists of bizzare things from around the world daily, and recently it published a list of 10 bizzare theme parks form around the world.

Some of them you probably heard of before like Bon Bon land, but there's still a couple of gems in there:




Granted some of them are debatable as to are they a theme park or... something else, but the buddhist waterpark looks pretty interesting.



I'm a little surprised that "The Holy Land Experience" and a local park called Kings' City(also based on the bible) didn't make it in. But I guess they're not as weird as a park chain where all the rides are diggers.

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Neat to find out I have actually been to (now) two of the Top Ten Listed: Bon Bon Land (in the recent TPR Scandi Tour in June) and Harmony Land (TPR Japan Tour, 2007).





Is that a "Hellooooooo Kitty" I hear?


Naw, probably just a dog farting, somewhere...


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