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I must say that I had a great day at SFMM today, the atmosphere of the place seemed much higher today than usual, the crowds were light, there were lots of families with little kids (some who happened to like Goliath) and over all just a fun day. I noticed many improvements...and many more pathetic attempts at advertising, but I'll get to that later. I must say that the place was very clean, and operations for the most part were pretty good, Batman had a god awful crew though, luckily it was only a 2 train wait!


On to the magical pictures!

Being a nerd, the running of the bulls is a must if you wanna get X2 out of the way

Yeah I'd consider the extra effort worth it

Check this out! Viper was running 2 trains, but one still maintained it's old glory! And not the new "hotness" of Scharzkopf hair gel...

And my quest for free water begins (I really want a Bag o' Crap)

Panda Express does give out free water without any problem...only they gave us sparkling water. But on the bright side, we beat the system and got a drink that should have been payed for, for free!

I've been to SFMM 10 times, but oddly enough this was my first ride on Roaring Rapids...it was not an acceptable amount of wetness as it killed 2 phones and a Flip video camera in my group alone!

Hopefully this picture will attract a comment from some kind of nerd for rapids

But it does give good views of Tatsu's hotness!

A beautiful picture of Tatsu...ruined by my lack of ability to time a shot.

While I am far from a B&M fanboy...they do make sexy looking coasters

Are there any other amusement parks that allow you to get this freakay?!!!

At this point I had major wood...in my sights.

Props to SFMM for theming the signs for the games around Termy, not too shabby!

But first I took a trip over to SFGAm...no wait SFOG...wait...Silverwood?

Dead men may tell no tales, but I take about the same quality pictures as dead men so they got something right!

Hidden Mickey?!!!

Yeah an hour and a half after opening...there was still no line. I literally rode back row without having to wait a train

Yeah...not much going on over here in the ol' queue

TAKE THE OVERPASS!!!! (that's a funny joke because the train is going over the takeable tunnel)

After many failed attempts at this signature shot, I finally got it. BTW I lay claim to this picture and anyone taking a picture even mildly similar to this will be sued.

Probably the best form of revenge in So Cal *looks at Montezooma*

This is just dirty, dirty, dirty, nerdyness right here, I deserve to be shot.

It's a dive loop, but not underwater...that's deep. (Pun credit anyone?!)

My next stop for free water: Johnny Rockets!


I was gonna ride Scream...but it was broken, living proof that B&Ms do in fact break down, so enjoy this picture instead for now, I'll be back for it later!

As you can see...Colossus had about an hour long wait...*cough*

Goliath IS a sexy beast.

I didn't know this thing went fast!

I was so happy to finally see another fighter jet...then I realized that it was just Superman.

Eagle's Flight footer: now with cargo net theming!

Papa John's lunch: Con agua gratis!

Time for Goldrusher: The Rippinist Ridinist Rockitist Rockinist Rapinist Rootbeerinist Ride In the Wilderness! Yee haw!

...Cause I had to.


This is what being bored in the line for the Sky Tower gets you...

And this...

And this.

Look at that useless spot of dirt. Tony Hawk could use that for like half piping or something

And just when you thought SFMM couldnt get any lower with advertising...take a look at your new ad playing jumbotron conveniently located right to the side of the fountain!

It's a sign.

Cedar Fair has spot the trashcans, Six Flags has spot the advertisements!

Time for a ride on good ol Log Jammer, even ghosts love this ride! Seriously, they were sending out an awful lot of empty boats, and this was like the 2nd longest line I waited in all day!...but it was still like 10 minutes

The people in the back row are experiencing weightlessness *nerd sniff*

Wascal's+free water+Atem hand

Bathroom graffiti win.

Free water, but more importantly, the sign is fixed! Seriously, this sign made my PTR back in February when it only had 1 flag lit up, then it made Creditcrazy's Termination Day PTR when it had no flags. But now it's back to 6 f***ing flags! BTW if you're a pedophile that likes hands, free water, and neon signs...this photo's for you!

MMM boring ride!

I went for a re ride on Terminator...as you can see it was packed!

What a cute little touch!

That would be a legit empty row right there...on the plus side I saw Michael the amazing ride op when I was walking up the stairs!

We got a quick ride on Tatsu in the back which was beastly, and then my friend and I capped the day off by having a Viper half marathon, that's right, I survived 5 rides in a row!

Bye Bye Six Flags!

Well helloooooo X2

Bye X2! But you have to admit, that picture is sexy!

And to top it all off...Helloooooo Wendy's!


That concludes my totally amazing and fantastic PTR, I would like to give a shout out to TPR member "Pal" as I met him in the station for Terminator today.


On a side note: Terminator got a themed automatic ride spiel that while doesnt sound very intense, still beats the automatic spiels for: Goliath, Tatsu, Scream...and those other rides!


And to conclude: Places that do give free water from my personal experience:

Papa Johns

Johnny Rockets


Cyber Cafe

Food ETC

Ben and Jerry's

Panda Express


So I'm pretty sure that fiasco a few days ago about paying for a cup of water was purely employee error as neither I nor my group of 8 had any problems with getting free water from the restaurants

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Awesome TR, I actually burst out laughing at the bathroom graffiti, that kind of caught me off guard and considering I'm being really lazy(its like 130 anyway) I am not thinking at full maturity. I loved the second shot of Tatsu with the full train in the sun.

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I can never find a hidden mickey at DL & you find one at SF...? Unfair . I had to double take the bathroom graffiti shot cause I didn't realize how stupidly clever it was at first. Cool TR, but Wendy's? Am I the only one who feels that In-N-Out is mandatory for post-theme park food?

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Great PTR. That last picture of X2 is awesome. The bathroom graffiti was funny, too, but hopefully the park fixes it. We don't want families to see that!


Just out of curiosity, how long was the line for X2 in the middle of the day?

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Hey Atem, it was cool to run into another TPR'er at the park. Thanks for the shout-out.


X was running great yesterday. Would you believe "smooth" in the back? Really! And it didn't hurt that the line was as short as I've ever seen it (we only make it to MM a couple times a year), only about 15 minutes when we hit it again at 3 pm.


What a super day for re-rides. We walked onto Terminator (5 laps on the day), saw Deja Vu cycling nearly empty trains at 11:30, went straight into the seats on Goliath and could have stayed on long past our 3 laps. Even Batman with its slow ops was a 1 cycle wait, and that was for the front.


We finally burned out with our ride count at 20 total, but it easily could have been 30 or more if we hadn't taken long cool-down breaks and stuck it out for the final two hours.


These final few weekdays of summer 09 are a super time to hit the park.

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Awesome TR. It's almost hard to believe that SFMM was that empty, and that you rode Viper 5 times in a row... (even though it's still fun). I really have to find a way to get there soon before the crowds come back.

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Awesome TR. It's almost hard to believe that SFMM was that empty, and that you rode Viper 5 times in a row... (even though it's still fun). I really have to find a way to get there soon before the crowds come back.

I have a pretty high tolerance for Viper, but 5 rides in a row was realllly pushing it

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I have no problem with Viper at all. At one time, yes, but I've learned to sit up as straight as I can and keep my head above the OTSRs. I'm 5'-8", so maybe that helps a bit.



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^If you're 6' or over it kills your shoulders, well at least from my personal experiences.


Very good trip report and very funny!

I thought I was the only one!


Great trip report, but I'm disappointed at the lack of water collecting

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Awesome TR. It's almost hard to believe that SFMM was that empty, and that you rode Viper 5 times in a row... :vekoma

I used to ride Shockwave at SFGAm 30+ times in a row and it was way rougher than Viper. Im guessing this kid is still young .

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