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I have to be honest, I love how everyone is banding together to help make TPR a much more NL-savvy place since Coastersims and NLDC have gone down.


I think if we do well enough we could get a large influx of some of the more advanced NL users from places like Coastersims. And hopefully good modding would help avoid some of the ruder ride comments/reviews that have been seen on CS.


I think this would be a good idea. A nice way to share ride concepts that someone may find interesting but don't have the time to bring to fruition themselves.

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^ I wouldn't mind a making a Sticky, but I don't want there to be a huge amount of stickies. They tend to get over looked, and clutter the board.


BUT, if you guys would rather have a bunch of stickies for previews, and the "dump" thread (which exists too), I'll do it.


The plan was to see how the "Preview" thread went, and make it a Sticky if it was used a lot. I'm not sure it's seeing enough traffic for Stickiness.

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^ yep just searched for it. The "DUMP' Thread ended up being a preview thread before it died. I do like the idea of it though. Maybe that topic should be brought back from the TPR depths and see if it will be used this-time-around as what it's name implies instead of another version of the "Preview" thread.

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