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The unofficial Great Adventure Online Day!

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Great Adventure Online is PLEASED to announce our first annual unofficial Great Adventure Online Day! With a special thanks to the park's awesome PR (cough Angel!), we will be holding a fun-filled event at the park.. as well celebrating the FIRST night of this year's Fright Fest! This event will allow you to put the faces to the members you have been posting with, enjoy your favorite attractions with them, compete in trivia contests for prizes, and even, a Q&A with the park! You will be able to ask YOUR questions to the park! By then, you could be asking about next year's newest attraction!


Information on meet up times will be posted within the next two weeks! Begin your planning, this will be one event you will sure not to miss! You ARE allowed to bring guests, friends, family, even if they aren't a member! We suggest to bring money, as we will be having a group lunch at Best of the West! Don't forget your camera.. you may need it! This will be an ALL DAY event! If you can't make mornings, come at night! Can't make the night, come in the morning! The Q&A time will be at 2pm at the Lake Front.. but more information on all meet up times will be posted later. We will be enjoying everyone's favorite attractions as well as kicking off Fright Fest! Don't forget, we will be taking group shots throughout the day! You WILL be put on the home page of Great Adventure Online!


We look forward to the event! Check back here for meet up times, trivia information, and more!



To post your question for the Q&A, click above!



Click above to purchase your Online Day '09 t-shirt!



Click above for our Online Day Twitter Contest!



The Agenda "Meet Up Times"

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This guy will be there.

I never had BOTW and I've been at the park every weekend this summer. I hope they can give me off so I can come and play in the park with the best fansite ever! This is going to be a seriously fun day.

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You hyped it so well



I read the whole agenda and it sounds really fun, especially the part about seeing Angel Aristone again



Checking The Big Mike Road Show Schedule, of the 5 Saturdays in October, your Oct 3rd is the only Saturday I have free!



Plus Renee may be there!


Plus it is Fright Fest!



I think there is a good chance that Big Mike will attend! Now we need to get Lena to attend too!!! Kingda Ka Lena!!!



Good Job Josh!!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - I don't think $10 is going to be enough money to feed The Big Man lol

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