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This is my new coaster NO2 [Nitro.]

It includes some AWESOME features.


- Non Inverted Immelman

- 100° High Turn

- 3 air-time hills

- **NEW** Inverted Helix

- Norwegian Loop

- 155° Stengel Dive


Hope You Like It.

POV comming soon





Pretty good banking there... 155°


Enterring the Norwegian Loop


Inverted Helix




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-It was pretty smooth. It wasn't the smoothest thing in the world but it still was fairly pump free. Good job.

-Uniqueness. This was also a negative in that you pushed the boundary between hyper and looper. I mean it was fun, but most definitely not realistic in the slightest.



-Supports. Sections of track were both way over supported (the brake run) and way under supported (the lift hill).

-The brake run ran a bit long. It just kept going and going and it was un needed.


Overall this wasn't a bad coaster, just watch the style of coaster you are building to and then stick to it. Keep up the good work though.

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